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Impossible Bottle Flip

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Impossible Bottle Flip on Android

AchievementHow to unlock

Each time that you play in a level, you will earn one diamond, whether you lose or win. The much quicker way to earn diamonds, however, is to look out for the video advertisement deal that turns up on the after-loss or after-win screen. Tap it and let the advertisement play out and you will earn a free twenty diamonds. This deal appears very often making it the very best way to earn diamonds in the game.

You will be able to buy a new water bottle to turn throughout the board once you earn hundred diamonds. Unlike many games of this type, where the playable collection items (in this case, bottles) are simply cosmetic, the bottles alter the timing of every jump in the game. Each bottle will jump or spin at various speeds and angles, so you will need to master each bottle's specific timing.

You're going to lose a lot at each level prior to you win, however the timing for each jump will be the very same each time that you play the exact same level (with the very same bottle). You can either use visual hints to identify when to jump, or you can time the dives from landing to jump. Or you can do both-- whichever works finest.

The advertisements can get a bit irritating often, and while you have the option to buy an ad-free mode, you can also put the device into aircraft mode in order to play without needing to be troubled by any of the advertisements. That will tank the capability to earn diamonds from videos, however, as videos require a web connection in order to load, so it's finest to leave the aircraft mode off and purchase the ad-free mode for two dollars.

The obstacles all start to run together after some time, however, as the exact same kinds of obstacles and dives have the tendency to be duplicated from level to level, making the later phases appear harder than the earlier ones. Stay with those aggravating early ones, and the levels will start to appear simpler and much easier, specifically as you master getting on paper planes and other moving platforms.


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