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Kingdom Hearts II

Infinite Drive Gauge for Kingdom Hearts II - PlayStation 2

When in any world go to the pause menu.Then press the following with the directional pad:UP,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN.Then,go out of the pause menu,then look at your drive gauge,because you will see what the drive gauge does when it's at MAX,and you will hear that sound that the drive gauge makes when it's at MAX.Then,your drive gauge will be full EVEN,when you go in a form,whether you go in one repeatedly,or once,whether you go in Valor form,Wisdom form,Master form,or Final form.But make sure that you don't go into Valor form,Wisdom form,or Master form 4 times.because then you might and/or will go into anti form.But don't worry,because the drive gauge isn't infinite when you go into anti form,and once you go to another location of the world that you are in or get out of anti form by just simply let the drive gauge be fully consumed,the drive gauge will just go back to MAX and you will have Infinite Drive again. | Submitted by RyanTaylor

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