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Garena Free Fire

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Garena Free Fire on Android

Although vehicles you find are useful for getting around the map quicker they are best avoided as it's very easy to hit the driver even if you're not a sharpshooter. This is due to the targeting assistance system which activates while aiming a weapon. The only exception to this is the blue pickups which have a fully enclosed cab which makes it impossible to use the automatic aiming option to shoot the driver. A big disadvantage with using vehicles is they are noisy which makes it easy for enemies to locate you.

Ideally in Garena Free Fire you should have two different types of weapons, one for close and another for long range combat. The best combination of weapons is the assault rifle and machine gune or assault rifle and sniper rifle.

As you only have a limited amount of space in your backpack you need to ensure that the only ammunition you collect is for the weapons you are using.

Items dropped by fallen enemies will be in small black boxes with a skull. It is always worthwhile collecting them as enemies carry various items, including weapons and ammunition.

Pay attention to weapon mods lying on the ground as these can significantly improve the effectiveness of your weapons. This includes mods that increase the weapon's magazine, upgrade the barrel or install a silencer. When you move move over a mod that is compatible with a weapon you have it will automatically be collected.

The default space in your backback is limited, you can carry no more than 2 weapons and only a certain amount of ammunition, grenades or medicine. There are three backpack levels, the higher the level the bigger capacity it will have. When you find a better backpack it can be collected automatically by going through it.

Gloo Wall is a special grenade that allows you to set up a temporary cover that will protect you from enemy fire. Use Gloo Wall when you are faced with an incoming vehicle by setting up a barrier between yourself and the vehicle so you don't get hit. Remember though that the created wall will fall apart after one blow.

Make sure you regularly check your mini-map as it provides valuable information about what is happening around you. It will also help you from taking unnecessary risks.


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