Super Mario Odyssey

Amiibo bonuses

Scan the indicated amiibo while playing the game (not through Uncle amiibo) by holding D-pad Right and placing the amiibo on the Switch to unlock the corresponding bonus. This can be done at any time, usually with no time limits or restrictions.

Highlight purple coins on-screen (not on your map): Any Bowser amiibo.
Life-up heart: Any Peach amiibo.
Random coins or bonus hearts: Any amiibo or amiibo card.
Temporary invincibility (30 seconds): Any Mario amiibo.

Cat Mario and Cat Peach

While you are playing the main story, you might come across a pixel version of Cat Mario/Peach hidden on a wall. They can be quite hard to spot though. As a bonus, you can throw Cappy at Cat Mario for a few coins and at Cat Peach for an extra heart.

Dark Side

Beat final boss and acquire 250 moons.

Darker Side

Beat final boss and acquire 500 moons.

Mushroom Kingdom

Beat final boss.


Note that you can also unlock these outfits during gameplay, but scanning the corresponding Amiibo will allow you to unlock their outfits right away.

OutfitHow to unlock
Bowser Groom OutfitUse the Bowser (Wedding Outfit) amiibo
Classic Mario OutfitUse the 8-Bit Mario, Smash Bros Mario or the Mario series Mario amiibo.
Diddy Kong OutfitUse the Smash Bros Diddy Kong or Mario series Diddy Kong amiibo.
Dr. Mario OutfitUse the Smash Bros Dr. Mario amiibo.
Gold Mario OutfitUse the Gold Mario or Silver Mario amiibo.
Luigi OutfitUse the Smash Bros Luigi or Mario series Luigi amiibo.
Mario Groom OutfitUse the Mario (Wedding Outfit) amiibo
Peach Bridal OutfitUse the Peach (Wedding Outfit) amiibo
Waluigi OutfitUse the Waluigi amiibo.
Wario OutfitUse the Smash Bros Wario or Mario series Wario amiibo.

Outfits Without Amiibos

Meet the required number of Moons to collect to have the amiibo costumes available to purchase at the Crazy Cap stores after completing the game. Note that some of the costumes listed can't be received with the help of amiibo at all.

OutfitHow to unlock
Bowser's Top HatCollect 420 Moons.
Bowser's TuxedoCollect 440 Moons.
Bridal GownCollect 480 Moons.
Bridal VeilCollect 460 Moons.
Classic CapReach Mushroom Kingdom.
Classic SuitReach Mushroom Kingdom.
Diddy Kong HatCollect 300 Moons.
Diddy Kong SuitCollect 320 Moons.
Doctor HeadwearCollect 220 Moons.
Doctor OutfitCollect 240 Moons.
Gold Mario CapCollect 500 Moons.
Gold Mario SuitCollect 520 Moons.
HakamaCollect 380 Moons. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo)
Invisibility CapBeat Darker Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo)
King's CrownDefeat the Broodals on the Dark Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo)
King's OutfitDefeat the Broodals on the Dark Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo)
Luigi CapCollect 160 Moons.
Luigi SuitCollect 180 Moons.
Mario's Top HatReach Moon Kingdom.
Mario's TuxedoReach Moon Kingdom.
Metal Mario CapCollect 540 Moons.
Metal Mario SuitCollect 560 Moons.
Skeleton SuitReach Mushroom Kingdom. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo)
Waluigi CapCollect 260 Moons.
Waluigi SuitCollect 280 Moons.
Wario CapCollect 340 Moons.
Wario SuitCollect 360 Moons.

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