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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Metroid Prime: Hunters - Nintendo DS

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Just Face a Friend with the a hunter you dont have or face them in story mode.

To kill the samus at the ending of the training mission regulator, just grab the rocket before you enter, aim at samus and repeatdly press your shooting button! This is much easier then using the generic gun! - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

If you are in the air at any time in survior mode and did not jump to get there (Morph Jump, fall off platform, etc.) you can jump. For example, if you accidentally fall off a platform, jump quickly and hold Back. This also allows you to jump on top of the level with a Morph/Retro Jump.

At the Main menu, select optons and then controls. Then, select TL or TR(Whichever hand you use)and the shots will be activated by the touch of the touch screen. Morphball is B and Weapon Switch is A. - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

Complete the single-player missions in First Hunt and get a high score in each. The trailer will be at the title screen by pressing a flashing dot.

In multiplayer mode, if you are playing as Noxus, usually, it is only possible to freeze opponents by firing a charged Judicator blast at close range. However, it is possible to freeze opponents from almost any distance.

To do this, just charge the Judicator blast, but instead of aiming at the opponent, aim at the ground. Make sure to be facing your opponent. Then, release the blast and your opponent will freeze on the spot, no matter how far away they are.

*NOTE: This will only work if your opponent is on the same level ground as you are. Also, it will not work on Trace if he turns invisible. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

If you are stuck at Slench 2A or any boss past that and keep running out of ammo or life, then just skip it and go to Celestial Archives. Yes you can do that and while you beat the archives stage, be sure to pick up four UA Expansions (that's 120 extra shots), 1 energy tank and 1 missile expansion.

Then skip Slench 3B and go to Alinos. Be sure to pick up 2 UA Expansions, (that's 60+120 extra shots) and an energy tank.

Then skip Cretaphid V3 and head to Acterra. Pick up another 2 UA Expansions, (now a total of 240 extra shots) and a missile expansion.

Skip Cretaphid V4 and head to V.D.O. While beating this final level, be sure to pick up 1 UA Expansion and 1 Missle Expansion. Now head back to Slench 2A and try again. You should now have 270 extra shots plus 198 extra life. You should find it easier. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

In order to get oblette in mutli player you must beat gorea then go to him again then you will see triangles of all different colors. What you must do is shoot the triangles with the colors for example, yellow = volt driver, red= imperialist, light blue = shock coil, dark blue= judicator,green = battlehammer and finally orange= mag maull - Sent by [tony]

To jump, just tap the touch screen a couple of times.

This is really more of a trick than a cheat.Go to the multiplayer games and pick Spire (I prefer the map "Alinos Gateway"). Turn into dialache mode and go towards a wall if im correct spire should start going up the wall. - Sent by [Sidorus226]

Ok, first of all be a morph ball. Then set 1 mine. Wait for the spikes to get extremely close to you then set a mine quickly and then set a mine when you get as high as possible when you fly of the ground. When your second mine blows up you will reach the other one in the air. That will explode at when you reach your limits, turn back to normal to go EVEN HIGHER! In demo survivor mode (Assault Cradle), I managed to reach the top floor from the bottom without using the module by doing this. - Sent by [Devil]

Go into Morphball mode and remain absolutely still. Set all bombs down quickly. Once the bombs explode, immediately change to normal mode. You should jump even higher.

Turn into a ball then lay down a bomb. You have to be quick. As soon as the bomb explodes turn back into normal mode and jump and you will go higher than normal. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

In survivor mode, make sure you are not too close to a wall. Tap the Morph icon on the touch screen (or B if in touch-shoot mode) Lay one mine. Note the energy spikes (blue lines) radiating off. Wait for them to converge directly under you. Then, tap the Morph icon (or B) to be sent up higher than normal. Note: You can also jump for more height.

This cheat is only for 2-Player Multiplayer Mode.At the beginning,the host is the person in 1st.You must run away from your opponent until time runs out.The reason why this cheat dosen't work on 3 or 4 Players is because they may kill eachother and your rank goes down.

Select the stylus control type. Then, go to either regulator or survivor training modes. Now in order to shoot fast, have your fingers on both L and R and start pressing them one at a time very fast in sequence. Pressing L + R will cause you to shot two shots at the same time.

One of the best ways to take down Cretaphid is to obtain the magmul weapon. With the magmul armed and ready you stand a great chance of victory. If used properly, can take out two or three eyes at once. Just aim at the center of a group of blue eyes. They must be pretty close to each other for magmul to work its magic. Use your missile launcher to take out the crystal as it is easist to aim with. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

The scoring method in "Regulator" is similar, but multiplied by 10. Score = Kills x (Kills x 10) + Current Score. Once again, if you have not missed in the round, your score will be 0 until you miss.

When playing "Survival" mode, you do not score until you miss an enemy. Your score at that point will be the square of the number of enemies killed since you missed last, plus your current score, if you haven't missed yet your current score will be zero of course. Score = Kills x Kills + Current Score.

In "Morphball" the scoring is the same as in "Regulator" but with the ball power ups as the objective instead of kills. Score = Balls x Balls + Current score. - Sent by [DayleJ]

On the menu, go to training, then go to surviovor. When you start, turn right or left say im going left, and keep going up the ramp and turn left, there will be a large thing with circles on the bottom. Near that, there is a verticle block (oblong).go to the other side and jump up onto the ramp. (jump=double tap touchscreen)go behind the oblong and then walk through it. it is a will fall through under the ground and die.

Note: This might only work on demo. - Sent by [Reepa]

Defeat Kanden for the first time.

Defeat Noxus for the first time.

Unlocked from the very beginning.

Defeat Spire for the first time.

Defeat Sylux for the first time.

Defeat Trace for the first time.

Defeat Weavel for the first time.

These arenas are unlocked in different ways. Some are always there, while for others you need to play multiplayer games. Due to space, I have to put a few up here. You can unlock Gateway Arenas when you land on a new area in single-player. Another one is unlocked when you finish the game. There are 26 arenas in total.

Alinos Perch - open from begining
Combat Hall - open from begining
Compression Chamber - play 4 local games
Council Chamber - play 16 local games
Data Shrine - open from begining
Elder Passage - play 18 local games
Fault Line - play 22 local games
Fuel Stack - play 20 local games
Harvester - play 12 local games
Head Shot - play a four-player match
High Ground - open from begining
Ice Hive - open from begining
Incubation Vault - play 6 local games
Outer Reach - play 10 local games
Processor Core - open from begining
Sanctorus - play 2 local games
Sic Transit - open from begining
Stasis Bunker - play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Subterranean - play 8 local games
Transfer Lock - open from begining
Weapons - Complex play 14 local games

You must play 4 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 16 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 18 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 22 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 20 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must Land on a new level in single player. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 12 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play a four-player match. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 6 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must defeat the second form of the final boss. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 10 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

You must play 8 local games. - Sent by [Billbo_mambo]

To upgrade your gun, like missle or electro lob, get it twice. I think the more you get it, the more powerful it is, but I don't know. What I do know is you have to get it twice to charge.(Which you can, by the way.) - Sent by [AndrewBernish]

To unlock the Trailer for MPH, you need to place 5th or better in Regulator, Training and Morph Ball areas in the Single Player part of the game. When you do get 5th or better on each one, it will prompt you to view the trailer. After you view it, you can view it any other time by going to the Main Menu (where it says 'Touch Screen to Continue'), there will be a flashing dot in the lower left corner. Touch that dot and you'll be treated to the trailer anytime you'd like. Use the stylus to hit that dot, because using the Thumb Strap is kind of hard.

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