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Dying Light

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dying Light on Xbox One

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After completing the game, the repeatable side missions will be available again. This time, the G.R.E wants to help. They will randomly place blue chests in the side missions that contain helpful items.

Detect crafting ingrediants in the following locations by using Night Sense. Some crafting ingredients, such as Common Plants and Algae will appear on the map.



Cabinets, kitchen areas.

Duct Tape:
Toolkits, workshops.

Toolkits, locked containers.

Medicine cabinets.

Home Supplies:
Dressers, cabinets.

Metal Parts:
Trash cans, dismantled items.

Warehouses, supply rooms, dressers.

Toolkits, containers.

Power Cable:
Industrial areas, warehouses.

Dressers, simple containers.

Tin Can:
Toolkits, containers.

Toxic Plant:
Cliff areas.

Underwater Algae:
Coastal areas (underwater).

Common Plant:
Wilderness areas.

Fluorescent Mushrooms:


Hunter Gland:
Search Hunter bodies.

Bolter Tissue:
Search Bolter bodies.

If you pay attention to the armed soldiers in safe houses, you'll see that they sometimes are equipped with guns. If those soldiers die, they drop guns and ammo that you can use for your own purposes. Simply carry a propane tank into a safe zone and throw it at a chosen guard until he dies. Then you can pick up the gear he drops. You can repeat this technique whenever a guard respawns.

Although EXPcalibur sword may randomly appear as loot, you can always find one in the southeast corner of the map. Go to the boat house at the large lake in that area. Note: The blocked bridge should be on your left. Continue along the rocky shore to your right until reaching the very edge. Look out towards the middle of the lake to see a very small island. Begin swimming towards that island. After a few minutes you should eventually reach the island and find a body holding a sword. The sword’s loot icon will read "This EXPcalibur belongs to me". Search it to collect the weapon. Note: This will take some time. Once the sword is obtained, the corpse will catch on fire. The sword cannot be repaired and will eventually break after a few hits. However it is very power and can kill most zombies with a single hit. Because its stats improve with your level, collecting it later in the game is recommended.

Successfully complete the game. You can now fast travel to all the main areas (Slums, Old Town, Antenna). To fast travel between the Slums and Old Town, go to your bedroom in the tower. Use the poster on the wall to instantly travel to the other area. To fast travel to the Antenna area, use the door in the north of the Slums or the sewer entrance in the north of Old Town. You can also return to the sewers if desired through the access points marked on the map at the same locations as found during the story missions.

At the beginning of the game, in the room you wake up in above one of the beds, there is a Jade "The Scorpion" Aldemir poster. On the bottom right corner of the poster is a QR Code. If you get your character close enough to the poster (crouching down helps) you can actually scan the code with your mobile device and it will take you directly to a web site.

The Korek Machete weapon found in the Slums is named after Korek, the nickname of Techland's optimization lead developer. To find it, travel to the northern end of the Slums and enter the middle safe zone. Travel east to a building shaped like a C-clamo. Find the blue toolbox on top of the building, then kick it about seventy five times until it opens to reveal a blueprint.

Techland has included an homage to another great zombie game: Left 4 Dead. Head slightly north of the Tower to a safe house area guarded by large chain-link fences. Once inside, look South across the street and you'll find a bakery with a very unique sign: Left4Bread.

Climb to the rooftop of the last building in the southwestern corner of Old Town. Jump on top of a strange looking pipe found there and try to pull it open. This will take you to a new area where you must jump on enemies to kill them. You also can smash a hidden brick with your head to reveal a hidden blueprint.

When you are done with a weapon, open your Inventory and dismantle it to gain Metal Parts. Metal Parts can be used to repair other items. Although this is not as good as selling a weapon, it can be used to obtained Metal Parts immediately when needed.

You might not be able to spot the Hero of Hyrule in Dying Light, but you can find his legendary sword. During the story mission that takes you from the Slums to Old Town, you'll arrive at a staging areas where survivors make the trek one by one. If you happen to have done Dawud's side quest to get him a gun, you'll find him and his son waiting to cross to Old Town. His son, as it happens, is carrying a toy version of the Master Sword! Sadly, he doesn't seem willing to part with it.

To play the guitar in your bedroom, acquire the "Guitar Lessons" book during the "Siblings" mission in the school.

Go up to the Towers rooftop at the back. Interact with the checkers board to play. Leave the area by using the elevator then immediately return. Interact with the board again. Repeat the process a few times to receive the Sick Bomb blueprint.

Go to the indicated locations to find the corresponding side quest.

A Baby is Born

Location: East side of the map, near the Overpass
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP
Note: Complete the "A Pact With Rais" mission first.

A Survivors Guide to Zombieland

Location: Neil in the Harbor Area
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and $2,000
Note: Complete the "A Pact With Rais" mission first.


Location: Job Board in Harbor Area, east side of Slums
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $500

On the Hooks

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 1,000 Survivor XP
Note: Complete the "A Pact With Rais" mission first.

Assault and Batteries

Note: Continuation of the "On the Hooks" mission.

Bandages and Meds

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,500
Note: Complete the "Siblings" mission first.

Being a Hero

Location: Ozan in Troy's Tower, Old Town
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP (per completion) and Father's Stash (weapons)


Location: Job Board in Harbor Area, eastern part of Slums
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

Witch Queen

Location: safe zone, west of the Tower
Reward: 1,500 Survivor XP and Dahlia's Cloak Potion blueprint

Chasing Past

Location: Tariq at Old Town Safe Zone
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP and $2,000
Note: Occurs during "The Museum" mission.


Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,200
Note: Available after killing your first Bolter.

Crayon for the Kids

Location: Job Board at the Tower
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,200

Do You Believe?

Location: Mufid, safe zone library on the west of Old Town
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500

The Shadow of the King

Location: Ishaq, Old Town
Reward: 7,500 Survivor XP
Note: Starts automatically after completing the "Do You Believe?" mission.

Blocks for the Boy

Location: Magic Fortress Safe Zone
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP, 15,000 Survivor XP and then 10,000 Survivor XP and Angel Sword Blueprint

Dungeon and Troll

Reward: Angel Sword blueprint
Note: Complete the "Blocks for the Boy" mission, then talk to Rupert in the same building

Dying Lunch

Location: Irwin, second last safe zone in the upper right area of Slums
Reward: 2,5000 Power XP and $500

Electronic Parts

Location: Job Board
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and Electrician Blueprint
Note: Available after killing your first Bolter

Family Doctor

Location: Victor in the Harbor Area
Reward: $3,750
Note: Complete the "A Pact with Rais" mission first

Fan Zone

Location: Eastern side of Old Town after completing "Higher Education"
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500


Location: Safe zone in the southwest
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and 10x Flares

Gas Mask Man

Location: Musa, Fisherman's Wharf
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and Warmaster

Gassed Up

Location: Radio Call
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP
Note: Available after completing "A Pact With Rais"

Goodnight Mr. Bahir

Location: Upper Tower, Hallway
Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP and $697
Note: Available after completing "First Assignment"


Location: Dawud, Upper Tower
Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP

Rupert the Gunsmith

Location: The University
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP

Health Potion

Location: Rupert, Magic Fortress Safe Zone
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP

Incense Herbs

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP and Natural Medkit Blueprint

Jealous Runner

Location: Volcan, Southwest safe zone
Reward: 1,000 Agility XP

Killing Guide

Location: Buckshot, Lower Tower Store
Reward: 2,500 Power XP
Note: Available after completing "The Pit" mission

Legless Spider

Location: Spider, on top of a building in Old Town
Reward: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500. 15,000 Survivor XP and $1,500 from second mission
Note: Available during the "Public Face" mission.

Lighter Gas

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and Grill'em and Kill'em Blueprint

Midnight Bride

Location: Harbor Area Job Board
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

Mothers Day

Location: Lena, outside Brecken's Room
Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP and $697
Note: Available after completing the "First Assignment" mission

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Location: Osman, underground far north of Tower
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and $1,000

Poisonous Herbs

Location: Job Board, Harbor Area
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

Spare Glasses

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 3,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

The Prodigal Son

Location: Alexei on an Antenna in the Slums
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and Zombie Classic Mod Blueprint
Note: Available after turning on the Antenna for Rais.

Total Security

Location: Jaffar, safe zone west of the Tower
Reward: 7,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

Tunnel Vision

Location: Tower, bottom floor
Reward: 5,000 Survivor XP and 41,000

During the Rupert the Gunsmith quest chain, explore the Magic Fortress in Old Town to find a pink teddy bear in the empty room of the kindergarten, on the floor above Rupert's. Activate the teddy bear repeatedly until it explodes, leaving behind the blueprint for the Stasis Field Projector.

You can activate a secret ending by following the process outlined below.

Make your way to a series of small islands, located east from the mainland.

Once you arrive at the islands, check rock outcroppings. You're looking for a supply crate, which is really just a reference point. When you find it, dive underwater and you should find a less obvious crate resting on the sea floor. It contains a Nuclear Codes item that you should take.

Look for an area with two open warehouses, in the middle of a facility with grain silos. Nearby, you'll see an intersection of train tracks, and the Behemoth monster. In a warehouse, you can grab the Military Transport Key. It's in a container positioned against one of the walls.

Find the lake that has formed near an enormous dam. A body is floating near its center. Check the corpse to find and obtain the Military Activation Key.

Along the eastern side of the map, look for a two-lane road that runs from north to south, a short distance northwest from a town built along the shore. Head along that road and you'll find a military caravan.

Enter the convoy, which requires the items you have gathered: the Military Transport Key opens the entry door (use it on the card reader). The Military Activation Key gives you access to the computer. And the codes can finally be used on the bomb.

Now sit back and watch the ending.

There is a secret underwater cave at the far northeast corner of the Slums. Start at the safe house found along the eastern border, closest to the north edge of the shore. Leave the shanty town and cross the water, moving north along the rocky wall until it goes to the left. Continue along the narrow trench until you find a pair of wooden boards. Climb over the boards and enter the water. You will find a narrow underwater passage that leads to a secret cave. Look along the wall on the right side to find another path leading to more water. Jump in and swim along the left wall to reach a second open-air cavern which contains a treasure chest. Then, turn left and climb up the rock wall at the dead end to find a second duffel bag.

Acquire the Melee Throw Skill. Collect or purchase the most powerful weapons that you can find. Travel to a location that is safe from enemies. Use the Melee Throw Skill to throw your weapon at a wall. Immediately after the throw, open the menu, and the same weapon will also appear there. Drop the one from your inventory. You will now have two of the same weapons that can be collected, one that was thrown and one that was dropped. Pick up the weapon again and throw it. Repeat the process as many times as desired to duplicate the weapon. Then, sell the extras for money.

Weapons can be upgraded in two ways, through blueprints and upgrade slots. Both blueprints and slots can be found hidden in various locations. Every weapon has upgrade slots. Higher quality weapons will have more upgrade slots. If a weapon has an empty upgrade slot, go to your inventory and select the upgrade mod you want to apply to it. Different upgrade mods increase different stats. The following is a list of all upgrade mods and their respective upgrades.

Assassin: Handling (Level 1)
Barbarian: Damage (Level 2), Durability (Level 2)
Berserker: Damage (Level 1), Handling (Level 1)
Brawler: Damage (Level 2), Handling (Level 2)
Bruiser: Damage (Level 2), Handling (Level 1)
Brute: Damage (Level 2), Durability (Level 1)
Champion: All Weapon Stats (Level 1)
Clicker: All Weapon Stats (Level 2)
Crusader: Durability (Level 1), Handling (Level 1)
Duelist: Damage (Level 1), Handling (Level 2)
Enforcer: Damage (Level 1)
Fencer: Handling (Level 2)
Gladiator: Damage (Level 2)
Juggernaut: Durability (Level 1)
King: All Weapon Stats (Level 2)
Knight: Durability (Level 2), Handling (Level 1)
Mercenary: Damage (Level 1), Durability (Level 2)
Paladin: Durability (Level 2), Handling (Level 2)
Pit Fighter: Damage (Level 1), Handling (Level 1)
Templar: Durability (Level 1), Handling (Level 2)
Titan: Durability (Level 2)

Blueprints do not require an upgrade slot on a weapon. However, they do require various crafting ingredients. Blueprints can add the following modifications to a weapon.

Burning: Damage over time to living or infected characters.
Toxicity: Damage over time to living or infected characters.
Bleeding: Increased damage output.
Electricity: Increased chances of stunning an enemy.
Impact: Increased damage output.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Outside the Tower is a wall with a lot of pictures of missing people.


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