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Super Mario Odyssey

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Super Mario Odyssey - Switch

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Scan the indicated amiibo while playing the game (not through Uncle amiibo) by holding D-pad Right and placing the amiibo on the Switch to unlock the corresponding bonus. This can be done at any time, usually with no time limits or restrictions.

Highlight purple coins on-screen (not on your map): Any Bowser amiibo.
Life-up heart: Any Peach amiibo.
Random coins or bonus hearts: Any amiibo or amiibo card.
Temporary invincibility (30 seconds): Any Mario amiibo.

While you are playing the main story, you might come across a pixel version of Cat Mario/Peach hidden on a wall. They can be quite hard to spot though. As a bonus, you can throw Cappy at Cat Mario for a few coins and at Cat Peach for an extra heart.

Finding 250 and 500 power moons to unlock the bonus kingdoms is pretty difficult. You have to search all worlds, complete all puzzles, and do a lot of exploring to get that many moons. Return to a kingdom after defeating its boss, as a lot of new optional tasks will be unlocked. Additionally, make sure to smash the moon blocks. They are marked on your map in each kingdom - they give approximately 20 moons per kingdom. You can also purchase packs of 10 moons for 1,000 coins from shops.

Beat final boss and acquire 250 moons.

Beat final boss and acquire 500 moons.

This farming method allows you to earn 72 gold coins per run. Travel to the Central Plaza in the Cap Kingdom, then go through the Cappy door past the green viewfinder. Capture a frog, swim right from the entrance, and look for a tiny indentation in the wall. Jump in it to find 72 coins. Then, simply exit and re-enter as many times as desired to get an unlimited number of gold coins.

This farming method allows you to earn up to 108 gold coins per run. Travel to the Top Of The Big Stump in the Cascade Kingdom, and proceed through the Cappy door. It is to the left of the stump, after jumping down to a platform on a hill. Go through the door and capture the T-Rex, then start stomping the hedgehogs that appear. If you smash them all, you will get 108 gold coins and a power moon (if you have not already completed the challenge). The power moon will not respawn, but the coins will. Simply leave the chamber and re-enter to reset it. Repeat this as many times as desired.

This farming method allows you to earn 62 gold coins per run. This method requires you to make a circuit around the indicated area. Warp to the "Rocky Mountain Summit" flag in the Lost Kingdom, and follow these steps:

1. Collect 6 coins around the flag.

2. Run through the plants around the palm tree for 8 coins.

3. Collect the power moon (or missing power moon) on top of the palm tree for 5 coins.

4. Drop down to the left of the Crazy Cap store, then drop down again to find another power moon. Collect it (or the empty vessel) for 5 more coins.

5. Smash the nearby wall Mario for 10 coins.

6. Go towards the button platform, and collect the 3 coins on the way there.

7. Ground pound the large button, then collect 25 coins before the timer runs out.

You can collect 62 total coins if you follow that route. Exit the map and re-enter to reset the coins. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Open the map, then press Y to display the "Lists" menu. You can view all the power moons you have found so far, where you found them, and a list showing all the available moons in the kingdom. Missing moon entries are numbered -- so you will know how many you have not collected, and which big blank areas you probably should explore.

Beat final boss.

Note that you can also unlock these outfits during gameplay, but scanning the corresponding Amiibo will allow you to unlock their outfits right away.

OutfitHow to unlock

Meet the required number of Moons to collect to have the amiibo costumes available to purchase at the Crazy Cap stores after completing the game. Note that some of the costumes listed can't be received with the help of amiibo at all.

OutfitHow to unlock

Wear the special costumes you can purchase from Crazy Cap stores in a specific kingdom to allow Mario to collect power moons and access certain locations you cannot normally reach in that kingdom.

In addition to being able to purchase hearts in the Crazy Cap stores, you can also find them in secret spots around the environment. Use Mario and Cappy's spin move on red flowers with green stalks to get an extra heart. These flowers usually are in a circle, or a circular arrangement that makes them possible to hit with a spin attack. When you see a pink cat Mario on graffiti, throw Cappy at it to get hearts.

If you jump on the globe at the Odyssey, it will cancel the level music and begin to play either Jump Up Superstar or the theme from Cascade Kingdom using a wind-up box. If you are in any kingdom from Cap Kingdom up until Lost Kingdom, the globe will play the Cascade Kingdom theme. If you are in Metro Kingdom or further, the globe will play Jump Up Superstar.

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