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South Park: The Stick Of Truth

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for South Park: The Stick Of Truth - PlayStation 4

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During the "Beat Up Clyde" level, walk out of the room with Mr. Slave instead of deactivating the snuke.

When entering Canada, go straight, and enter Ottawa. While in Ottawa, enter the house on the left. There will be stairs in the bottom right of the house. Go down the stairs to find a Canadian couple having sex. The guy will yell an expletive at you, and then you will be kicked out of the bedroom and not able to enter it again. In RPG games, your character normally walks into peoples houses unannounced. The game is obviously making fun of this happening in RPG games.

Fart on Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Butters and Jimmy. It only counts if you fart on them when they are your selected partners, and not as characters in the overworld.

Go to the indicated location to find the corresponding person to befriend. Note: Some are missable and are only obtained during quests that cannot be returned to later.

1. Butters: Main storyline.
2. Clyde : Kupa Keep, before entering Cartman's tent. He will later unfriend you.
3. Scott Malkinson: Kupa Keep.
4. Kenny: Main storyline.
5. Mrs. Cartman: Cartman's house.
6. Dougie: Outside Butters' house.
7. Mrs. Stotch: Butters' house.
8. Mr. Stotch: Butters' house.
9. Mom: Your house.
10. Kelly Gardner: Near your house.
11. Pete: Second floor of garage 2210.
12. Romper Stomper: Locked in the cell in the Police Station. The key is on the second floor.
13. Kevin Stoley: Finish his side quest.
14. Annie: Main storyline.
15. Mrs. Biggle: On the bench outside the Post Office.
16. Esther: In the News Building.
17. Officer Barbrady: Outside Tom's Rhinoplasty.
18. Mrs. Marsh: Buy something from Tom's Rhinoplasty.
19. Millie: Behind Unplanned Parenthood.
20. Mr. Slave: Finish his sidequest.
21. Priest Maxi: Finish his sidequest.
22. Jesus: Priest Maxi sidequest.
23. General Disarray: In Butters' Chaos Lair at U-Stor. The key is in Butters' room.
24. Al Gore: Outside the movie theater.
25. Damien: In the movie theater.
26. Mr. Kim: Finish his sidequest.
27. Skeeter: Finish his sidequest.
28. Bartender: Same as Skeeter.
29. Mr. McCormick: Outside the bar.
30. Mr. Broflovski: Outside Kyle's house.
31. Francis: Outside Kyle's house, break his snowman.
32. Tweek: Main storyline.
33. Token: Main storyline.
34. Karen: Kenny's house.
35. Mrs. McCormick: Kenny's house.
36. Kelly Rutherford: Acquire 30 friends and speak to her.
37. Craig: Main storyline. He will later unfriend you.
38. Randy: Main storyline.
39. Douglas: Pink house by Photo Dojo. Break the window and use Anal Probe.
40. Jason: Kyle's house.
41. Timmy: Find all fast-travel stations.
42. Stan: Kyle's house, finish sidequest.
43. Jimmy: Kyle's house, finish sidequest.
44. DogPoo: Kyle's house, finish sidequest.
45. Lola: Post Office, after 40 friends are made.
46. Mr. Mackey: Community Center, finish his sidequest.
47. Amber: Mr. Hankey's sidequest (sewer).
48. Cornwallis: Mr. Hankey's sidequest.
49. Simon: Mr. Hankey's sidequest.
50. Mr. Hankey: Finish his sidequest.
51. Mrs. Hankey: Same as Mr Hankey.
52. Mayor McDaniels: Finish her sidequest.
53. Santa: Roof of the Police Station (requires Anal Probe).
54. Henrietta: Main storyline.
55. Micheal: Main storyline.
56. Pete: Main storyline.
57. Firkle: Main storyline.
58. Kyle: Main storyline.
59. Bill : During the main storyline, save him in the school.
60. Fossey : Same as Bill.
61. Lemmiwinks : Grade 5 Classroom. He is the gerbil running on the ground.
62. Underpants Gnome: Finish his sidequest.
63. Dad: Your house, after getting 50 friends.
64. Bradley: Outside Stan's house (requires Gnome Dust).
65. Filmore: Hide and Seek (inside the Bank).
66. Flora: Hide and Seek (outside Tower of Peace).
67. Quaid: Hide and Seek (sewer).
68. Jenny: Hide and Seek (secret path at the Lake).
69. Billy: Hide and Seek (farm).
70. Sally: Hide and Seek (outside Mr. Slave's house).
71. Mr. Garrison: Community Center.
72. Principal Victoria: Community Center.
73. Mr. Adler: Community Center.
74. Mrs. Broflovski: Community Center.
75. Cartman: Main storyline.
76. Chris Donnely: Kyle's house, after recruiting the girls.
77. Leroy Mullens: On top of News Building (requires Gnome Dust).
78. Sergeant Yates : Police Station, during Nazi Zombie invasion.
79. Monica: Main storyline.
80. Jessie Rodriguez: Main storyline.
81. Jimbo: Finish his sidequest.
82. Ned: Same as Jimbo.
83. Earl of Winnipeg: Main storyline.
84. Bishop of Banff : Main storyline; must choose to spare his life.
85. Prince of Canada: Main storyline.
86. Duke of Vancouver: Main storyline.
87. Terrance: Main storyline.
88. Phillip: Main storyline.
89. Princess of Canada: Main storyline.
90. Minister of Montreal: Main storyline.
91. Wendy: Main storyline.
92. Bebe: Main storyline.
93. Red: Girl's bathroom in the playground.
94. Nelly: Girl's bathroom in the playground.
95. Jessie: Girl's bathroom in the playground.
96. Allie Nelson: Girl's bathroom in the playground.
97. Heidi: Girl's bathroom in the playground.
98. Crab Person: In the sewer (requires Nagasaki).
99. Mr. Tweak: Buy an Ultra Speed Potion.
100. Mrs. Tweak: Same as Mr. Tweak.
101. Shelly Marsh: Stan's house, after Stan's sidequest.
102. Polly Prissy Pants: Cartman's room with Cartman as your buddy.
103. Beary: Lost Forest, travel right, up, right, down, right, then accept the true lord.
104. Rabbity: Same as Beary.
105. Skunky: Same as Beary.
106. Beavery: Same as Beary.
107. Mousey: Same as Beary.
108. Squirrely: Same as Beary.
109. Deery: Same as Beary.
110. Woodpeckery: Same as Beary.
111. Porcupiney: Same as Beary.
112. Foxy: Same as Beary.
113. Chickadee-y: Same as Beary.
114. Raccoony: Same as Beary.
115. Chinpokomon Toy Corporation : Collect all 30 Chinpokomon.
116. Ike : Find him crying during the assault on Craig's Keep and light the firework with a fart.
117. Mr. Hat: Main storyline.
118. Big Gay Al : Quickly answer the phone by selecting it; you have about 5 seconds.
119. Catatafish: Main storyline.
120. Sparrow Prince: Main storyline.
121. Frog King: Main storyline.

Once Randy's abortion on your third day in South Park is done, the green ooze will turn the fetuses into Nazi Zombies. They will be hostile when encountered. Defeat one group of them, and fart after the fight ends.

Go to City Wok and find the two elf children near the front of the store. Attack them and defeat them for easy experience points. Enter City Walk and save the game before exiting. The elf children will have respawned. Repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: Collect the items that they drop or they may eventually stop respawning.

Search the sewer vents to find the Emmy awards that the South Park television show has won.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Acceptance (Bronze)You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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