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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Kingdom Hearts II on PlayStation 2

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Acquire the Drive ability, then during any objective based fights, complete the fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance for the story event that follows.

When you enter the classic, black and white Disney World, characters like Goofy, Donald and Mickey have different clothes. Mickey and Sora have two references. Mickey has his classic clothes and the 'Packman eyed Face'. Sora's face is also different and his clothes are from Kingdom Hearts I and Chain of Memories. | Submitted by KenFougere

You must finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.

You must go talk to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands.

After you seal the keyhole at "Hollow Bastion" & have Defeated the Phantom at the Clock Tower in Neverland go back to the Clock Tower and fly (In a circle) above were Wendy was standing. You should see a save point which will make it easier to go there from your Gummi ship. and a lot of doors (that you can't go in), but if there is a light glowing above any of the doors land & examine it, then a text box will appear saying something like "You have opened the [a time in houres ex.11:00,12:00 ect.] door, & after you get your item fly down to the clocks, then fly around them untill you see a glowing spot at the time the door had told you before.( This clock will always have that spot on it & if you come back in an hour or two in real time, it will add another spot on the clock & another item will be in one of the doors at the top.(Just like before) Repeating these steps will have you getting all the items from behind the doors. Try to collect all of them & then put it in as a new cheat at this sight. (Cause I don't know what will happen.) | Submitted by Master-gamer/dk

This battle is a bit difficult because Axel has long range attacks. Since he launches most of his attacks straight ahead, approach him from the side. When his body envelopes in flames, this signals that a strong attack is coming, so get some distance between you and him, and get ready to avoid it.

At the start of the battle, you will find that your weapon has no effect on Dusk. However, after a short while an intermission sequence will play and you will gain the Keyblade, which will allow you to damage him. It should only take 5 hits to defeat him.

At the start of the battle, a dark energy will surround Roxas. Then, the screen will fade to white, and Roxas will be trapped in the air. When Flailer approaches and is about to attack, use the Reaction Command to break free and attack him. Then, Flailer will rush up and grab you. Use the Reaction Command when it flashes to knock him off the platform. The Station will turn upside down and Roxas will slide off, using his Keyblade to hang on. Flailer will generate a sphere of dark energy and launch it at you. As it approaches, use the Reaction Command and Roxas will throw his Keyblade through the attack and knock Flailer down. Next, target his head and start attacking him before he stands back up. When he stands up, he will begin to do various attacks, which includes summoning smaller enemies. Use the Reaction Commands to reach his head, and try to avoid his attacks. Eventually, his attack pattern will reset and you will go through the Reaction Command sequence again. If you take a lot of damage, make sure to use your potions.

When Oogie Boogie falls from the glass box that he's standing in while you shoot presents at him, you can attack him. When that happens, you can attack him from behind to make him go to the spikes. This will hurt him and makes the fight faster and simpler. | Submitted by FireElementLord

Seifer will walk forward and slash at you. Run up to him and begin attacking him before he starts attacking. He will also leap forward and do a spinning slash which is more difficult to avoid; try blocking his attacks with Reflect Guard by pressing Square. He will go down after about 13 hits.

To get donalds enemy weapon, the nobody lance, kill some of the dragon like nobodies.This is done easier in Beasts Castle. | Submitted by Oblivion

Early on in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora receives new clothing, replacing his rather silly looking attire from the original game. At the same time, he earns the ability to use Drives which, among many other things, further alter his appearance while activated. Interestingly enough, there is a simply way to extend the length of a Drive's visual transformation, so as to reflect in cut-scenes as well: During any of the game's numerous objective based fights, simply complete the event with a Drive activated and Sora will retain his modified appearance for the story event that follows.

OK...this isn't really a cheat but it really helped me out when i had to get my final form up to level 7....first use your drive form up (till it hits zero or until you don't want to use it anymore)...go to the underdome colliseum, enter the cup where you have to fight Cerberus (three headed dog) for the last level..after you win(if you do) your drive should be refilled...this doesn't always work...but it's only not worked for me like 2 times....Enjoy your drive being up and leveling up forms better..(this can also help to get up your summoning level because you need drive Gauge to summon) | Submitted by JKL

The easiest places to level up in are the Pride Lands on top of Pride Rock, or The World That Never Was, all over the place, especially Naught's Skyway. | Submitted by KHIIFan

On the level where you have to beat the 1000 heartless army by yourself just jump into the middle of a group of heartless and use the reaction command grab and the one after. this should take out a lot of enemies and you can use it over and over. | Submitted by kindomheartsking

Okay, this is very simple. Firstly see if you have the Photon Debugger keyblade ( get this from tron when you have completed his world) . If you do it well help a whole lot. Right equip to sora a load of items to increase his ability points, and make sure thunder boost its equppied as a ability as well as lucky lucky and draw. And make sure u have a lot of ether of mega-eather. Next go to the tower in Twilight town where u get the new clothes make sure your on the top level is master Yen-sid room. Once here set Goofy anbd Donalds comands to Sora attack. Whilst on the customize screen set soras to L1 + Circle to thundaga, or the highest thunder magic u got. And set the rest to ether or mega-ether depending on what u have on Sora's item list. And equp the photon debugger. Once done all this.... go to the door leading to the stairs. Once through the doors keep wlking down them until a bunch of berserkers appear, quickly change to Final form and hole L1 and keep pressing circle to cast thunder magic. You will see that it i very effective and all of them will die within about 2 casts. Once this done jst go through all the rooms doing the same thing and once at the bottom at the front door go to the save point and to world map and repeat what you have just read. If you get into the save point whilst still in final form your drive gauge will go to max when you get of the gummi. | Submitted by Seanography6

If you are having a hard time leveling up when you get to around level 50, then follow this cheat:
Once you obtain the 'magnega' magic skill, go to the pride lands for the final time (you'll have to unlock a key at another world, I think Atlantis, to get in). After defeating the huge heartless, go to the King's Den. Then, go up to the Peak. Set Donald and Goofy to Sora Attack. Then go to the center and use magnega. If you set your weapon to Sweet Memories and have Lucky Lucky on for all party members, you will get tons of EXP, lightning shards and magic orbs! Go to the King's Den and back and repeat the process. Enjoy! | Submitted by Psyco

This is extremely challenging and takes nearly sixty hours to do. (That is, if you save it after millions of failures.) In order to do this, you must complete everything in Jiminy's Journal (Defeat Sephiroth, Gather every treasure, etc.) and complete every Gummi Route 100%. After doing this, go to The World That Never Was (The Altar of Naught) and go through the door. After defeating Xemnas, watch the movie that follows after the credits. | Submitted by Anthony

You must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

To get final form use any form (valor,wisdom,master)and you might even get final form or just beat Xemnas the first time. | Submitted by kameron

You must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.

To get goofys 2nd best weapon,the akashic record,kill the book weilding heartless in Hollow Basttion(Radiant Garden). | Submitted by Oblivion

You have to beat Hades in the Underworld section of Olympus Coliseum.

Speak to Yuna after beating Hades in the Underworld section.

(Ok i havent tried this yet) First you must have completed the game in any mode(easy,medium,hard) Then go to a world that has at least 1 heartless(I recommend the land of dragons) once your in a battle with heartlesses, make sure that donald and goofy doesn't kill them then go to wisdom form.Once done make sure that the heartless attacks you (but you dont attack them) until your drive gauge finishes. Then attack them until you get your drive gauge back.and find another group of heartless and turn into wisdom form again and wala!you got a heartless form. | Submitted by Gajan

Beat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.

Beat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

You have to beat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.

To defeat 1000 heartless first you got to go to Crystal Fissure in Hollow Bastion for the first time then you got to use Rising Sun and Snag (reaction commands)and do it on 1000 heartless it won't defeat 1000 heartless at one time. | Submitted by SoraRules

To do this cheat you must already have glide from getting your final lvl up to 3,5 or 7. Now you must find flat land(the place that I found was in the Under World, where Pain and Panic are). Now the next thing you do is jump into the air and press square. Do not press forward yet though because then you will have to start all over! Now that you have pressed square you chould just float down without going forward. once you have sunk all the way dont, meaning your not on the ground but still floating, you can finally press the forward button. As long as your on flat land you will fly forever! | Submitted by sandman

Bond of Flames - Finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.

Circle of Life - Speak to Simba after arriving at The Pride Lands

Fenrir - Defeat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

Follow the Wind - Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal.

Guardian Soul - Defeat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.

Gullwing - Speak to Yuna after completing the above.

Heros Crest - Defaet the hydra at the olypus colloseum

Hidden Dragon - Defeat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

Holy Pumpkin - Defeat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.

Monochrome - Defeat Pete at Timeless River.

Oathkeeper - Finish Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.

Oblivion - Defeat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.

Photon Debugger - Finish Space Paranoids.

Rumbling Rose - Speak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.

Sleeping Lion - Go to Ansem's study in Hollow Bastion.

Star Seeker - Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.

Sweet Memory - Finish the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in The Hundred-Acre Wood.

ultima weapon - Obtain the ultima recipe in the basement of the old mansion in twilight town and synthesize.

Wisher's Lamp - defeat Jafar in Agrabah

Wonders Of the Abyss - Finish Chapter Four in Atlantica | Submitted by aaron

When in any world go to the pause menu.Then press the following with the directional pad:UP,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN.Then,go out of the pause menu,then look at your drive gauge,because you will see what the drive gauge does when it's at MAX,and you will hear that sound that the drive gauge makes when it's at MAX.Then,your drive gauge will be full EVEN,when you go in a form,whether you go in one repeatedly,or once,whether you go in Valor form,Wisdom form,Master form,or Final form.But make sure that you don't go into Valor form,Wisdom form,or Master form 4 times.because then you might and/or will go into anti form.But don't worry,because the drive gauge isn't infinite when you go into anti form,and once you go to another location of the world that you are in or get out of anti form by just simply let the drive gauge be fully consumed,the drive gauge will just go back to MAX and you will have Infinite Drive again. | Submitted by RyanTaylor

Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Start + Select while playing the game. | Submitted by aaron

This will only work if you have locked every keyhole except for The World That Never Was.

Blazing Shard-Hammer Frame (Beasts Castle) and Minute Bomb (Olympus Coliseum)
Blazing Stone-Tornado Step (Olympus Coliseum)
Blazing Gem-Fat Bandit (Agrabah)
Blazing Crystal-Crimson Jazz (Various Worlds)
Frost Shard-Lance Soldier (Port Royal)
Frost Stone-Aeroplane, Hot Rod (Timeless River)
Frost Gem-Fortuneteller, Icy Cube (Agrabah)
Frost Crystal-Living Bone (Pride Lands)
Lightning Shard-Rapid Thruster, Bolt Tower (Pride Lands)
Lightning Stone-Emerald Blues (Agrabah) and Driller Mole (Olympus Coliseum)
Lightning Gem-Armored Knights (Various Worlds)
Lightning Crystal-Devastator, Strafer (Space Paranoids)
Lucid Shard-Trick Ghost (Halloween Town)
Lucid Stone-Wight Knight, Toy Soldier, Graveyard (Halloween Town)
Lucid Gem-Bookmaster (Hollow Bastion/Radient Garden)
Lucid Crystal-Neoshadow (Various Worlds)
Power Shard-Creeper Plant (Halloween Town)
Power Stone-Silver Rock, Luna Bandit (Agrabah)
Power Gem-Shaman, Arial Knocker (Pride Lands)
Power Crystal-Morning Star (Hollow Bastion/Radient Garden)
Dark Shard-Shadows (Various Worlds)
Dark Stone-Nightwalker (The Land of Dragons)
Dark Gem-Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior (Beastís Castle)
Dark Crystal-Air Pirate (The Land of Dragons)
Dense Shard-Creeper (The World That Never Was)
Dense Stone-Sniper (The World That Never Was)
Dense Gem-Samurai (The World That Never Was)
Dense Crystal-Berserker (The World That Never Was)
Twilight Shard-
Twilight Stone-Dancer (The World That Never Was)
Twilight Gem-Assassin (The World That Never Was)
Twilight Crystal-Sorcerer (The World That Never Was) | Submitted by kh2b

There is an easy way to level up any form.There are areas in the game in which your allies are walking around randomly. Let's call these "safe spots".if you are in form when you enter the safe spot you will automatically revert and have a FULL drive are some good patterns to level up all the forms.

Pattern #1: Space paranoids(safe spot:simulation hangar,on the ship)

Note: It should be said that the mcp sould be beaten(I think) for this to work.Also,you CAN NOT level up the Final form in this pattern.

Step 1: Start in the I/O tower: communications room.go out and morph into the form you want to level up.

Step 2: Destroy all the heartless in I/O tower hallway area.

Step 3: Quickly proceed to the simulation hangar and get on the ship.your drive gauge should be COMPLETELY filled.

Step 4: Choose the depart reaction command on the ship and fight the heartless(don't forget to transform. Der,der,der!)

Step 5: when you get off the ship, get right back on and ride back.

Step 6: leave and get back on again.Once again, your drive gauge should be at its maximum.

Step 7: Go to the I/O tower,and repeat until you get to the desired level.

Pattern #2:The World That Never Was(Safe spot: proof of existence)

Note: You must do this BEFORE the first Xenmas fight.otherwise it moves the safe spot to a different area.This is where you can level up your final form.

Step 1:Start out in twilight's view.Head up the stairs to where you fought xigbar.(If your feeling daring,turn into the form now and fight the nobodies there.)

Step 2: head on to the next room,and destroy the nobodies.(If your level is low, go up to exit, and fight until your drive is low,then leave.)

Step 3: head on through the exit and go through to the safe point.your drive gauge, of course, should be full.

Step 4: Go to every area close to the safe point and destroy nobodies.then go back to the crooked ascension area(with all the sloped areas).destroy a few more nobodies and go back to the safe point.
rinse,washe,repeat.easy as that.

Hope this helps everyone out who needs help leveling up all of the forms. | Submitted by Davey

Level up final form twice,when you do jump up and hold down square until he hovers just above the ground, then push forward and he will fly at that altitude without landing! (to get Final form get your drive guage to 6 then go to the olympus colisseum and enter the cerberus cup, you must have master form, when the tournement begins change to master form. if he has a silver and black suit on thats final form.) (note:it takes time if you don't get it the first time restart and keep trying.) | Submitted by Echidna

Defeat Pete at Timeless River.

You must finish Soras first visit to Twilight Town.

You must beat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.

You must finish the Space Paranoids.

To play as mickey is very simple, go to the mulan stage (the first time you go)then complete everything until you arrive at Shang Yu, the boss, lose to Shang Yu, and after you die it will give you the chose up giving up or continuing to fight, press, "never give up" and you'll playing as mickey and everyone else will be dead like sora. You can take down about half of Shang Yu's health and then it'll make you use the move healing light and revive sora, then you'll pick up from where you left offf with mickey. | Submitted by TylerDixon

Sometimes when you die in a boss battle,there will be two new options that read"i wont give up" and "give up".If you chose i wont give up you play as mickey(the king). | Submitted by Oblivion

To level up wisdom really fast go to "the world that never was". Go to the first save point on the list. Then go foward then turn into wisdom form and lots of shadows will appear (heartless) use magic combos (if you run out of drive go to the uderworld and restore you're drive in a cup. | Submitted by Mogie

Get the drive meter up enough to change in to one of soras drives (save 4 boss battles, as they get very hard into the games later episodes)once you change into a drive you will have full health meter. | Submitted by seanmoses

Ok...I like doing things in steps so....

Step1: Get your drive up to 3 (you must have more than 3 bars of drive though)

Step2: When you have done this go into Wisdom or Valor

Step3: Head to a save point (one that a gummi ship can get to)

Step4: still in your drive form go onto the save point and go to world map :)

Step5: choose any other world

Step6: When you get there your drive will be filled! Happy Driving! | Submitted by Roxas-MyHeartsisfull

As Sora, go to Twilight Town and go to the Sandlot. Participate in a Struggle Tornament. You will get your drive gauge restored by playing, which will allow you to continue to level up your forms, such as Final. | Submitted by FireElementLord

To get the secret ending in proud mode you have to seal every keyhole (except "the world that never was") Then finish the game and wait for the secret Ending. | Submitted by Mogie

Once you have gotten to a certain point in the game when you use the "drive" option you will change into a heartless type sora he is covered in a black shadowy aura and is extremely fast,and can do huge combows,byt his attacks are weak,getting him in a battle where you need to dodge attacks is a good thing,it uses all drives,and you cant revert untill they are all gone,but it can be usefull where you need to get battles done in a certain time limit. | Submitted by seanmoses

Once you are in a boss battle get your drive meter all the way up to max (i have six meters but ive beten the game) and than select a drive and there is a possibility that sora will become a kind of Shadow Sora this is reversable but also extremely powerful with about 100 hits before the final atack. | Submitted by seanmoses

If you go back to the wizards tower where you got the new clothes after getting the ultima weapon or geting you strength and magic as high as it can go, go to the top and into the wardrobe room examine the white and gold sheets and you will get things. | Submitted by sk8ter44

In Kingdom Hearts 2, by the time you get the "Drive" Ability (you get it at the big encredibly tall castle were you gotta walk up those really annoying spiral stairs), you will have the valor form. once this happens, complete the world(when this happens you r able to fly the "Gummi Ship"). then go to "Hallow Bastion", use drive when the cutscenes are over, and equip the higher jump lvl 1 ability in the start menu. normally it's already equipted, but you get the idea. it says you can jump higher the longer circle is held down in valor form, do this and you will finally realize that you jump no higher than when in normal form! | Submitted by BrandonSabatini

When you are in the gummie ship to make sure that you have completed a world look at the ring around the world and if its glieery or shiny or glitter is comming up from it or if its bright that means you beat the world but if its not go back and land on that world to complete it, when u complete a world it should say the name of that world like it did when you first landed there for instance if i finish everything in atlantica i would know because it would say atlantica at the end as if its a ending of a movie. | Submitted by aaron

When you're battling Xigbar in The World That Never Was you'll get to a point where he shoots down A LOT of bullets. You want to try and run in a circle under Xigbar. That way, even if you DO get hit your life won't go down All the way. And before you enter the battle you want to give youre party members as many potions as you can For yourself try to use a mix of Cure(from the magic option) and potions. | Submitted by Claws

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