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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on PlayStation 2

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Would you rather have a son or a daughter on Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life? Well, now you can choose.

Step 1) Go to the tree with the small door on the front by the Harvest Goddess's lake. I know you can't fit, but to get in you have to eat the small spotted mushroom. (Don't worry, this doesn't effect you health.)

Step 2) Now, go over to the corner of the house with the three pots. Press x 100 times. You don't have to count. Wierd things will happen to the pot until the 100th x. Then, the pot will say, "You...Win..."

Step 3) Then, walk over to one of the Harvest Sprites. (It doesn't matter which one.) The Sprite will say something about "Mr. Pots" and then ask you, "What is your wish?" Now you can choose "Son" or "Daughter."

Note that after that, the gender will be definite and no matter what, you will recieve a child of that gender. | Submitted by Emily

If you have a deadline or you just need to get somewhere fast and you already got your horse, press L2. A small cutscene will show you whistiling and when it's over your horse will be standing next to you. The same thing happens with your dog except it is R2. This cheat will not work if your inside some place, if your horse is in the barn or if your dog is in your house. Happy Cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

*I love to fish. Fishing is how i get the majority of my money. Fishing, selling crops and dairy products, selling dig site items and selling flowers is how i get money.
*I think the best place to fish is the Turtle Swamp, then the river top, bottom,middle(in order of best spots) and then the spring.
*When fishing, if it has been ages since you have thrown in the line that means you probably are going to get a big or huge fish.
*If you are always missing that huge fish because you pulled the line in to fast try waiting 1 second after the bobber goes splish to pull in the line. That works for me!
*On the day Van comes or leaves and/or when you get a new animal try not to go fishing right before that because those cutscenes make you take your fishing line out of the water.
*Some fish will only bite when you have better fishing equiptment. When the game started hopefully you bought a fishing *rod* from Van. Later in the game if you are friends with Galen he will give you a fishing *pole*. Happy Cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

This isn't really a cheat but it is really funny. If you have a bull go to the side of it and check the x button. The option milk will come up. Press X. You bull will have a question mark over his head and look at you funny. Why did you try milk him? Oh well it's still funny. Happy Cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

Go to the harvest sprites' house. In their home there is a pot in the back. Talk to the pot 100 times (you'll know you are there when the pot says "you win"). Talk to one of the three harvest sprites, they will ask you what your wish is, say that your wish is to have a daughter. Your child will be a girl instead of a boy. (Note: this must be done in the first chapter of the game) | Submitted by Wolfmansds

To marry Lumina you must give her flowers of any kind. Also give her Moon Ores from the Dig Site. She likes both. As long as you give her one a day it does not matter which one you give her.

At the end of the Chapter 1 you can choose between having a son or daughter.

Tartan is a two headed plant that can make seeds for you. He makes hybrid seeds after the 1st chapter. Send Takura into town. Then when he comes back follow him into his house. Continue to enter the house until the two headed plant is there. To get him to make seeds for you flatter him and then he'll like you. Finally he will make you hybrid seeds for you. Happy cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

To marry muffy give her flowers. | Submitted by rancher98

Van is the fat dude(no offense) that comes every 3rd and 8th day in the season. You can sell and buy things from him. Van prices most of the things you can buy expensive/overpriced. You can haggle these things down but they are still over pirced.When you are selling things to him he is cheap; for example i sold a big combo(type of fish) to him and he offered 40G for it. That fish is really common but less common than a tiny or regular combo.The big combo should have been at least 80 to 100G. Huge combos should be, depending on size in centimeter, 150-200G. *A good idea for when you are selling things is to collect a lot of them and sell them all together; that makes me feel like i got more $$$ for it.Happy Cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

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