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The assasin is the best character (from the expansion) because of her blade and psychic hammer: not only does the blade follow your enemy, but if you use psychic hammer you can knockback them, keeping yourself aways away from your target but still in range to attack. - Sent by [trickyj89]

This is a quick way to beat up bosses and powerful monsters with the Assassin from the expansion pack. You will need a high level Shock web skill, and a cold weapon or skill.

Freeze your opponent, then lay down a shock web or two at his feet. he will not be able to move because of the cold, so aiming should be easy.

This will interrupt the enemy, making him paralyzed if you did it right. Let the web do damage, and the cold should wear off sometime before the Shock Web does.

The enemy will still be interrupted, taking constant hits from the Shock web. Run up and freeze him again, then repeat once the first shock web dies out.

Note: Be VERY CAREFUL vs. monsters with Elemental Resistance. Can end up being a total waste of time and mana. - Sent by [Kokiriboy66]

First off, prepare yourself. She has a powerful poison attack. Max out your poison resistence and push your poison length reduction to over 100%. Use a health stealing weapon so you would use less healing potions. Also for the Necromancer users, get up to a level 18 first so you can be able to use the blood golem and iron maiden. Oh, and if you have common sense, have further backup, have some skeleton mages handy. - Sent by [Burdman]

In which difficulty where you are (Normal,Nightmare or Hell) don't use Charsi's Imbue in first levels. Just play the game until you reach Baal & then you must have a normal Item (the best you found during the gameplay) then Imbue it ! Use this tip for other like Sockete bonus & personalize. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

Ever have Charsi imbue an item and get effects that don't help at all? Here's a solution. After giving Charsi the item and having her imbue it, check to see if it is to your liking. If it is not, hit Ctrl + Esc. This should take you back to windows. Now hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This brings up a menu of programs running. Chose Diablo II and hit "End Task." This will either close Diablo II or in under 10 seconds bring a message saying program not responding. Just hit "end task" again and it will close Diablo II. If done quickly, the game will not have autosaved yet and you can reload your character and try again. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

When you fight with him,just avoid him to perform on you his powerful ray & then use portals, but when you fight him/others remember most important thing is be fast & have high-level weapon or skilled in one of your abilities. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

Better you have one of this mercenaries to walk in the devil's land:

1-Soldiers from Act 3 or
2-Barbarians from Act 5.

Remember to give your assistant best weapons & armor. Also he/she will gain experience & level up so have one partner for ever. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

Everyone knows that 1 of the hardest big bad demons to defeat is Diablo. Choose a Necromancer & when you're at the level of 12 and above, keep adding the iron maiden skills to 10 or above. cast the curse on it and let him damage you for 2-3 times and he's gone! - Sent by [Master_Jeje]

Although not documented, you may run Diablo 2 in a Window instead of full-screen. Simply add "-w" to your Diablo 2 shortcut.
(ie: "C:\Diablo 2\Diablo II.exe" -w)

Ed. Note: This is being provided for informational purposes only to help Diablo 2 players guard against hackers. Stealing passwords is unethical.

If you want to hack Diablo 2 (get on an another player's account) Just follow these simple instructions. But don't get carried away as it may take some time to work. 'Hi people, I have recently figured out a way to hack Diablo while scanning the battlenet server which they run Diablo 2 on. Below I will tell you how to hack Diablo 2 accounts. I have really only made this up for people who have been scammed by other people. So if you havent been scammed I rather you not cheat for the fun of it, it's up to you, but it isn't fair if you use this to steal other peoples password for Diablo 2.

Step 1.

Get the Diablo 2 account name you want to hack. Make sure you have a Diablo 2 account as you need to confuse the battlenet server into giving you your victim's password.

Step 2.

There is a secret email which battlenet bots use to notify people about their password and send them their password if needed, I found it while I was scanning the battlenet server. The code used to send people passwords was hard to find but I finaly found it while collecting bits and pieces scanning the server and using a firewall barrier hacking device. Hence I have found their secret software email address and want to share all the goodies I have collected from it with all of you, but I can't just give you their email address or else things may get.. A little crazy, and I don't want to get blamed for anything. But I have come up with an email address which looks like a normal one to fool battlenet and blizzard detection systems,, I linked this email tobattlenets's email and hence forth, instead of it transferring all of the data sent to it will automatically send it to battlenet's headquarters page without them knowing it, their computer sends the information back to you within 24 hours of the data being sent. Just follow steps below...

Step 3.

Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it. Do it exactly as it is typed or the attempt will fail.

Subject: dblopsswrdrcvry (it must be exactly as typed)
Now after that type this in the body of the email:
#=No.:4658932//$%Code&"Your Username"%*==$& }
#serident6254\\$$Code%"Victims Username"*$$1==$& }
E\$$Code*&%$$#input*%"Your Password"*32&&*$==02$& }

Step 4.

You must replace the words in " " to what it says and as I said don't make any mistakes or you will fail. What I would do is highlight the text then copy it and paste it on the email that way you don't make any mistakes. There you have it, Hacking Diablo 2 is easy for you now.  - Sent by [skip6972]

Want an uproar of sounds!? Hit the enter key and type: SoundChaosDebug. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

To get 2 weapons at once without being a barbarian, all you have to do is:

1.) Look at the 1 and 2 slots on your Inventory screen.
2.) Put one item you want to use in the slot farthest to the left in the 1 slot.
3.) Take the other item, switch to the 2 slot, then bring it over to the slot farthest to the right but don't drop it in.
4.) Press W and right after (like a split-second) click the slot to put the item in.

That's all you have to do! It only shows one weapon,but it adds the mods together. DON'T TRY THIS ON A BARBARIAN! IT DELETES THE ITEMS!

Note: These cheats will not work with the new D2: LoD patch (version 1.09) that has been recently released by Blizzard. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

OK. This is simple. Just buy from Akara a Scroll of Town Portal and go to see Andariel. Make sure you have potions & antidotes because she has a poison attack. Fight her and hurt her about to the half of her health bar. Then run to the room outside Andariel's lair and use the scroll of town portal or tome of town portal and go to rogue encampment. Heal yourself and do all the arrangements that you have to and go to visit Andariel, again. Now she has half her health, IT'S MAGIC!!!! Now kill her and pick up her stuff and WOW you are in ACT II. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

This trick works for zons/Sorcs. kill all the council members then go to the flaming pot on the left side then either firewall or shoot or use some ranged attack here. You will not get hit, let alone killed. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Need more exp. to reach levels 80 and above? Here's what you do: download version 1.09 at then use your character in single player, press the enter key and type: players,(space), then any number from 2-70. You'll suddenly realize that the monsters you battle will be harder to kill but they give more exp. P.S. I'm not sure if 70 is the limit but me and my friends a still testing to see if higher numbers work. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

The legendary Horadric cube, found in Act II's Halls of the Dead (Dry Hills), can be placed into the personal stash to add extra storage. The cube itself only takes up 4 spaces but has a 12 space capacity when opened *Note: Be careful not to press the transmute button when doing this. The unique Viper Amulet, also found in Act II (Claw Viper Temple in the Lost City), can be retrieved a second time even after the Horadric Staff is completed and used to open Tal Rasha's Tomb. It serves as a really good amulet, especially on the Normal skill level, but does not compare to amulets found on Nightmare and Hell difficulties.  - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Never buy a ''Scroll of Identification'' while in town. Instead, talk with Deckard Cain. He will identify all of your items for free.

Use the cheat "players 8" & play the game & anything you received in game will be 8X. Like exp points, items, money & many more. ** Note: press enter & type: players 8. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

To win battles by not fighting them, you must choose a Necromancer guy and kill any enemy, (You need a wand) cast the Raise Dead spell on the dead enemy. As soon as the corpse explodes a skeleton will start following you. Find some bad guys and run close to them, then run away. Your skeleton will fight until it dies. The level of the skill is the number of how many skeletons you can raise. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

When you go inside the houses in act1 click on the sheets of the bed to get extra gold. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

WARNING: Always make a backup of your savegame before edititng!

To modify the amount of gold contained in your "Stash", do the following:

1) Try to put at least 1000 gold in your stash. This cheat will work with smaller amounts, but you may be limited on how much you can add.

2) Load your game. Record the amount of gold in your stash. Exit from game.

3) Load a Hex Editor and convert your gold to HEX. Open the file savegame.d2s (savegame will be the name of your character) in your Diablo 2 save folder.

4) Search for the HEX location (from converted amount of gold). Modify the HEX location to FFFF (or any amount in HEX that you wish - up to 65000). Save the file.

5) Re-load your Diablo 2 savegame and you will have 65000 in your stash!

As you approach the Level 4 Jail there is the room that is filled with dark ones and some fire mages. Defeat them all by just running and killing first, the Shamans and next the projectile enemy fire mage. The other room next to this will be the room of Andariel the Queen. When I encountered it she had only 4 Dark Ones. With a Dark Shaman beating the 4 dark ones makes things easy. Fighting with Andariel face to face is too hard, so you better go back to the encampment and hire a 60 life Rogue to keep her busy. Stab Andariel from behind and presto your in ACT II. Then return to Andariel and the first thing you have to do is to sneak behind Andariel and blow her out as your Rogue (who you hired) is busy with her.  - Sent by [CidHighwind]

First, hire a mercenary from Griez. Enter Tal Rasha's chamber and cast a town portal for an emergency exit. The main trick for defeating Duriel is to bring lots of health potions and STAND and FIGHT. (You may use Blaze if you have the sorceress.) You will do less damage to Duriel with hit and run, with the exception of Blaze. You may die a few times, so keep your gold in your stash. Try to keep a Town Portal in the chamber to come back quickly. Also, Duriel's cold attack is a Demonic attack and not an elemental damage, so your cold resistance will be useless. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Once you unlock all of the seals go to Diablo and use 'Static Field'. Static Feild will kill him very quickly if you're at a high level. It also works on mini bosses.

-Need 2 computers and 2 CDs: Find something really cool or expensive. Copy your character (found in save directory) to another computer. Start a multiplayer game using your copied character. Join this game with the other computer and you will be able to copy items you already have by trading with yourself.

-After you complete the 5th quest of act one (The one given to you by Charsi) it is better if you wait until later in the game to have her imbue an item for you, because later in the game you can get better weapons and armor, and having her imbue one adds 3 - 5 magical attributes.

-If you play Multiplayer on Click the blue Crystal in the center of the screen and it will turn Purple. If you look at the text box it will say "Gem Activated" Then start a game or join one and you will find at least one Gem shrine and if you have a Gem in your inventory it upgrades it.

-If you can't find anything good to buy all you have to do is leave town and come back, everyone should have all new items for sale. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Before you want to imbue a item from Charsi, simply save and exit in case she gives you something that's not-that good. Go to the window where they display the Diablo 2 save game file. Copy and paste the file so that you have 2 of same save games. Use the first save game and imbue the item you want. If it is a not-that good item, exit and duplicate the second save game then delete your FIRST one. This cheat allows you to duplicate again and again. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

When you arrive at the point where you have to kill Diablo MAKE SURE that you have plenty of lightning and fire resistance. Although he lives in hell he has got a one hit kill lightning attack, and he will use it about every 30 to 45 seconds. You should also make sure you are over level 30 before you face him. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

It is said that the Secret Cow level is best place for finding runes, but that's not true. the best place is Forgotten Tower in Black Marsh in ACT I. Just kill the Countess in there and she will ALWAYS drop runes. and since patch 1.10 you can use the following cupe recepies to upgrade runes over Thul Rune. use these recepies to get runes Amn - Zod

3 Thul Runes + 1 Chipped Topaz = Amn Rune
3 Amn Runes + 1 Chipped Amethyst = Sol Rune
3 Sol Runes + 1 Chipped Sapphire = Shael Rune
3 Shael Runes + 1 Chipped Ruby = Dol Rune
3 Dol Runes + 1 Chipped Emerald = Hel Rune
3 Hel Runes + 1 Chipped Diamond = Io Rune
3 Io Runes + 1 Flawed Topaz = Lum Rune
3 Lum Runes + 1 Flawed Amethyst = Ko Rune
3 Ko Runes + 1 Flawed Sapphire = Fal Rune
3 Fal Runes + 1 Flawed Ruby = Lem Rune
3 Lem Runes + 1 Flawed Emerald = Pul Rune
2 Pul Runes + 1 Flawed Diamond = Um Rune
2 Um Runes + 1 Topaz = Mal Rune
2 Mal Runes + 1 Amethyst = Ist Rune
2 Ist Runes + 1 Sapphire = Gul Rune
2 Gul Runes + 1 Ruby = Vex Rune
2 Vex Runes + 1 Emerald = Ohm Rune
2 Ohm Runes + 1 Diamond = Lo Rune
2 Lo Runes + 1 Flawless Topaz = Sur Rune
2 Sur Runes + 1 Flawless Amethyst = Ber Rune
2 Ber Runes + 1 Flawless Sapphire = Jah Rune
2 Jah Runes + 1 Flawless Ruby = Cham Rune
2 Cham Runes + 1 Flawless Emerald = Zod Rune

This Doesn't Work on! - Sent by [Labuneba]

When you beat Baal don't start next difficulty. Just play & kill him sometimes & you will get powerful & rare items. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

Normally you can't trade game items like Khalims flail or the Jade Figurine, but if you give the Jade Figurine to Meshif and get the golden bird you can trade that. All you have to do is find the figurine and turn it in to Meshif for the bird. Get online with a freind and give him the bird then log on with another character and have your friend give the bird to the other character. Repeat these steps, and storing the birds with the other character, then trade them to people for some really cool stuff! Whats worth more, a Wormskull bone helm or 3 birds of Ku'Ylea that together gives you 60 life! Exactly! Thats how to get either unlimited life or alot of cool items. Note:Just make sure you don't talk to Alkor with the Bird in your possession or the quest will be copleted and you will loose the ability do this tick. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Just type "players 8" in dialogue box (Enable with enter key) & then the difficulty changes into 8 player mode but you recieved great things that you never seen before! - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

If you want to get more money; identify your items because identified items are more valuable than unidentified. You also get more money if you repair items before selling them. For example if you repair any item for 100 and its value was before 200 now its value will be 300. An easy way to get extra money is in Tristam (act I,the Cairn Stone Quest). Find Wirt's body in the top left corner of map. He gives up quite a bit of money. If you save the game and exit to the title screen then start the game again you can keep going back to Tristam and getting Wirt's money. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

If you want to cheating but also want avoid game crashes & unknown bugs.When you use a Save-File Editor just edit number of your skill point for skill tree & number of your state points.don't edit anyother things.If you want more flexible with game better you don't use cheats. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

If you have installed only and want to play single player first, on the main chat screen on click on "create game" then make a name but make a password that no one will guess (ie.balloon). When you create it no one will be able to guess the password and you will have a single player game. - Sent by [IanO.]

When you play with class "PALADIN" choose this skills to be a real powerful character:

1- Don't select any "Defensive Aura" skill.

2- Just select Might & Enemy weaker Auras.

3- In combat skills choose offensive perks. - Sent by [HamzehGhanbariNehbandani]

In the first act after you kill the smith you get the chance to imbue an item.... wait until the 2nd or 3rd act before you use it so you end up with a much better imbued item! - Sent by [CidHighwind]

Ingredients: Wirts Leg, Tome of Town Portal
Result: Red Portal to Secret Cow Level
Special Note: Must finish the game first and be in the Rogue encampment on the same level as when you finished

Ingredients: Amulet, 1 Perfect Gem of each type except Skull
Result: Prismatic Amulet - 18-24% Resist All
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 3 Perfect Gems: same type, 1 Magical Item
Result: 1 Random Magical Item
Special Note: Works with Magical Armor, Weapons or Jewelry

Ingredients: 3 Gems: same type and quality
Result: 1 Gem of next higher quality
Special Note: 3 Perfect Gems will not transmute

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 2 Topaz gems
Result: 1 Coral Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 lightning resistance; quality of gems and ring properties do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Sapphire, 4 Thawing potions
Result: 1 Cobalt Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Cold resistance; Quality of gem and ring properties do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Ruby, 4 Exploding potions
Result: 1 Garnet Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Fire resistance; Quality of gem and ring do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Emerald, 4 Antidote potions
Result: 1 Viridian Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Poison resistance; Quality of gem and ring do not matter

Ingredients: 3 Rings
Result: 1 Amulet
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 3 Amulets
Result: 1 Ring
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 3 Healing Potions, 3 Mana Potions, 1 Gem
Result: 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion
Special Note: Gem quality does not matter; quality of potions does not matter

Ingredients: 6 Gems: any type or quality, 1 Sword
Result: 1 Socketed Longsword
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 3 Healing Potions, 3 Mana Potions
Result: 1 Rejuvenation Potion
Special Note: Quality of potions does not matter

Ingredients: 1 Healing Potion, 1 Strangling Gas Potion
Result: 1 Antidote Potion
Special Note: Quality of Healing Potion does not matter

Ingredients: 1 Quiver of arrows, 1 Spear
Result: 1 Set of Javelins
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 2 Quivers of Arrows
Result: 1 Quiver of Bolts
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 2 Quivers of Bolts
Result: 1 Quiver of Arrows
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 1 Dagger, 1 Axe, 1 Stack of Throwing Knives
Result: 1 Stack of Throwing Axes
Special Note: Axe/Dagger class and properties do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Axe, 2 Daggers
Result: Throwing Axe
Special Note: -

Ingredients: 3 Perfect Skulls, 1 Amulet
Result: 80% chance of getting +1 or +2 char skills ring
Special Note: -

When you die and you can't get back to the place where you died, simply leave your game and rejoin it, or join a new game. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

If you find any chest in a cave that you want to go back to (golden). Just go do something else and after a little while it will refill with new and different items. This works with all chests in the game. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

If you die and cannot make it back to retrieve the items from your dead body, simply save, exit, and return to the game. Your corpse will appear in town and you may retrieve your items easily.

In order to find the secret cow level you are going to need a few things.

1.Wirts Leg
2.Beaten the Game
3.Tome of Town Portal (with scrolls)
4.The Horadric Cube

Once you have beaten the game go to the Rogue Encampment in Act I, then put Wirts Leg and a Tome of Town Portal (This has worked with random ammounts of scrolls in the tome) into The Horadric Cube. Once you hit transmute they should disappear, but once you close your inventory window there is a red portal that will lead you to the Secret Cow Level. This ONLY works in the Rogue Encampment in Act I.

Press enter to open a new dialog chat box and then type in "soundchaosdebug". - Sent by [Legend]

In single player, When you enter the red portal to Tristram, fight through the enemies and you should find Wirt's Corpse. If you click on his corpse close to 300 gold will pop out and a weapon, Wirt's Leg. Every time you die, you can return to his body and take the gold. However, Wirt's Leg is a special item, you cannot have two of them and therefore can only take the gold. - Sent by [Legend]

You can have unlimited imbued item - You can keep em and unlimited socketed item without cheating or hex editing. You need 2 computers or a one with 2 simultaneous copies of Diblo 2 running, 2 different characters say a paladin and an amazon.Lets say the Paladin has been granted an imbue award. But he wants 2 objects to be imbued lets say a shield and a scepter. Make a copy of the paladin save game before you do this. Now go to Charsi and imbue the shield. Trade this shield to the amazon for safe keeping. Exit. Copy the backup save game you made earlier over the current one. Trade back your shield, and now you can even have the scepter imbued and get to keep it. So you have unlimited imbues.
The same can be done for socketed equipment.

An excellent loop hole in the diablo 2 sytem , too bad i discovered it when i unlocked hell.

You can even make copies out of your equipment. You can do this to get more runes,More life(The golden bird in act 3 can be duplicated) - Sent by [Rishabh]

To use this cheat, cast a Town Portal from a convenient location. Take the portal into town, but use the waypoint system and a bit of running to get back to your last location. With this, you can use the portal to go back into town an unlimited amount of times, but only if you never use it to go back. Note: A limited 2-way portal only used one way equals an unlimited 1-way portal. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

This is like gambling the type of prefix and/or suffix on swords. Take 3 chipped gems and put them in your Horadric Cube with your sword. When you transmute you will get some type of 3 socketed sword. My suggestion is to do this to get a 3 socketed Cruel Colossus Blade. You can do this "cheat" over and over all you want. In my experience, the higher the level you are the better chance of getting a more damaged weapon. - Sent by [CidHighwind]

If you're a Necromancer, then this is the cheat for you (it's more of a hint)! This works with all melee fighters except skeletons. Summon a Blood Golem and cast Iron Maiden onto the monsters you're fightin'. Iron Maiden will return the damage dealt to your Golem and act as the Golem's attack, giving life to you! - Sent by [CidHighwind]

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