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South Park: The Stick of Truth

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for South Park: The Stick of Truth on Xbox One

Defeat Craig, then let your friends into the castle. Enter the middle hallway, and a cutscene will begin where you are tasked with shrinking yourself and going up Mr. Slave's butt. After the cutscene ends, simply leave the room to get an alternate ending.

After being abducted onto the UFO, there will be audio logs scattered throughout the ship. The audio log contents make fun of video games that use audio logs to tell stories. The most notable games are BioShock and Dead Space that use audio logs to further the story.

When entering Canada, go straight, and enter Ottawa. While in Ottawa, enter the house on the left. There will be stairs in the bottom right of the house. Go down the stairs to find a Canadian couple having sex. The guy will yell an expletive at you, and then you will be kicked out of the bedroom and not able to enter it again. In RPG games, your character normally walks into peoples houses unannounced. The game is obviously making fun of this happening in RPG games.

Choose the "Jew" class, then talk to Priest Maxi outside City Hall, sitting on a bench to the left of the path. He will tell you to find Jesus. Go two screens to the left to reach the church. Enter the church to find Jesus hiding behind some chairs in the middle of the church, on the right. Return to Priest Maxi, and you will be tasked with finding Jesus again. Go back to the church, and turn off the lights to the right of the podium. Then, you will see Jesus' shadow on the wall. Go to the podium to find him again and get the "Are We Cool?" achievement.

First, obtain the "Evil Cartman Goatee" at Cartman's house in the first drawer to your right. Next, obtain the "Bald Cap" in the Police Station. Enter the Police Station, and go upstairs. Go left, and climb up the boxes to your right. Shoot down the shelf, and enter the ventilation shaft. Exit the ventilation shaft, and climb down the ladder. Open the second to last locker to obtain the "Jail Cell Key". Go back down stairs, and walk straight to the jail cells. Open the right jail cell, and search the bag to get the "Bald Cap" item. Go to your inventory, and put on the "Bald Cap" and "Evil Cartman Goatee". Then, go to Tweek Bros. Coffee to start the "Hot Coffee" quest. Successfully complete the "Hot Coffee" quest with the "Bald Cap" and "Evil Cartman Goatee" equipped to get the "Heisenberg" achievement.

Fart on Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters, and Jimmy to get the "Just Saying Hi" achievement. It only counts if you fart on them when they are your selected partners, and not as characters in the overworld.

During the "Defeat The Underpants Gnomes" quest in the main storyline, enter the mouse hole to chase after the Underpants Gnome. Navigate the space between the bedroom walls to catch up with the gnome. After crossing your parents' dresser, and before confronting the gnome, stare at your parents having sex for 60 seconds to get the "Perverted" achievement.

Once Randy's abortion is finished on your third day in South Park, the green ooze will turn the fetuses into Nazi Zombies. They will be hostile when encountered. Defeat one group of them, then fart after the fight ends to get the "Too Far" achievement.

Go to City Wok. There will be two elf kids in front of the store. Attack them with X. This is one of the best places to farm for XP and money since there are only two enemies. XP is given out evenly no matter how many enemies there are. When the fight is over, walk into City Wok, then walk back out and the kids should respawn again. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can sell your loot at Jimbo's Guns. You can also obtain one of the best weapons in the game at this shop, the Level 14 "Sweet Katana". Note: If the kids do not respawn, walk into City Wok until you see the save sign in the bottom right corner. Additionally, be sure to pick up the loot the enemies drop. If the loot accumulates too much, the kids will not respawn. Enemy loot is how you obtain the majority of your money in South Park.

The creators of South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) made numerous jokes about losing Emmys to The Simpsons and other shows for the first seven years of South Park. South Park finally won an Emmy Award in 2005 for "Best Friends Forever". They won three more in 2007 for "Make Love, Not Warcraft", 2008 for One Hour Programming for "Imaginationland", and 2009 for "Margaritaville". In the game, Trey Parker and Matt Stone give you an idea of where they put those prestigious awards after waiting seven years to win them. You can find four Emmys located in the sewer vents from someone flushing them down the toilet.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

After being abducted onto the UFO, there will be audio logs scattered throughout the ship. Listen to all the audio logs to unlock a secret Boss fight called "Roshambo" (Alien Conspiracy Hobo) at the end of the quest.

Go to Stan's house, and enter his room upstairs. Try opening the door to his closet on the left, and someone will shut the door and say "I'm never coming out." This is a reference to the "Won't Come Out Of The Closet" episode in Season 9, where Tom Cruise refuses to come out of Stan's closet.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock


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