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Kingdom Hearts II

Clock Tower Items for Kingdom Hearts II - PlayStation 2

After you seal the keyhole at "Hollow Bastion" & have Defeated the Phantom at the Clock Tower in Neverland go back to the Clock Tower and fly (In a circle) above were Wendy was standing. You should see a save point which will make it easier to go there from your Gummi ship. and a lot of doors (that you can't go in), but if there is a light glowing above any of the doors land & examine it, then a text box will appear saying something like "You have opened the [a time in houres ex.11:00,12:00 ect.] door, & after you get your item fly down to the clocks, then fly around them untill you see a glowing spot at the time the door had told you before.( This clock will always have that spot on it & if you come back in an hour or two in real time, it will add another spot on the clock & another item will be in one of the doors at the top.(Just like before) Repeating these steps will have you getting all the items from behind the doors. Try to collect all of them & then put it in as a new cheat at this sight. (Cause I don't know what will happen.) | Submitted by Master-gamer/dk

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