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Tiny Dice Dungeon

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tiny Dice Dungeon on iPhone iPod

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Tiny Dice Dungeon Cheats

When a monster has a message over its head that reads "ROLL [number]", it indicates that it can be captured by rolling the indicated number. Note: If you roll over the target number, you cannot capture the monster.

Re-enter previously completed dungeons to farm money, dice shards, and experience. This will also give you another opportunity to capture monsters that may have been previously missed.

You will earn extra money if an attack overkills a monster's hit points past zero. The harder the hit, the more money you will get. You will also regain health on an overkill. A good way to do this is with poison damage. For example, when a monster has extremely low health, the poison dice will not cause instant damage, but will cause the monster to be overkilled after your turn is over.

Your dice will turn into coins at the end of your turn. The more dice you throw, the more coins you receive.

Level up monsters before releasing them to get better rewards.

You will lose energy with each battle. If you run out of energy you will not be able to collect the reward at the end of a dungeon. Always have some amount energy before you enter battles.

Smash more uncut dice at once to increase the chances of getting an ultra shard. Ultra shards can be used to create any type of die.

Upgrade your Phoenix Ups to give revived characters more hit points after resurrection.

AchievementHow to unlock

Overkills give you more money. The maximum amount you can get is 50 coins, which you get once you achieve 50+ damage against a monster.

If the monster is too powerful, donít insist on overpowering it. An overkill is worth nothing if you lose.

There is a cheat for stamina that you can use to recharge it instantly. Namely, instead of waiting for the bar to refill, simply move the time on your phone a bit forward and re-enter the app. Your stamina will be full again.

Try to always have one healing dice, as it is quite useful, especially in fights against bosses.

Lower one petís attack as much as possible, so that you get only a positive die roll.

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