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Human Raccoon told:

Your site is absolutely gorgeous. I just discovered this place today and I guarantee I'll be coming back.

Laurie told:

I just wanted to let you guys know that I use this site whenever I need to have some fun on a game. this site has never failed to give me the info that I need. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Rolando told:

cheatingdome is the best site of cheats from gameboy color to psp and its great

Rick told:

I recently purchased "Blitzkrieg" Attack is the only defense and the cheat code password Panzerklein work fine. I just purchased "Blitzkrieg" Burning Horizon the add on and the same codes work on it as well. Thanks for a great site.

Friedbeckles told:

you guys are the coolest cheat site

Kavit told:

I agree with all of u that cheatingdome rocks.I had another website for cheats but that didn't help me much.As soon as I got to know of this site I started coming here n stopped going 2 that site.If I hadnt known this site I wouldnt have completed my game.Due to this site I came to know of god mode n many other things for Max Payne PC.I love visiting this site.

PBigsteve told:

The cheats I found helped me out alot. I appreciate all the work put into this website.

Josh Kane told:

I just wanted to say what a terrific site you have your fourum is great to. i just dont like the income of pop-ups that appear. Everything else rocks though!!! ( We have dramatically reduced the amount of pops lately. Genie )

Kola101 told:

I'm a member of, but i still go to this web site for game cheats. is and always will be my favorite site! I always find what i'm looking for. Peace out from Sky1.

Laurens told:

My complimens for this site! I have found every cheat I needed on this site for every game or platform more than I needed, especially for Pokémon Sapphire. also my compliments for Neto for his/her great cheats for my game.

Anonymous told:

I think cheating Dome is the best place to look up cheats that you want,I mean whatever game you want for cheats you have! I personally think that Cheating Dome is the Best Cheat website to find cheats. I thank Cheating Dome for giving me the cheats I want.

sarahfreer told:

Cheatingdome Rocks I am absaloutely addicted to it it has some duffer cheats but just a few so I don't mind I think that everyone should visit it.

Colin told:

Cheatingdome is the best cheat website I've ever seen! I've been to lots of sites and cheatingdome is the best. It has more games more cheats than I've ever hoped for! My freinds, my cousin, me! we should all use cheatingdome!!!! Keep up the great work! Have the geinie grant every omes wishes! Your biggest fan.

Zach told:

I've never written Fan Mail or Comments to anyone before, but I feel I need to now. Every time I ever needed some help on a game, I come right to Cheating Dome and look up my cheats. Every single time I found EXACTLY what i needed to get by. The other day, I was working on collecting everything in Devil May Cry 2 for the Playstation 2. I was missing some weapons so I went to check if Cheating Dome had some information or weapon cheats. I checked the section, and i found exactly what I was looking for, plus more! It must have been a coincidence that the Phantom was getting on my nerves when I fought him, i could barely win. But when i read a "Boss Strategy" i had no trouble at all!

I just want to tell you, that your Cheats site is the best i have ever visited! Not only does it have Cheats, but Hints and Secrets too! Please, keep up the good work! It must be really hard to find/discover these cheats and add them onto your site like this! Again, Thank You for your marvelous Cheat Codes, they have helped me a lot, and i recommend this site too all my friends that ever need cheats! And to the Genie - You really did grant my wishes!

Brendan told:

i just want to say ur site is the best in the whole world whenever ime stuk on a game i kan onely rely on cheatingdome itsthe best non of the other cheating websites work i got into cheatingdome when i was stuk on pokemon gold so i went on the internet and found cheatingdome and ever sinc ive been telling everybodey about it. ur no1 fan brendan Bell aged 12.

Shadow told:

Hey cheatingdome! Just like to say that your site is the best on the web. When I first looked for cheats I found your site first. Then I heard about Cheat Code Central and used that but the codes stunk, they posted stuff that didnt matter, they dont have the old yet good systems like Saturn, Super Nintendo, Atari, etc. Then they made CheatCC Platinum that you have to pay for so it really really stunk, I cant get money like that, IM 12 YEARS OLD! Just like to say that you guys are the best and I will never leave these cheats again. Your fan Shadow

sarahfreer told:

Cheatingdome Rocks I am absaloutely addicted to it it has some duffer cheats but just a few so I don't mind I think that everyone should visit it.

Anonymous told:

Cheating dome, you're more than welcome. I will continue to look up cheats and codes in this great website and recommend it to more of my friends!!!!

Kay Doyle told:


Trenton told:

I think your website is the bomb!!! I love the codes on Tony Hawks pro skater, Tony Hawks pro skater 2, and Tony Hawks pro skater 3 it really helped me on my games.

Gerry told:

Dear Cheating Dome, My name is Gerry Sutherland. I am 12 years old I am frequently searching your site for my "ever so important" cheat codes and I always find what I want. I wish to thank you for making your site, and more than likely I be returning for more cheats. One of your great fans, Gerry Sutherland. P.S, You guys rule! Don't ever change!

Eric told:

I use to go to gamesages (ign)for all of my codes because that was all i knew about. IGN started to make you become a member to get to some cheats. Then they made you pay to become a member. That sucked! So I started to look for another cheat page and I found this site. I tell all my friends how many good cheats you guys have. This site rocks. Loyal Fan, Eric

Jebb told:

Hi your site Rocks i'll tell all my friends about this site! But I have one question, can you make a fan chat room I think it will bring a lot of gamers together.

Joe told:

No. 1 site 4 cheats, i always find the cheats i want. keep up the good work.

Gregg told:

You guys have awesome cheats, they help me win every video game I own.

Angelito told:

Your cheats are the best!!!

Kris Froese told:

You Guys have the best Cheats Site on the Web.I come back time after time and always find the cheats I need.Keep up the good work.

Skrow told:

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for having such a great informative web sight. I had been trying to get to the last orb on the faraway ledge in the Autumn Plains of the game Spyrpo Ripto's Rage, with no luck. That was until I found your web sight. There is was, all the info I need. Thanks again and please continue to maintain your great web sight. I know I will continue to use it and will recommend it to my fellow PS friends. Peace, Skrow

Ace told:

You Guys Rule! All my mates know about this site we don't shut up about it KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

J.P. Morgan told:

Tell that Justin dude that I am your #1 fan... not him. Also, I would like to know when an update will come. You guys rock!!!! Really!!!! Your #1 fan Jack P.S. Tell Justin he is #2.

Hydra told:

Hello I'm a New Member to the site News letter. I'm Very Impressed with the site and I'm not the Neil that has been here for a While. This is also the Best website ever made for Cheats.

chrisjm1 told:

yo your site is the best !!!!!!!!

Eliot Keenan told:


Bryan told:

Just wanted to say this site rocks.. i visit often.. I currently own about 80 3do games and this site is just plain awsome! keep it up.

J.P. Morgan told:

I have recieved more than 5 thank-you e-mails from Cheating Dome because I told my friends about these codes on this site. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Security Chief told:


Justin told:

Your site so rules!It is my absolute fave!I just love it!I love the cheats for your Digimon World 1 and 2! They both helped me alot! Thank you so much for your help!

Your #1 fan,


Zoe JEWER told:

cheat dome i am writing to say you rock it is my first time here but it certainly will not be my last! Dont worry i will tell all my friends how cool cheat dome is! from your number 1 fan kurt angle (john.n)

Dan Hemsworth told:

Hi, i just wanna say "whoever came up with this web site and added all these awesome cheats..................THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Z told:

When I first found this site, I looked through all my playstation and PC games for cheat codes. I can now complete Requiem. I owe it all to you. You guys RULE!

Matthew E told:

"no problem anything for my fav cheat site"

satan66619 told:

This site is BEYOND AMAZING. I have seen sh*t loads of sites in my time but this one ROCKS. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Hinz told:

Your welcome!I have noticed your web-page is the best cheat pages! You are definatly a page i will tell my friends about you have many selections i have seen yet!i have explored many! and by far yours beats the odds! my friend i sent it to has the game that i was looking up and she has plenty of friends that have the same game also!so i'm sure you'll be hearing from her and her other friends too!!and by the way your web page is very polite to say thank you i think out of all pages urs should be referd to the most often!
Sincerly, Jennifer

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