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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Postknight on iPhone iPod

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You can load up on all sorts of equipment in this game, complete equipment sets, and upgrade your equipment for additional bonuses once you hit five stars with a piece of equipment. Read on for a list of all of the set bonuses and 5-star upgrade bonuses for equipment in Postknight!

Tier 1 (Pompon):
Novice Set: Full Set: Gold Gain +10%
Novice Sword 5-star: Critical Rate +10%
Novice's Buckler: Increase all defense by 10%
Novice's Garb: Max health +10%
Novice's Helm: Increase HP by 25%

Adventurer's Set: Full Set: Experience Gain +10%
Adventurer's Dagger 5-star bonus: Critical damage +15%
Adventurer's Shield: Magic Defense +5%
Adventurer's Armor: Dodge Rate +5%
Adventurer's Cap: +5% Experience Gain

Combat Set: Full Set: Attack +15%
Combat Mace 5-star bonus: Critical Damage +15%
Combat Buckler: Damage +10%
Combat Armor: Max health +10%
Combat Helm: Critical Rate +5%

Tier 2:
Tiderider's Set: Full Set: Movement Speed +10%
Tiderider's Blade 5-star Bonus: Critical Damage +15%
Tiderider's Guard: Additional Defense +10%
Tiderider's Suit: Dodge Rate +5%
Tiderider's Helm: Ranegd Defense +10%

Crimson Set: Full Set: Max HP +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Crimson Maul: 10% chance to stun enemies
Crimson Crust: 20% Chance to recover health while blocking
Crimson Chassis: Max Health +10%
Crimson Crown: Defense and Ranged Defense +5%

Sea Gleam Set: Full Set: Exp Gain +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Sea Gleam Sword: Magic Damage +5%
Sea Gleam Shield: Magic Defense +5%
Sea Gleam Armor: Maximum health +10%
Sea Gleam Helm: Recover 5 health every 3 seconds in battle

Tier 3 (Griffondell):
Highwind Set: Full Set: Attack +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Highwind Axe: Critical rate +5%
Highwind Buckler: Damage +10%
Highwind Guard: Max health +10%
Highwind Cap: Critical Damage +15%

Tempest Set: Full Set Bonus: Item Find +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Tempest Blade: Accuracy +10%
Tempest Buffer: 20% chance to recover health when blocking
Tempest Garb: Magic Defense +5%
Tempest Helm: Critical rate +5%

Flitter Set: Full Set Bonus: Dodge Rate +10%
5-Star Bonuses:
Flitdagger: Critical Rate +5%
Flitkite: Returns 20% of damage received through melee attacks back to the enemy
Flitvest: Dodge Rate +3%
Flithelm: Recover 1% health when you dodge an attack

Mistral Set: Full Set: Critical Rate +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Mistral Dagger: Recover 2% health when you do a critical hit
Mistral Guard: Ranged Defense +10%
Mistral Armor: Movement Speed +25%
Mistral Hat: Critical Damage +15%

Tier 4 (Caldemount):
Crusader's Set: Full Set: Accuracy +15%
5-star Bonuses:
Crusade: Damage +10%
Crusader's Shield: Health +10%
Crusader's Mail: Magic Defense +5%
Crusader's Helm: Additional Defense +10%

Harbinger's Set: Full Set: Defense +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Harbinger's Mace: Additional Defense +10%
Harbinger's Buckler: Magic Defense +5%
Harbinger's Suit: Health +10%
Harbinger's Bascinet: Ranged Defense +10%

Sinister Set: Full Set: Critical Damage +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Sinister Silencer: Critical Damage +15%
Sinister Shield: Damage +15%
Sinister Suit: Movement Speed +50%
Sinister Sallet: Critical Rate +10%

Illustrious Set Full Set: Health +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Illustrious Saber: Dodge Rate +6%
Illustrious Shield: %30 chance of health recovery when blocking
Illustrious Mail: Max health +15%
Illustrious Cap: Recover 10 health every 3 seconds in battle

Imperial Set: Full Set: Attack +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Imperial Hammer: 15% stun chance
Imperial Bulwark: 30% chance health recovery when blocking
Imperial Armor: unknown
Imperial Helm: unknown

Tier 5 (Valley of Gold)

Golem Set: Full Set: Accuracy +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Golem's Claymore: Critical rate +10%
(Unknown Shield name)
Golem's Guard: Unknown
Golem's Burgonet: unknown

Halcyon Set: Full Set: Gold Gina +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Halcyon Unearther: Loot drop rate +10%
Halcyon Shield: Gold gain +10%
Halcyon Armor: Max health +15%
Halcyon Helm: Experience gain +10%

Feral Set: Full Set: Movement Speed +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Feral Dagger: 20% Stun chance on attack
Feral Buffer: Critical Damage +25%
Feral Cuirass: Critical Rate +10%
Feral Visor: Damage +15%

Nightbane Set: Full Set: Critical Rate +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Nightbane Saber: 20% damage dealt is recovered as health
Nightbane Guard: Damage +15%
Nightbane Garb: Health +15%
Nightbane Crown: Critical Rate +10%

Divine Set: Full Set: Health +25%
5-Star Bonuses:
Divinity: 15% Stun chance
Divine Aegis: 30% of melee damage taken is returned to enemy
Divine Armor: 10 health points recovered every 3 seconds
Divine Guard: Critical Damage +25%

The best way to earn experience is to go to the areas near the signpost at the far left side of the village and fight far more enemies than in quests but you'll also gain on much more experience points and coins, trade items, event tokens and upgrade items for your potions.

Delivery quests are for acquiring Postknight tokens which you can use to boost your base coin earnings, experience earnings, and quest reload time permanently.

Full five star upgrade at the blacksmith will unlock another bonus for a different statistic ie a 10% attack boost or a 5% critical upgrade.

If you unlock all four equipment items in a single set you'll get another boost.

Always level up your strength and vitality to boost your attack power and your health points.

Intelligence boost your magic defense and the experience that you earn in battle which in turn helps you to gain levels faster.

Agility upgrade increase your critical hit rate and your dodge rate.

Use the gems you have to recover immediately, or purchase new ones or watch an advertisement video for a free full recovery.

The event tokens are for the Blossom Festival that appears occasionally where you can buy event-specific goods.


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