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Joe Danger Touch

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When you reach the bonus stage the game will force you to play as a certain character. If you try the character and restart these levels the character will change and you will be locked out until you can afford a new skin.

Always make a point of popping the bubbles that occasionally appear floating around the screen as they sometimes contain coins.

Try experimenting with the different costumes if you are struggling to complete a challenge as each outfit has it's own stat boosts.

To score extra points as you progress through the game just do tricks whenever you do a big jump and wheelies along flat ground.

Always try and complete the course objectives to get medals as you will need to have earned a certain number to unlock later stages.

Always try to use a ramp to clear mud entirely if you want to avoid slowing down in it. If there is no ramp available you can always perform a wheelie to slide through it with ease.

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