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Stranger Things: The Game

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Stranger Things: The Game on Android

Aluminum Bat: Increases Nancy's attack damage to 2.
Camo Backpack #1: Increases Lucas's Rock ammo capacity by 25.
Camo Backpack #2: Increases Lucas's Rock ammo capacity by another 25, for a total of 50.
Camo Backpack #3: With all three Backpacks, Lucas's maximum ammo capacity is 100.
Canadian Tuxedo: Adds +1 to Hopper's damage and increases his charge range when at full health.
D-Cell Flashlight: Doubles the duration of Mike's stun attack.
Lucky D20: Gcives Will a critical strike with 5 damage, although it doesn't happen on every hit.
Lunchbox: Increases Dustin's pudding ammo capacity by 50, for a max of 100.
Spiked Bat: Increases Nancy's damage to 3 (from 2 with the Platinum Bat)

AchievementHow to unlock

Heart #1 In Lab (West of entrance. Need Nancy)
Heart #2 Collect all Lab Dungeon collectibles
Heart #3 West of Hopper's Cabin
Heart #4 In Jungle West of Sewers past the Bear
Heart #5 In jungle West of Castle Byers
Heart #6 Return Handcuffs to Powell
Heart #7 In Corn Field
Heart #8 Return Textbook to Mr. Clark
Heart #9 Take Ramp North of Hawk Theater
Heart #10 Bunker Dungeon (Pipe maze in this order: pipe #2-#3-go left-#1
Heart #11 Climb Stairs in Room conataining VHS #4
Heart #12 Collect all Sewers Dungeon collectibles
Heart #13 In Forest Dungeon (West through pipes)
Heart #14 Collect all School Dungeon collectibles
Heart #15 Collect all Forest Dungeon collectibles
Heart #16 Collect all Library Dungeon collectibles and deposit in the chest in the first room
Heart #17 Collect all Bunker Dungeon collectibles
Heart #18 Return Robot Toy to Bradley's Clerk
Heart #19 Northeast Quarry (Take the rightmost Cave)
Heart #20 Return Pocket Knife to Tommy H.
Heart #21 Return Bottle of Pop to Tommy H.
Heart #22 Return Hairspray to Carol
Heart #23 Return Lipstick to Carol
Heart #24 Return keys to Joyce
Heart #25 Return Phone to Joyce
Heart #26 Return Lens to Jonathan
Heart #27 Return Game Cartridge to Bradley's Clerk
Heart #28 Return Milk to Mrs. Wheeler
Heart #29 Return Pumpkin to Mrs. Wheeler
Heart #30 Return Novel to Flo
Heart #31 Return Rubber Skeleton to Flo
Heart #32 Return Police Badge to Callahan
Heart #33 Return Ledger to Melvald
Heart #34 Talk to Jennifer as Will (Southeast of Graveyard)
Heart #35 Northwest of Hopper's Cabin (Take Ramp from East of Lake)
Heart #36 Return Salt to Hunting Clerk
Heart #37 In Sewers near Jennifer
Heart #38 Garbage Dump (Go Southeast and take ramp to Island)
Heart #39 In House North of Florist
Heart #40 Return Tickets to Steve


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