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Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer

Resident Evil 2 Remake trainer is now available and supports STEAM. These Resident Evil 2 Remake cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.


 Easy Kill Enemies
 Fast Weapon Accuracy
 Invisible to Tyrant
 No Recoil
 No Reload
 Player Invincible
 Reset Demo Clock
 Reset Game Duration Clock
 Reset Number of Saves
 Reset Number of Times Item Box Used
 Reset Number of Times Recovery Used
 Reset Total Number of Steps
 Reset and Freeze Countdown Timer
 Set Inventory Space
 Super Health
 Super Speed
 Temporarily Unlock All Episodes
 Tyrant Remains Incapacitated
 Unlimited Ammo
 Unlimited Ink Ribbons
 Unlimited Weapon Durability
 Unlock All Trophies - Episodes - Content
 Zombie's Don't Attack

Download Resident Evil 2 Remake Trainer FULL GAME 05.03.2019

Game Version: FULL GAME 05.03.2019
Distribution(s): STEAM
Compatibility: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10+
Contributor: Caliber
Virus Scan: This cheat has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

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So conventional zombie survival wisdom says you shoot them in the head and they become dead undead. As you've probably realized by now, that doesn't work so well in this game. Sometimes you get a "crit" and they die instantly, but the chance seems to be only about 10-15% if you take the time to line up the shot (aim til the reticule goes to a point) before you fire.

On the other hand, 4 leg shots will usually take the leg off. Once the zombie is down you can avoid it at your leisure, or finish it while it is down.

But how do you know when a zombie is "dead" for real? When a zombie dies you will hear a sort of squishing cracking sound. It's hard to describe but you will get used to hearing it, its very distinctive. When you hear that sound the zombie is dead.

You can finish a crippled zombie by standing behind it and knifing it repeatedly. It doesn't need to be the head, body shots seem to work just as well. When you hear the squish sound you know the zombie is dead.

Alternatively you can bait a zombie into a room you dont plan to go back into, take one of its legs off, then go back to where you were before. Legless zombies cannot open doors so it wont be able to pursue, just be aware that this zombie might be in the way later.

Later in the game you will find tons of knives. It might be worth while to use the knives to clean up downed zombies later on, you will be spending some time running through the police station from an enemy later and if the rooms are full of crawling zombies it becomes hard to escape. You can kill about 10 downed zombies per knife, and they only take 4 well aimed shots to cripple so it's a pretty good trade.

As for barricades, you should use them asap. You get plenty of them and its generally more convenient to just use them as soon as you get the chance to ensure you get some use out of them. They tend to appear right before a good time to use them presents itself anyway.

Lickers - Amazing DPS!
They are really dangerous on the ground. They're blind but they hear you very fast on the ground. If they are on the ceiling or high on a wall then they are mostly harmless. They will entire a sort of semi-aggro state if you get close and begin to slowly crawl towards you, but so long as you keep walking without stopping they will not fully aggro. It seems as if getting close sets off a timer until they fully aggro and you have to get far enough away before the timer expires and they aggro, but you have more than enough time to walk right past. Don't panic, walk slowly.

But supposing there is one in your path that you can't sneak past? Don't bother with the handgun they will aggro and put you in your place pretty fast. Either walk up close and then run for the door when they aggro and just use a healing item when they hit you, or use the grenade launcher if you are Claire. I don't know how well Leon's weapons work but the game is generous with healing items. You can also use a door to take shots at the licker with a handgun and keep backing away and shutting the door to keep it from hitting you since it cannot open the door and will return to it's default position after a while.

Later on you will get the spark gun which can one shot kill lickers. I'd also say it's well worth using grenades on them if they are really in the way.

Mr Trillby - Relentless Enemy
Yeah this guy is so damn annoying. Fortunately you don't actually have to put up with him for long. Ignore everything else and just rush straight for your objectives and you should be fine. I haven't played Leon's route yet, but as Claire you only need to run to the library, use the Jack to move the bookcase, use the cogs in the clocktower for the item you need, run to the electronic door in the Chief's Office, then run back down to the parking lot and into the next section.

This may be a hassle if there are many enemies still alive. It's good if you have cleared out the most important rooms you need to pass by. If Mr T is giving you trouble, use the knives to escape his grapple, flashbangs to stun him, and just keep running on ahead. If he is directly in your path then use a grenade launcher blast to briefly stun him while you run past him. I assume hand grenades work as well though it seems wasteful.

You may have to leave items behind in the Police Station, but you can return later once you open the shortcut to the Police Station and he will not be there to pursue you anymore. If you are quick you can get through this chase section in 5-10 minutes without having to expend too many resources.

The Bosses - Too Spongey?
Their eyes seem to take rather a lot of damage. You can down them with body shots but eye shots seem to do about 3x as much damage. They are open for a very long time after they miss a swipe so the usual best strategy is to bait an attack then take your shots during the long openings they leave after a miss.

For Boss 1, just keep running to avoid his swipes and lining up eye shots. You can use the knife to escape his grapple. You might have to slow down a bit to bait an attack. Whatever you do, don't take your shots while he is still running at you or he will probably hit you!

For Boss 2 you have to run towards him when he lunges and he will go past you. He seems to go into his stun animation fast but make sure the crane is in position before you stun him or you will miss the opening!

For Boss 3, hopefully by this point you have plenty of healing items, I found his swipes very hard to dodge. I just kept pouring ammo into him and chain using my stockpiled healing items but I feel like someone will come up with a good way to reliably dodge him soon.

For Boss 4, run like crazy anytime you see it winding up an attack then fire like crazy. Don't stop to shoot until after it's attack animation as it's animation carries it very far. If it starts jumping or climbing then run and don't stop until it is back on the ground or it will body slam you! The weapon you get before this fight is mostly enough to finish it, you shouldn't need much more to win the fight and it's attacks are very easy to dodge so long as you run the instant you see it winding an attack up.

So long as you aren't wasteful with your shots you can kill most enemies. Zombies are very easily knifed when you take a leg out and this saves a lot of ammo. Grenades handle lickers and should not be wasted on zombies. Mr Trillby section just channel your inner speedrunner and run through that section fast, you can come back for the items after the cutscene where he is gone (you will know when he is gone).

These are the main things you should be doing and will make your run go a lot more smoothly!

While countering your enemy and having a grenade/flash grenade equipped, you will feed it to an enemy. The enemy will stagger for a while with the grenade in their mouth. Simply shoot the grenade to get the "Bon Appétit" achievement. If you do not get it from natural gameplay on your first playthrough, it can quickly be done at the start of the "B" scenario (2nd run) for both Leon and Claire. In the first room you enter is a grenade, only a few seconds after starting the "B" scenario story.

This achievement is easily missable. Make sure to save the game after placing all chess-figure plugs in the Sewer's Monitor Room. At the end of the sewer section, you will encounter G for the second time. You will first be attacked by him in a burning room. Stand next to the "high voltage box" between the metal shutter and switchbox, and he will not be able to hit you. Once you reach a platform with a container, press the red button in order to send the container away. Damage G as much as possible. There is no clear health indicator -- so just keep shooting him with all your ammo. When you are close to running out of ammo, stagger him and press the red button on the control panel to call the container back. It will hit G and knock him into the abyss if you have damaged him enough. You only get the "Gotcha!" achievement if he is defeated when calling back the Crane for the first time. If he does not fall, it means you did not damage him enough. If that happens, quit to main menu and continue or reload the last manual save. Do not stand in the middle of the platform since the container can hit you as well. If in doubt, bringing G to his knees five times should be sufficient damage to make him fall with the first Crane use.

After extinguishing the fire on the rooftop of the Police Station (halfway through the story with either Leon or Claire), you will encounter the Tyrant. The "Tyrant" (also known as Mr. X) will start chasing you throughout the Police Station. Simply shoot his hat off to get the "Hats Off!" achievement. You cannot kill him -- so only stagger him so you do not waste your time and ammunition.

Note: This can only be done in Leon's story. The Super Tyrant is the final boss in Leon's story. You will have 10 minutes to escape and kill the boss. Use the weapons you have that inflict the most damage and this should not be a problem. You will get a rocket launcher to finish him off after dealing enough damage.

Simply throw a flash grenade at a licker to paralyze a licker's sense of hearing and get the "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" achievement. For example, you will encounter a Licker in the corridor leading to the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the 2nd Floor of the Police Station. There is a flash grenade inside the S.T.A.R.S. Office -- so it is a perfect opportunity to get the achievement early on. Lickers are the enemies that crawl up walls and attack with sharp claws and whip around their long tongues.

It is much easier to shoot a Zombie Dog out of the air than a Licker. In Leon's campaign, you encounter dogs in the Parking Garage after turning on the power. In Claire's campaign, you encounter them on the way to the Orphanage after exiting the Parking Garage. When you see a zombie dog, keep your weapon aimed in its direction (preferably shotgun or submachine gun) and wait for it to jump at you. The chance is high you will get it without trying.

First, find the film roll, which can be found on a table in the Workroom in the sewers. Use the T-Bar Handle to open the Valve in the Lower Waterway (Lower Sewers), which leads to the Workroom Lift. Take the lift up to find the film roll on a table. Proceed through the Worker's Break Room, and you will be able to backtrack all the way to the Police Station. Go to the Dark Room to develop the film, and you will get two pictures of where to find hidden items. Those places are the Press Room (Police Station 1F) and S.T.A.R.S Office (Police Station 2F). Find the two hidden items to get the "Treasure Hunter" achievement.

Note: This can only be done in Claire's story. 4G is the final boss in Claire's story. You will have 10 minutes to escape and kill the boss. Use the weapons you have that inflict the most damage and this should not be a problem. You will get a minigun to finish him off after dealing enough damage.

Throw a frag grenade in a group of three or more zombies. It will instantly kill them and you will get the "Zombie Roundup" achievement. If you do not get it from natural gameplay on your first playthrough, it can quickly be done at the start of the "B" scenario (2nd run) for both Leon and Claire. In the first room you enter is a grenade, only a few seconds after starting the "B" scenario story.

To solve these, you need to click the buttons so they trigger the lights in a counter-clockwise sequence. It doesn't matter where you start, so long as the next light from the button you press is next to the one you just triggered. You can't fail these, so just have a play around until you see which button controls which lights, then work out the best sequence.

A Scenario: Shower Room / Linen Room
B Scenario: Interrogation Room / Linen Room
Reward: Replacement Keys for the Locker Room (to replace the 2 and 3 Button)

When you unlock the Leon's Desk you'll get a High Capacity Magazine (Pistol). But if you are Claire, you get a Speed Reloader (Revolver).

MRG - Code to unlock the right side.
NED - Code to unlock the left side.

DCM - Combination for the locker on the third floor.
CAP - Combination for the locker on the second floor (Shower Room).
SZF - Combination for the locker in the Upper Sewer Control Room.

Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 - West Office, First Floor (in the safe you will find a Hip Pouch).
Left 6, Right 2, Left 11 - East Wing, Waiting Room (you will find a Muzzle Brake or Extended Mag).
Left 2, Right 12, Left 8 - Treatment Pool Room (you will find a Shotgun Stock or Hip Pouch).

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

Ongoing calculation on how many rounds it takes to down enemies. Current Values Calculated While playing the resident evil 2 remake, i was testing weapon damage values on Leon (Normal). Here are the results so far:

The shotgun has surprisingly high damage (even without upgrades), very comparable with the magnum.
The flamethrower is especially effective against Birkin 2 (crane). currently testing other forms.
While the albert handgun seems effective for zombies with bodyshots, headshots with all handguns appear have similar head damage.
Zombies tend to fall down with 3 headshots, or 6 bodyshots.
Player character health is 1200.
(Obvious) always have a knife equipped if you plan on killing something. You can get 3 uses.
(Obvious) save your grenades for bosses/high threat enemies, and flash grenades for MR X.

Comparative Damage Values (Based on Mr X / Birkin Battles):
Knife - 1 damage.
Handgun (standard) - 2 damage.
Handgun (wesker) - 2.3 damage.
Handgun (high power) - 3 damage.
Shotgun (no upgrades - 5.5 damage.
Shotgun (upgraded) - 6.6 damage.
Magnum (no upgrades) - 6.6 damage.
Magnum (upgraded barrel) - 10 damage.
Hand grenade - 26 damage.
Flamethrower: 100 fuel - appr. 17 damage, or 0.17 (only zombies tested) (damage on birkin 2 is closer to 80 per 100 fuel).
Flamethrower (upgraded): 100 fuel - appr. 42.5 damage (or .425 per fuel on zombies) (pending birkin 3 test).

Knife Testing
Knife has approximately 50 "swipe" durability - tested on zombies (center-mass).
Durability value verified 1000. avg 11.85 (84 swipes) verified by JpDeathBlade.
Damage varies based on Frames per second.
At 75 FPS, killed on average in 15 body slashes.
At 30 FPS, killed on average in 21 body slashes.
3 "defense" uses per knife (each defense uses approximately 40% durability).

Zombie Testing (Hits Until Dead)
Knife - 15-20 center-mass.
Pistol (infinite) - 8.5 (or 6.16 headshots).
Pistol (albert) - 5.5 (or 6.33 headshots).
Matilda - 7.33 (or 6.33 headshots).
M-19 (high powered pistol) - 8 (or 7 headshots).
Shotgun (no upgrades) - 2.16 (84% headshot instant-kill).
Magnum (no upgrades) - 2 (instant kill).
Magnum (upgraded barrel) - 2 (instant kill).
Flamethrower: 100 fuel (zombies do not appear to take burn damage over time).
Flamethrower (upgraded): 40 fuel (60% reduction in fuel usage).

Mr X (Hits Until Downed)
Hand Grenade - 2.
Pistol (infinite) - 50 (or 10 headshots).
Pistol (albert) - 55 (or 9 headshots).
Matilda - 58 (or 10 headshots).
M-19 (high powered pistol) - 33 (or 7 headshots).
Shotgun (no upgrades) - 14 (or 4 headshots).
Magnum (no upgrades) - 13 (or 3 headshots).
Magnum (upgraded barrel) - 11 (or 2 headshots).
Flamethrower (upgraded) - 35-40 fuel depending on your aim.
Birkin (Form 2 - Crane Battle)
Handgun (infinite) - appr 40 body shots.
Handgun (M19 high power) - 25.
Matilda (upgraded) - 35 body shots.
Hand grenade - 3 hand grenades.
Upgraded magnum - 4 upgraded magnum shots (2 in eye).
Upgraded shotgun - 6 (4 in eye).
Flamethrower - 100 flamethrower (body) (extremely effective).

Birkin (Form 3)
Back eye (3-5 handgun) (2 upgraded shotgun).
Leg eye (6 handgun) (2 upgraded shotgun).
Arm eye (8-10 handgun) (1 upgraded shotgun).
Optional "Reveal state" although it makes some difference if you attack him during the reveal stage, it seems to have minimal impact on his final stage health.
Core eye: (8 grenades with no reveal damage) (11 upgraded magnum with no reveal damage) (190 upgraded flames, or 304 flames un-upgraded) (15 upgraded shotgun).

Tyrant (Mr X) Final Form
For this boss fight, as long as you manage to stun him with damage, the rocket launcher drops after 2 minutes of fighting. only the launcher can kill him.
To stun him: 3 magnum rounds, 3 upgraded shotgun rounds, or 21 handgun rounds.
During his instant kill charged attack, it doesn't take much damage to stop him, you can stop him with as little as 2 handgun rounds.

Lickers Testing
Handgun - 19 bodyshots (15 headshots).
Shotgun - 6 bodyshots (6 headshots).
Shotgun (upgraded) - 5 bodyshots (4 headshots).
Magnum (upgraded) - 2 bodyshots (2 headshots).
Hand grenade - 2.

Zombie Dogs
Handgun - 3-4 bodyshots.

Flamethrower - about 65 fuel.
Flamethrower (upgraded) - about 42 fuel.


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