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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Unlockable Arenas for Metroid Prime: Hunters - Nintendo DS

These arenas are unlocked in different ways. Some are always there, while for others you need to play multiplayer games. Due to space, I have to put a few up here. You can unlock Gateway Arenas when you land on a new area in single-player. Another one is unlocked when you finish the game. There are 26 arenas in total.

Alinos Perch - open from begining
Combat Hall - open from begining
Compression Chamber - play 4 local games
Council Chamber - play 16 local games
Data Shrine - open from begining
Elder Passage - play 18 local games
Fault Line - play 22 local games
Fuel Stack - play 20 local games
Harvester - play 12 local games
Head Shot - play a four-player match
High Ground - open from begining
Ice Hive - open from begining
Incubation Vault - play 6 local games
Outer Reach - play 10 local games
Processor Core - open from begining
Sanctorus - play 2 local games
Sic Transit - open from begining
Stasis Bunker - play 40 local games OR a wifi game
Subterranean - play 8 local games
Transfer Lock - open from begining
Weapons - Complex play 14 local games

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