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Pokemon Emerald

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Emerald on GBA

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These are the 2 different ways to catch a pokemon easier. One of the ways I did. It totally works. The other way my friend did it and it again totally works.

1st way:
When you're about to catch the pokemon you want, select a pokeball from your bag and use it. When it's about to be thrown press and hold A and B,as it opens press and hold A and Select(Release B). It will work 90% of the time.

2nd way:
When you're about to catch the pokemon you want you use a pokeball [(depends on how the wild pokemon's level is.)(for both ways)] when the ball is shaking after the ball drops down repeatedly press B over and over again.

These ways will give you a better chance on catching a pokemon. | Submitted by GTFerrari

To get 99 master balls first you have to train all 3 regis to level 100 then you go to the battle frontier and talk to everyone eventually someone will give you 99 master ball happy training. | Submitted by PokemonMaster

A quicker way to get the metal coat is always hold a magnet and have a poemon with lightning rod. | Submitted by mike2hrocks

Go two route 120 and find Absol. Battle it until its hp is red. catch it with an ultra ball (your best bet), and train it. It can become powerfull. | Submitted by Levi

Go to any PokeMart, fill in the questionaire, which is the clipboard near the cashier, and type in Link Together With All. This allows you to access Mystery Gift. | Submitted by zacharykt338

These cheats are for Action Replay only.


Infinite Money

Have All Pokeballs

Have All TMs/HMs

Pokedex Complete

Low Game Time

Note: The all pokeballs cheat may mess up your key items pocket. | Submitted by xgreendayx

You can go to Altering Cave after you beat the Elite Four. It is located on Route 103. | Submitted by Jai

At the start of the game u must pick male name yoursellf Blane,Brock,Giovanni,Koga,Surge,Falconer(if u no more male gym leadres from johto,kanto thell probs work)but whatever you pick its like a lottery when you go to help birch ull have random starters eg the first time i didi it i got treecko,charmander,mudkip then squirtle,chicorita,mudkip etc | Submitted by JayBroon

Well this team is not a legendary team they consist of powerful fossilized pokemon the team is:

Metagross,meteor mash,pychic,earthquake,and sludge bomb
Armaldo,dig, metal claw,earthquake, and quick attack
Cradily,ingrain, solar beam, water pulse , and earthquake
Regirock,lock-on,rock slide,protect,focus punch
Registeel,sanstorm,lock-on,iron defence,slam
Regice,ice punch,rest,ice beam,focus punch

Tthis team is like pyramid king brandons and stevens team put together. | Submitted by jeffrey

Give the Claw Fossil you got from Mirage Tower or the underground pass to one of the scientists in the tower in Rust Burow City.

After he's done you'll get an Anorith. It will evolve into a powerful Armaldo. Also give him the Root Fossil to get a Lileep. | Submitted by KenFougere

Here are the codes

Wild Pokémon are Shiny [Patch Slot 1 & 2]
77BFC010 FE8DCA24
B2C5E8F4 074034FB
9C1FE7D6 B07AE5A0
63149984 A8C01E2C

Wild Pokémon are Shiny [Patch Slot 3 & 4]

A2A4317B 9817FF81
B2C5E8F4 074034FB
9045E027 05EA1143
63149984 A8C01E2C | Submitted by xgreendayx

The Arena Tycoon of Battle Arena has the following Pokemon-

1. Heracross
2. Umbreon
3. Shedinja

Your first Pokemon should be a Ghost Pokemon,
Second one Fighting Pokemon and this is very important, your third pokemon has to have an attack which is super effective on Shedinja because of its Wonder Guard.

By The Way, If anyone reading this knowns where to catch a Magmar in Pokemon cartridges Leafgreen, Firered, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald without Action Replay etc. Please mail me at | Submitted by DMV

Artistin Cave is in the battle frontier anfter sudowudo is gone. | Submitted by vinnietag

Here are the BASIC super effective moves that you can use on pokemon types. Use the super effective move on the pokemon type. Example: Using Fire Blast on Breloom is a super effective move.

pokemon type super effective move

grass fire, ice, flying
fire water, ground
water grass, thunder
rock water, ice
dark fighting
psychic dark
fighting psychic, flying
Normal fighting
flying ice
ground water
bug fire, ice
steel fire, maybe water
electric mud (e.g. muddy water)
dragon ice, dragon (yes, dragon)

-note- I have missed poison, and ghost, Im not so sure about those.

Anyways this list should help when you're battling the elite four, a trainer or even a link battle with a friend. | Submitted by Tej123

Probably the easiest and the hardest challenge in the Battle Frontier. This is because if you end up with good, skilled, and strong pokemon, it'll be easy, and if you get useless, weak, and slow pokemon you'll end up having a hard time and actually lose easily. You use rental pokemon in the Battle Factory. Yes, you use rental pokemon. This is he only challenge where you don't use your own pokemon. Now, you can choose lvl. 50 or open level challenge. Level 50 is for level 50 rental pokemon. Open level is Level 100 pokemon. I'd take level 50, unless you're good at handling pokemon, then you should go for level 100 rental pokemon. Knowledge is key to success in the Battle Factory. The only way you're gonna win is if you know your pokemon, their skills, attacks, and abilities. You get to trade or swap pokemon after you defeat a trainer in a challenge. Then, you'll get stronger and stronger. You trade pokemon with the trainer's pokemon you defeated. There are 7 battles in one challenge. If you defeat all 7 trainers, you win and you'll receive 3 battle points. After completing about 2 challenges and 6 trainers, or 20 battles, the next person you battle to win your win your 3rd challenge would be the Frontier Brain, the leader of of the Battle Factory. This guy is Factory Head Noland. When you face him, make sure you got a good, well-balanced team. Make sure your first pokemon is fast, because if not, you'll get owned by Noland's first pokemon. Noland's 3 pokemon go in this order: speedy, high-power, enduring. You won't be able to know Noland's team because he himself is using rental pokemon. Every time you fight Noland, he'll have a different set of pokemon. Just make sure you have a fast pokemon in front, a middle strong pokemon, and a third, HP full pokemon. Also importantly, make sure your pokemon have little weaknesses. Beat Noland to get the silver knowledge symbol, and a good amount of battle points. After 5 challenges and 6 trainers, you'll be challenged by Noland again. Defeat him again for the gold symbol. | Submitted by zacharykt338

If you beat the game, you can go to the Battle Frontier.

Once you beat the game, you can go to the Battle Frontier. | Submitted by Jai

When battling in the Battle Frontier, it is vital to bring a Party with few weaknesses. This doesn't mean that you should be bringing weak Pok'emon with few weaknesses. Suggestions include: Ursaring, Slaking, Blissey and Articuno.

It is also important to have decent move combinations. Slack Off is important for Slaking. Articuno can use Mind Reader and Sheer Cold, so that you are ensured a One-Hit KO without fail.

Items also play an important role. Leftovers are a good bet. Brightpowder can be helpful and so can Focus Bands. Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries are not good items for the Battle Tower. Only recovering 10HP or 30 HP is terrible, considering that with Leftovers or Shell Bells, you could be recovering by 20HP to 40HP after every turn.

There are many other fields that I haven't covered. They are up to you. No true advice can be given. | Submitted by HRBEK

When you first explore the battle frontier, go to the BATTLE PALACE, and go to the southwest corner. SURF to the other side, and you will first see a little old lady.
continue down the path south of the lady until you notice a strange tree that moves when you press A.
This is a sudowoodo, origianlly found in the GSC versions.
To battle it, use the WAILMER PAIL on it. You have only one chance to catch it, so don't screw it up.
After that, you can SURF on the water that the Sudowoodo was blocking. SURF down the WATERFALL, and keep surfing left (there are no fish or anything in the water, so don't bother.)
After a while, you will surf to a cave known as the ARTISTAN CAVE. Go inside, and as you explore the cave, you will find many stat items in the boulders (carbos, etc.) The only pokemon in this cave is SMEARGLE. (hence, the ARTISTAN cave.) The SMEARGLE are generally level 41 to 50. They can only use sketch once before they start struggling. | Submitted by Jai

In the Battle Frontier, the following Pok'emon are not allowed to participate:

Deoxys | Submitted by HRBEK

After defeating the Pokemon League in Ever Grande City, you'll be able to go to the Battle Frontier. This is a whole new challenge. There are seven places you can go to. The Battle Pike is my favorite, because it is quite easy and you can earn easy Battle Points. All you require is 3 different eligible pokemon with different items and a bit of luck. There are 13 rooms. Just clear the rooms to beat the challenge. Talk to the girl who gives you hints on the paths. Use her help and guidance. Sometimes you'll run into trainers, other times into pokemon, maybe into a Heal Lady, or even just some bored people wandering in the Pike. Anyways, complete the challenge once to earn 1 Battle Point. Do the challenge a second time, complete all 13 rooms, and you'll get to face a frontier brain. Frontier Brains are very much like gym leaders of gym, well the Brains are the leaders of each Frontier challenge in all seven buildings. Anyways, once you're done with the 13 rooms, the lady will tell you that something bad has happened, and each path is going to be dreadful. Just make sure you're pokemon are healed, or with a bit of luck, when you enter a certain path, the lady will restore two of your pokemon. When you enter one of the three paths, you'll face Pike Queen Lucy, who is the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pike. She has a super-strong pokemon, so be ready. She has a Seviper, a Milotic, and a Shuckle. This shouldn't be too hard. Have a pokemon with very little or no weaknesses to use against her. Use a psychic attack on Seviper, an Electric attack on Milotic, and a strong water attack on Shuckle. I think the best pokemon for this would be Latios or Kadabra with psychic, Manectric or Ampharos with Thunderbolt, and Swampert or Ludicolo with Surf or Hydro Pump. When you beat Lucy, you'll receive the Silver Luck Frontier Symbol and 11 Battle Points. Very cool. You've probably now completed only a streak of 2 challenges, but once you complete a streak of 10, you'll fight Lucy again. This time she'll have a stronger Seviper, a Gyarados, and a super-strong Steelix. Use your same pokemon, and beat her for another 11 Battle Points and a Gold Luck Frontier Symbol! Congrats! You've completed the Battle Pike! | Submitted by zacharykt338

These are the currency of the Battle Frontier. They are valuable, and can be used for buying items, tools, and also for rare and powerful moves. Scott gives you about 2-3 free battle points as a newbie. Battle away in the challenges of the Battle Frontier to earn many points! | Submitted by zacharykt338

In the game once you complete the hoenn-dex u get a phone call to go to littleroot to get the johto starters.once thier you are aloud to take the three of them (if not youve not properly completed the hoenn-dex)which makes the national -dex to complete once tht is complete you get another call from prof oak requesting your prescence u go see him he says"i cant beeive it you are the 3rd person to catch every pokemon""in my possesion i have a ticket for the ss inferno which will take you to master island for a real pokemon test" so you go to the ss anne location(you cant challenge any kanto gyms and every house is locked)u board the ss anne u can sleep or battle but the trainers are just a waste of time when you arrive you climb of the ship ,walk up the stairs to a set of double doors which read"pass only if pokedex is complete" so you get to go threw but you are stoped by wally(the ralts guy"he doesnt wnt to battle he just says a lot of crap and hands you a mystery bag u open the bag it has 1 full restore,rare candy1,and 6 revives btw ull need the revives ,6 hyper potions thn he wishes u good luck and goes away u need flash to see where ur goin(i know no one keeps thier flash pokemon with them its hell) but thier is a pokemon centre outside ur best using max repels cause the wild pokemon are a nusence(arbok using glare so u cant escape for eg)thier jus tipical arboks,rhydons,seviper,golem etc u enter a room thts all foggy and a rmuble nd a wee voice box appers saying "okay pikachu thunderbolt" you carry on nd i thought this was real but only a illusion made by one of ash's,garys pokemon thier is a mewtwo figure,legendary dogs after tht then a lugia but only a illusion nearly wet myself wen i seen them as i have 99 masterballs once through the annoyin illusons u see gary nd ash battling they notice you and come over they dont say anything just start battling you two to one (now you best save before you gp in the room,they are mentle)ash throws out lv 89-pikachu,,gary-91 nidoking !

after them nusences ash-lv 95-charizard gary-lv 95-blastoise then the hardest ash -lv 100 lugia gary lv 100 hoho it took me about 3 days to win i have aggron-98 zapdos-100 mew-88 blaziken-100 latios-91 kyogre-99 but i sillyly put kyogre nd aggron first i got swamped even thoo it wood look lyk i shood annihalate them its harder thn it looks once defeated (well ill let you see for yourself);)but its worth howver long u take clue==(something to do with Dialgio and pealrius) and u get a ticket to shinno. | Submitted by JayBroon

This will only work if you have 2 GBA's and 2 Games. (Or you use a friends) Start the game and get the starter pokemon you want. Then trade it to your other game and restart your game. Then if you got the fire type, get water this time, if you got water, get grass, if you got grass, get water. Now trade back the starter pokemon you got earlier. Now your rival will have the opposite type pokemon as you so you will have an advantage and hey, you get to starter pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

This is my strategy to beating the Elite 4. The following pokemon are my actual pokemon I used to beat the Elite 4. This guide should help you get through the Elite 4 easily.

My Pokemon:

Blaziken-Overheat,Blaze Kick,Sky Uppercut,DynamicPunch
Tropius-Razor Leaf,Solarbeam,Giga Drain,Stomp
Gyarados-Dragon Rage,Hyper Beam,Hydro Pump,Ice Beam
Aggron-Metal Claw,Iron Tail,Hyper Beam,Earthquake
Armaldo-Ancientpower,Metal Claw,Rock Tomb,Earthquake
Manectric-Thunder,Thunderbolt,Take Down,Quick Attack

For Sydney, since he has Mightyena,Shiftry,Absol, Crawdaunt,and Cacturne, I just used Blaziken's Sky Uppercut. It is super-effective and can kill them all in just one hit.
For Phoebie, she has 2 Dusclops, 2 Banettes, and a Sableye. Use Overheat on the Dusclops with Blaziken, and Blaze Kick on the Banettes. Use another fire attack on Sableye to kill it.
For Glacia, since she has 2 Sealeos,a Wailrein,and 2 Glalies, for them use Blaziken's Blaze Kick on the Glalies, and Sky Uppercut on the Wailrein and the Sealeos.
For Drake, he has Shelgon,Flygon,Kingdra,Altaria, and Salamence. Use Gyarados on Shelgon, and attack with Ice Beam. That should kill him. Use Ice Beam on Flygon, since that would also kill it. For Kingdra, have Manectric, and use Thunder or Thunderbolt. Then, use any pokemon for Altaria. For Salamence you should use Gyarados or Armaldo. Use Ice Beam or Hydro Pump if you have Gyarados, or if your using Armaldo, you can use Ancientpower or Metal Claw. Just weaken the pokemon to kill them easily. When you fight Wallace the champion, make sure all your pokemon are healed. His pokemon include Wailord,Milotic,Tentacruel,Gyarados,Ludicolo,and Wishcash. Use Tropius against Wailord,Manectric against Milotic,Armaldo against Tentacruel,Gyarados against Gyarados,Blaziken against Ludicolo, and Aggron against Wishcash. You can easily win with this team of pokemon in the Pokemon League. I hope this guide helped you. | Submitted by zacharykt338

To get Beldum, which will eventually evolve into Metagross, beat Steven. Then, go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City to find a pokeball with Beldum in it, which you can take. There is also a letter form Steven on the table which says you can take it. | Submitted by MORSN417

Beldum is a pokemon available after you beat the Pokemon League and Steven. Steven is in Meteor Falls when you fight him. He has level 70+ pokemon, so you should be ready with strong fire, fighting, and steel pokemon. After beating the Pokemon League, go and defeat Steven. After that, go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City and get the pokeball on his desk. Read the note as well. The pokeball contains a level 5 Beldum. Train Beldum to high levels and it will evolve into a Metang and later into a Metagross. The top attacks for Metagross are Psychic, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, and Hyper Beam. | Submitted by zacharykt338

Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.

Belue Berry: say SUPER HUSTLE
Durin Berry: say COOL LATIOS
Spelon Berry: say GREAT BATTLE

Tell the Berry Master's Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.

Unlockable How to Unlock

SUPER HUSTLE You will receive a Belue Berry.
COOL LATIOS You will receive a Durin Berry.
CHALLENGE CONTEST You will receive a Pamtre Berry.
GREAT BATTLE You will receive a Spelon Berry.
OVERWHELMING LATIAS You will receive a Watmel Berry. | Submitted by Jai

In the Battle Frontier, special pokemon are needed to be very successful. Of course any pokemon can fight, but it really does take good training and care to win. I assembled a team that can mostly take out multiple trainers, weaken many pokemon, and defeat the frontier brains. It is true that the frontier brains are hard to beat, especially since they have strong, rare pokemon, but if you can develop a good, well-balanced team, it would be good for the Battle Frontier.

The team I assembled for Battle Frontier:
Ampharos-Thunder,Thunderpunch,Iron Tail,Mega Punch
Octillery-Fire Blast,Ice Beam,Surf,Psybeam
Miltank-Solarbeam,Milk Drink,Focus Punch,Thunder
Houndoom-Flamethrower,Crunch,Hyper Beam,Return
Shuckle-Earthquake,Sludge Bomb,Dig,Toxic
Noctowl-Hypnosis,Dream Eater,Psychic,Aerial Ace

These pokemon have helped me throughout the Battle Frontier. As you can see, they are not Hoenn pokemon, they are Johto pokemon. These rare pokemon can be easily captured in the upgraded Safari Zone after the Pokemon League. After I defeated the Pokemon League, I decided to start on a new team of pokemon, and store up my old Hoenn Pokemon. So, I went to the Safari Zone to capture new pokemon. And I got lucky! I found rare pokemon that helped me out a lot. So, be sure to have a chance to catch some pokemon in the Safari Zone, cuz it can help you out a lot. Make sure your new pokemon team is well-balanced, strong, sturdy, and durable. This new team will bring you success in the Battle Frontier. | Submitted by zacharykt338

The best Dragon Team would be the following pokemon:

Salamence-Fire Blast,Dragon Claw,Hyper Beam,Fly
Flygon-Giga Drain,Solarbeam,Earthquake,Dragonbreath
Altaria-Perish Song,Fly,Hyper Beam,Dragonbreath
Latios-Psychic,Recover,Luster Purge,Aerial Ace
Gyarados-Dragon Rage,Fire Blast,Hydro Pump,Ice Beam
Rayquaza-Outrage,Extremespeed,Fly,Hyper Beam

Just make sure to avoid ice and strong dragon moves, and your team will be pretty much invincible. | Submitted by zacharykt338

PLZ! This is a REAL move so plz trust me! Ok, for this cheat to work you must have fly and tm splash [you can get from trading with other poke'mon games], fly to fortree then to lilycove then back. Replace a move of Blaziken's with splash. Go back to lilycove and delete the other moves. Go back to fortree and YOU MUST SAVE!!!

After that reset your system. Use it on a poke'mon. It should get hit and die for some reason. Voila!

P.S: It always works for me! | Submitted by Mr.Trustable

I think the best moves for Blasken are Double Kik,Overheat,Fire Blast,and Blaze Kik. | Submitted by Reagan

The best moves for blaziken are double-kick, sky uppercut, flamethrower and fire-punch.(you can get fire punch by giving the guy in Fallarbor a heart-scale) | Submitted by Gamewiz

Ok well wen ur starten the game chosse mudkip wen he evovles to swampert teach him muddy water,sleeptalk,mudshot and ice beam ice beam is super effective against team magma and muddy water for aqau oh and u get sleep talk from the old man thats in the middle tree in fortree city good luck! | Submitted by anthonyy?

The best pokemon team to have should be the following:

Blaziken-Overheat,Blaze Kick,Sky Uppercut,Dynamic Punch
Milotic-Hydro Pump,Blizzard,Ice Beam,Attract
Flygon-Solarbeam,Giga Drain,Dragonbreath,Earthquake
Latios-Luster Purge,Recover,Thunder,Psychic
Armaldo-Metal Claw,AncientPower,Earthquake,Rock Tomb
Cradily-Giga Drain,AncientPower,Solarbeam,Rock Blast

These pokemon should be trained to high levels for ultimate ownage to anyone in the Hoenn Region. | Submitted by zacharykt338

The best starter is torchic. When evolved it can use double kick on roxanne, which is super effective. It can learn peck for brawly, double kick again for watson and dad. Skip to elite four and it is good for sidney, glalie. By the way, you can catch raquaza straight after you tell it to calm down kyogre and groudon. Just go back up the tower. It is lvl 70. | Submitted by wizeguy

When you get dyoxys, then Raquaza will turn BLACK. | Submitted by dalton

Blissey is the evolved form of Chansey. It is normal type and can be a strong pokemon. Blissey is a pokemon with an extreme amount of HP. His maximum HP stat can reach 714. The best moves for Blissey would be Hyper Beam, Double-Edge, Metronome, and Softboiled. | Submitted by zacharykt338

I found these on youtube on some pokemon movie on how to get to all the secret islands.There are cheats for getting all the tickets to the islands here but you need to have on the first 2 to use them. (they actually work I tested them)

Master code:
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
B2809E31 3CEF5320
1C7B3231 B494738C

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Eon Ticket:
121F112F DA7E52B4

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Mystic Ticket:

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Aurora Ticket:
667FC137 C4C35C38

Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Old Sea Map:
16053EA7 B5AC6644

Southern Island Event Enabler:
0D6A02AA B44948BD

Navel Rock Island Enabler:
4465D861 DF900BE4

Faraway Island & Birth Island Enabler:
C0443E89 7B97FEC2
0976A51E FE4031B6 | Submitted by Chris

To catch Pokemon easier after you threw your pokeball keep pressing B repeadily. You should have a better chance of catching that Pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

When your at rayquaza save.Make sure you have an ultra ball.If he breaks out shut off and try again. | Submitted by jefferson

After you defeated the Elite Four, go to the Upgraded Safari Zone. In the Safari, you can catch some GSC Pokemon such as Houndour, Aipom, Stantler, Mareep, Miltank, and more GSC Pokemon. This Unlockable works only in Pokemon Emerald. | Submitted by Jai

Beat the Elite Four and the Altering Cave will become available. You can find it right along Route 103.

Blaziken is the most recommended Pokemon for taking on the Elite Four for a good reason. The Attack, Special Attack and Speed allow Blaziken to apply to the one-hit-per-pokemon strategy when it is at least level 59. My recommendation for the moves to use are Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Sky Uppercut, and your choice of Brick Break, Double Kick, or Mirror Move. These moves allow you to have an easy time for the first, third, and fifth battle due to type advantages. | Submitted by MegaMaster2

Clear as many boxes as u can and do the CLONE POKEMON cheat but put more than 1 pokemon in but all in different boxes (hence clearing as many boxes as possible) do the rest of the cheat and WALA cloned pokemon) | Submitted by Darkleyth

NOTE: This cheat is a long one but it does work and it is really useful and it doesn't corrupt your game!!!

This cheat will clone your pokemon exactly (it will have the same moves, the same PP, the same HP, the same exp points and the same level and if the pokemon you want cloned is holding an item it will clone the item two).

1. Go to Battle Frontier.
2. Go to the Battle Tower.
3. Make sure that box 9 is empty (there is a pc in the top right-hand corner at battle tower).
4. Deposit the [pokemon that you want cloned into box 9.
5. Exit your pc and SAVE.
6. Once saved enter your pc and withdraw that same pokemon that you deposited in to box 9.
7. Talk to the Link Multi Battle Lady.
8. She will ask you want you want to do, then she will show you a list of things that you can do, choose Challenge and select either LV. 50 or Open Level.
9. Select your two pokemon.
10. She will ask you to save, say yes. There should be a short pause.
11. Then just press A, B, Start, Select simultainously. This will reset your game.

CONGRATULATIONS your pokemon are now cloned. To get the cloned pokemon just go to box 9.

Once you have memorised this cheat it does not take a long time to do. | Submitted by Sniggy

1. Go to the battle tower in the battle fronteir.

2. Save if front of the pc in the battle tower.

3. Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.

4.Exit pc and save in front of it.

5.Talk to the lady who asks if u want to make a challenge. She will ask if you want to save your game, say yes, ther will be a short pause now turn the game off and on.

6. Look in the empty box and your party the pokemon you put in the empty box will be in there and your party!

If you want to clone an item, just make a pokemon hold the item you want to clone and clone the pokemon. It works with any item and pokemon.

Note: u can clone pokemon and items as much as you want and it wont corrupt your game! | Submitted by HappyHugh

First beat the elite4 then go to de batlefrontier and seartch for de batletower. de pokemon you want to clone must already be in your party .go into de batletower go to your pc put your pokemon you want to clone in de pc then exit your pc and save your game then take de pokemon back.go to de link multi battle room then chalech it .the lady wil sea" befor pleaying you must save your game"sea yes .then wen you wil se "dere is already a save vile save game annyway? sea no yurn your game of then on you will notise the same pokemon in your rarty and in your pc. | Submitted by lorenzohenzen

Beat de elite4 then go to de battletower .de pokemon you want to clone must already be in your party. go to de pc put de pokemon you want to clone init then save your game take that pokemon back. go to linkmulti battleroom.cgalench it .de lady wil ask to save game sea yes then you wil seederse already a save vile save annywea sea no. turn your game of and on .you wil notiistthere ar now twoo of the same pokemon in youir pc and in yor party. | Submitted by lorenzohenzen

Before you clone your pokemon give them the pokeball you want to have more of then clone your pokemon. When you go to your PC your pokemon should be holding a Pokeball. Repeat as many times that you want! | Submitted by rjz14

This cheat will clone every thing about the pokemon states hp moves pp every thing this is the order

1. Go to battle fronter

2. Go to battle tower

3. Go to pc (top right corner)

4. Save in front of it

5. Deposit the pokemon in any box(it can have an item)

6. Go out of pc and save

7. Go back in to pc and take it out again

8. Talk to multi link lady

9. You can do either lvl50. or open lvl

10. She will ask if you want to save say yes(there will be a pause DON'T TURN OFF THEN WAIT ABOUT 5 SECONDS)

11. Turn back on and you will be in front of the same lady

12. There will be 1 in your party and 1 in the pc

It does work i have done it heaps. | Submitted by oli

Go to the battle tower in the battle fronteer. Then go to the computer and put the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box. Then save game. Take pokemon out of box. Then go to lady on far right. WARNING: do not enter the pokemon you are cloning. Then go on open level and select two pokemon. You will notice a pause before you save but dont save and turn off. Turn back on and go to PC, then into the box you had the pokemon you wanted to clone in and it should be there as well as the same pokemon in your party. | Submitted by MattRob

Have a Pokemon use CUT to remove grass where wild Pokemon live. It will remove the chance of encountering wild Pokemon. The grass will regrow once you leave the area or enter a building. | Submitted by Jai

When you put two pokemon in daycare and you talk to the day care man he will say...

They're very friendly... It is Extremely likely to have an egg.

The two seem to get along... It is somewhat likely to get an egg.

The two don't seem to like each other... It is not very likely to get an egg.

The two prefer to play with other pokemon... There is not a chance to get an egg. | Submitted by xgreendayx

In Emerald, once you finish the National Pokedex Professor Oak will call you and give you a ticket to go to masters island.There you can fight Ash and Gary

Well, they will have a double battle with you and the Pokemon they use are as follows:

1.Pikachu of Lv.85 and Nidoking of Lv.91
2.Charizard and Blastoise of Lv.95 both. and finally the main guns
3.Lugia and Ho-oh of Lv.100.

Well, to beat them, use a Groudon of Lv.100 which should know Earthquake, Solarbeam, Thunder+1 more attack.

A kyogre of Lv.100 which should know Surf,Thunder and maybe Calm mind and Sheer Cold.

A latios of Lv.100 who should know Psychic,Thunderbolt,Surf and Shadow ball.

This team is perfect against them. | Submitted by TowsifTNZ

Note:Read this only if you have read my first hint about Ash and Gary. When you are fighting Ash and Gary, First to beat his Pikachu and Nidoking, use Earthquake with Groudon and Latios's Psychic on Nidoking. Then use Solarbeam on Blastoise with Groudon and switch Latios for Kyogre. Then use Thunder with Groudon on Charizard and Thunder with Kyogre on Ho-oh. Finally use thunder on Lugia with both Groudon and Kyogre. Finally, they are defeated. | Submitted by TowsifTNZ

To delete your saved game data hold select, Up, and B befor you press start to begin the game. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Just like in Ruby/Sapphire/FireRed/LeafGreen, Deoxys has its own form in Emerald - its speed form. It is found in Birth Island, which can only be reached by the use of the Aurora Ticket, given to you in a Nintendo Event. | Submitted by Neto

The dome leaders pokemon are: Swampert, Salamence and Charizard. | Submitted by sam

If you go to the battle tower in the battle frontier you can duplicate pokemon by first going to the pc in the lobby. Place up to six pokemon in a box then get of the computer, now save your game and get back on the computer. Withdraw your pokemon you deposited and talk to the receptionist closest to you. Enter at least one or more of the pokemon you deposited and the girl will ask to save your game. Say yes and when it says " do you want to save your game" say no. Now shut of the power and turn it back on. If you check your box all of the pokemon you deposited will now be in the pc and your party. You can also duplicate items like the master ball by giving it to your pokemon and then duplicate the pokemon. [Note that you can't duplicate Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon or Rayquaza. | Submitted by ddmdog1937

People add too many parts to this glitch. This is the simplest way for it.

Clone Pokemon:
1. Go to Battle Fronteir's Battle Tower
2.Depostit OR pick up a pokemon in any box then make sure you place them all in a different plce (not where another pokemon was) or it'll be deleted (i did that once)
3. Save
4.Withdraw (or depending if they were already in the pc) go to the the blue haired lady closest to you (should be on screen)
4.5. Make sure you have at least two pokemon you can use in the challenge
5. Talk to her, select lvl.50 or open lvl
6. She ask you about saving (there will be a 5 second pause)
7. Turn it off right after the pause
8. Turn it on and wala they are in your party and pc

Now there is an easier item clone too. You DO NOT NEED A POKEMON TO BE CLONED for it.

Item Clone Glitch:
1. Go to Battle Fronteir's Battle Tower
2. Select move items
3. Give a random pokemon the item you want to clone
4. Save
5. Take the item from the pokemon (leaving the pokemon in the box)
4. Go to the the blue haired lady closest to you (should be on screen)
4.5. Make sure you have at least two pokemon you can use in the challenge
5. Talk to her, select lvl.50 or open lvl
6. She ask you about saveing (there will be a 5 second pause)
7. Turn it off right after the pause
8. Turn on

There ya go. simplified. You can clone any item that can be held. ( Including master ball in which I have done thing so much I have 567 of them ) | Submitted by GoldenWolf

Are u pissed off trying to find a relicanth to get the regis well there is no need to search underwater for hours just simply go to pacificlog (after elite four) enter the top right house talk to the girl she says"i wish i could meet the champion of the pokemon leauge" then she exclamtion marks above her head and requests u to trade whatever pokemon id first in ur party for her relicatnth. | Submitted by JayBroon

If you want to easily meet the lati's just keep flyin to the nearest town until the lati appears there (to find out where they are look on the pokedex after you've met it. | Submitted by jonny

Make sure you have a lv74 or lower rayquaza who nows thunder and have lots of nat balls use a attack that weaks him he will use rest thean use thunder and thow a net ball. | Submitted by jefferson

In the cave where you have to find steven, catch a sableye and train it. Use it in brawly's gym. Almost none of his fight type moves can hurt your sableye. | Submitted by pokeperson1212

Here is how many steps it takes to hath these pokemon:

Mudkip-5585 | Submitted by xgreendayx

Tips for the Elite 4

1- Train all your pokemon to the high 50s. Your individual pokemon will always be stronger than the E4 members, but you have to factor in endurance.

2- Always have a psychic pokemon. Only one type (dark) is resistent to psychic attacks. this means you won't always have an advantage over the other pokemon, but you will rarely be at a disadvantage.

3- Buy a lot of ethers/elixers. Most of the really strong moves can only be used 5-10 times. If you constantly use these moves, you will have no chance later as they will all be depleted.

4- Save before entering. Most people do this anyway. But dont save after each battle. If you are too weak to continue, but you saved before the individual battle, not the whole E4 series, you will have to take the white out. Whiting out is expesive and makes your pokemon dislike you.

5- Purchase a lot of powerups. It is better to win poor that to lose rich. Money doesnt help you fight. | Submitted by jaialai

Elite Four and Master Pokemon Info:
Note: The total experience is 51,157 and money is $32400.

Elite Four Sidney (all around); $4900
Mightyena: Level 46, 1261 experience points
Absol: Level 49, 1827 experience points
Shrifty: Level 48, 1861 experience points
Cacturne: Level 46, 1744 experience points
Crawdaunt: Level 48, 1656 experience points

Elite Four Pheobe (Ghost); $5100
Dusclops: Level 48, 1840 experience points
Dusclops: Level 51, 1956 experience points
Banette: Level 49, 1879 experience points
Sableye: Level 50, 1050 experience points
Banette: Level 49, 1879 experience points

Elite Four Glacia (Ice); $5300
Sealeo: Level 50, 1371 experience points
Sealeo: Level 52, 1425 experience points
Walrein: Level 53, 2179 experience points
Glalie: Level 50, 2002 experience points
Glalie: Level 52, 2083 experience points

Elite Four Drake (Dragon); $5500
Shelgon: Level 52, 1603 experience points
Altaria: Level 54, 2175 experience points
Flygon: Level 53, 2236 experience points
Salamence: Level 55, 2568 experience points
Kingdra: Level 53, 2350 experience points

Champion Wallace (all around); $11600
Wailord: Level 57, 2515 experience points
Milotic: Level 58, 2646 experience points
Tentacruel: Level 55, 2415 experience points
Ludicolo: Level 56, 2172 experience points
Whiscash: Level 56, 1896 experience points
Gyarados: Level 56, 2568 experience points | Submitted by Jai

Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire that has an Eon ticket, and Emerald will get the Eon Ticket. Use it at the SS Tidal to go to Southern Island, after the E4. You'll find a forest area that has an egg in the middle. Press A at the egg to find the Lati@s you did not choose. ex. If you said you saw a Blue Pokemon on the TV(Latios) you will encounter Latias, and vice versa.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Eon Ticket Mix records with an Ruby or Sapphire game that has one. | Submitted by Jai

Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire that has an Eon ticket, and Emerald will get the Eon Ticket.

When you are talking to someone and your words are slow hold down A then the words will go faster than normal!(if words are already fast it does not work)Usaually when you are about to trade/battle someone in the poke'mon center the words are slow when talking to girl at the desk. | Submitted by MichaelandMatthew

Simply put a pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team to cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg in half.

Simply put a pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team to cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg in half. | Submitted by Jai

To get the old rod, go to dewford town and talk to the fisherman near the gym. He will give you a old rod. To get good rod, talk to the fisherman on route 118, east of mauville city. You must need surf to reach him. Talk to him and you will get good rod.
To get super rod, go to mossdeep city and go north of the space center and go into the house. The man inside will give you super rod.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Old Rod Talk to fisherman near dewford gym
Good Rod Talk to fisherman on route 118
Super Rod In the house north of the space center | Submitted by Jai

Focus punch is basically the most powerful of the Fighting attacks. It has extreme accuracy and power and requires 2 turns to work. The only downslide is that you cannot be physically hit or you won't be able to attack. It is TM01, and can be obtained in Pokemon Emerald. Any fighting-type with arms should be able to use it. | Submitted by zacharykt338

The first time you go to the battle frontier, if you go to scott's house he will give you 2 or very rarely 3 points. | Submitted by HappyHugh

To get free battle points when you go to the Battle Frontier is simple. All you have to do is go to Scott in his house, talk to him and he will give you 2 free battle points. It is not much but for when you are just starting out, it is alot. | Submitted by RaymondSalcido

Okay this may not be too important but if you haven't done this yet go to Oldale Town in front of the Pokemon mart exactly left of the door(DO NOT GO INSIDE THE POKE MART)there is a lady,talk to her and she will give you a free potion. Oh, please e-mail me if you have any questions about Pokemon Emerald because i have beaten it completely including getting all the shiny pokemon and beaten every trainer 25 times. Anyway , e-mail me at | Submitted by POKEMONRULES12

To easily obtain all three dolls from the game corner without trying to win coins in the slot machines you will need alot of money. Go to the Elite Four and beat them untill you have enough money to buy coins with. Go to the GameCorner and just but the coins. Then, when you have enough, use them to buy the dolls. | Submitted by MORSN417

Pretty much the only way to get a dragon scale is to catch a BAGON. Then if you do get a dragon scale and you want more, give it to a pokemon and clone the pokemon(when you clone pokemon the items are also cloned). | Submitted by JohnRoss

First when the game starts you go to the house next to the man who near the entrance for you to in to route? Talk to the person in the house and then in out. | Submitted by bigdaddy_lil.jj

When the game starts you talk to everybody in the the first town and you will here the sound change thats how you would know it changed. | Submitted by bigdaddy_lil.jj

Go to the space center at Mossdeep city,talk to the guy that says how many rocket launches,when he says "The rocket launched safely!That's successful launch no.100"he will ask you if you would like to go into space.say yes.and you will find them up there.(other places says you can't catch them in the wild,but you can,I done it). | Submitted by josephw.ricker

When you the game,make sure you don't sell your golden nuggets because if you do you won't a chance of geting a shiny pokemon. Back where I was make sure your golden nuggets is the first item. Then go to the battle frontier, in snake place then talk to the girl > that side first then talk to that wants you to fight don't press 50 or up level, only press b. Then when your done go to a place with grass and search for a shiny pokemon. And the more golden nuggets the more having a shiny pokemon. It works. | Submitted by joelcontreras

To get one of the Johto Starters, all you have to do is complete the hoenn pokedex and the professer will call you on your pokenav and he will tell you to come to his lab.When you are their just choose ether Chickorita, Cyndaquil, or Tododile. | Submitted by sabina

In one of the treehouses in Fortree City is a man with a Wingull. Talk to the Wingull, and it will fly off out of the treehouse. When you get to Mossdeep City, you will see a person with a Wingull. Talk to it and it will fly off as well. Then go back to Fortree City and into the treehouse where you talked to the first Wingull. Talk to the man next to the Wingull, and he will give you the Mental Herb, and item which is a hold item that prevents attraction on the Pokemon that is holding it. | Submitted by Jai

To get to the Battle Frontier, you must defeat the Elite Four with Pokemon only with your I.D. number. After you defeat them, you will get a ticket from your father to get to the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is another region with fourteen more badges to collect. Additionally, there are seven gyms in the Battle Frontier. The seven gyms are the Battle Tube, Battle Dome, Battle Factory, Battle Arena, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, and Battle Tower. Each gym has two badges to collect.

Hey if you noticed that in falbour town theres that pool,many people might say it is impossible to get in it but it isnt all you need to do is 1.go into the pokemon center 2.go to the left 3. walk foreward and you will end up behind the pokemon center.wala,now just follow the path and you will be in the works cause i did it. | Submitted by lukepokefreak

After you defeat the Elite Four, go to your house and watch the television downstairs. After you watch it, your mom will ask you what color the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios. | Submitted by Jai

After you defeat the Elite Four, go to your house and watch the television downstairs. After you watch it, your mom will ask you what color the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios.

To get the other Lati (Latios or Latias), Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You can then get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose.

To get the other Lati (Latios or Latias), Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You can then get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose. | Submitted by Jai

To reach World's Edge Island, you require a special map called the Old Sea Charter. This can be obtained using code devices such as Action Replay. | Submitted by HRBEK

On Route 113, to the right of Fallobour Town, is house in which a man will make you items if you bring him ash. To collect ash, walk through the ash covered grass. Then bring it to the glass item maker.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Blue Flute Walk 250 steps in the ash.
Yellow Flute Walk 500 steps in the ash.
Red Flute Walk 500 steps in the ash.
White Flute Walk 1,000 steps in the ash.
Black Flute Walk 1,000steps in the ash.
Pretty Chair Walk 6,000 steps in the ash.
Pretty Desk Walk 8,000 steps in the ash. | Submitted by Jai

You must go talk to fisherman on route 118.

Try this team:

Rayquaza:Outrage - Fly - Hyperbeam - Solarbeam.
Blaziken:Sky uppercut - doublekick - blazekick -overheat.
Gengar:Confuse ray - Shadow punch - dream eater - shadow ball.
Kyogre:Surf - Hydro pump - double edge - sheer cold.
Groudon:Flamethrower - fire blast - fissure - solarbeam.
Mewtwo:Thunder - fire blast - blizzard - psychic.

I have never lost! | Submitted by Fredu

You must talk to the guy in the weather institude (the one who gave you the castform) he will tell you there is a drought on route 177 go down and go to marean cave(after you beat tne elite four) be sure to bring alot of ultra ball if you get him weak enough you don't have to use to many pokeballs. | Submitted by jairudius

When you find either Groudon or Kyogre, they will be at Lv. 70, like Rayquaza. | Submitted by KenFougere

The recommended moves for Groudon is Eruption, Earthquake, Fissure, and Fire Blast. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Go to the weather institude and talk to the guy that gave u castform and will tell u there is a drought on route 114 then go near lanette's house to bottem left u will find terra cave.go deep inside of there and u will find groudonin there big about 99 ultra balls.(must beat elite four) | Submitted by jairudius

After you defeated the Elite Four, you can go to the Upgraded Safari Zone and find GSC Pokemon roaming around.

This cheat is for help on gyms and elite 4

roxxane-grass or water,grovyle or marshstomp
brawly-ghost or psychic,sableye or abra
flannery-ground water,marshstomp or sharpedo
norman-fighting,blaziken or hariyama
winnioa-fire or electric, blazeken or manetric
tate and liza- dark and water, swampert or mightyena
juan-grass or electric, sceptile or manetric

elite four
sidney-fighting, hariyama or blaziken
drake-dragon,rayquaza or flygon
champ-varietyy | Submitted by jeffrey

The first Gym is not too tough, provided you have a good Water or Grass-Type Pokémon. The dominant Type here is Rock , so avoid using Fire and Flying Types. If you chose Mudkip or Treecko and leveled it up, you'll be set. If you took Torchic, you'll want to have captured a Lotad and leveled it up so that it knows Absorb (Level 7), and also teach it Bullet Seed (TM09). Also when you first started off from Littleroot town you should get a marril and train it to at least level 9 With a souped-up Lotad and (hopefully) your new Makuhita, this Gym will go smoothly. | Submitted by Correction

The first Gym is not too tough, provided you have a good Water or Grass-Type Pokémon. The dominant Type here is Rock , so avoid using Fire and Flying Types. If you chose Mudkip or Treecko and leveled it up, you'll be set. If you took Torchic, you'll want to have captured a Lotad and leveled it up so that it knows Absorb (Level 7), and also teach it Bullet Seed (TM09). With a souped-up Lotad and (hopefully) your new Makuhita, this Gym will go smoothly. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

This Gym, as you might suspect, is brimming with Electric-Type Pokémon. That means, bring as many Rock and Ground types that you can muster. If you've been working on raising a Torchic, bring that too... because by now it should be a Combusken who knows Double Kick, which can be quite devastating here. A Geodude with Magnitude will also be quite a hit. Leave your birds and fish at home, though. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

You grab your egg and put it in your party.Then go to FALLARBOR TOWN and go to the ash filled grass and walk through till you get stopped by a Slugma catch and put him (or her)in your party around your egg and ride your MACH bike till it hatches it works better because the flamebody from the Slugmas incubate the egg (or eggs)and you get more steps in from the Mach Bike :D =0. | Submitted by jefferson

Use the itemfinder & you will find 2 heart scales lying on the ground on Petalburg's shore. Or you can go catch a luvdisc in the front of Ever Grande.
 | Submitted by jefferson

The only way that you can get Ho-Oh is by trading it by Pokemon Collosseum or, by an Action Replay code system. | Submitted by RICO

To battle Steven for the last time go to Meteor Falls and go up the water fall and explore the place. You will see Steven and you can battle him. He has a level 77 Skarmory, 75 Claydol, 76 Aggron, 76 Cradily, 76 Armaldo, and 78 Metagross. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Train all your pokemon to lv 60,then save your game before you enter the elite four. The first elite four is sidney.he uses dual dark type pokemon. Use bug type,fighting type or any pokemon that can beat his pokemons other type. To beat the second elite four,phoebe,using dark type is the best. Using fighting or normal types will not inflict any damage to phoebe's pokemon. (note that ghost type will not inflict damage to normal types!) To beat glacia,the third elite four,use fighting type. (note that fire type pokemon will not work because glacia's pokemon is ice/water type.) To beat drake, the final elite four, use ice type or if you think you can beat drake's pokemon with one hit then use dragon type pokemon. To beat
the champion wallace, use electric type. Then,go for a cruise to the battle frontier and get ready to catch the legendary pokemons! | Submitted by joel

Go to Falloboro town then go to the digger's house. Go to the hole in the wall go strait there will be the digger go past him there will be another hole in the wall go through it. It's called the Desert Underpass there is also the fossil in there just keep going to the right it's the fossil you didn't get in the desert.So there is two cool things in there. | Submitted by austin

To catch a pokemon without fail, throw a great ball or ultra ball at a pokemon. As soon as the pokeball closes NOTE: Exactly when the pokeball closes, as in when it closes and it is still in the air.) Hold down A,B,L and R at the same time. This works all the time for me. If it doesn't, you are doing something wrong. NOTE: Does not work with Regice, Regirock or Registeel. | Submitted by MattBelbinandBrandonRogers

To catch Latios or Latias a lot easier get a masterball and throw it at Latias or get a pokemon that knows the move Mean Look or Block so Latias cannot fled away from you and you can battle it and throw many more pokeballs at it. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To do this make your fly pokemon fly to sootopolis city and use surf and dive to get out when you use dive stay under water when you are outside the city and continue north east and swim in circles in the grass on the cavern floor until you get relicanth its very rare you will find it. | Submitted by jeffrey

First, you have to beat the elite four. Then go into the battle frontier. Go to the battle tower and make sure the pokemon you want to clone are in your party. Go up to the PC in the top right corner. Log in and deposit the pokemon you want to clone into an empty box. Log off and save. When done saving, log back inand withdraw the pokemon you want to clone. Go over to the lady on the far right. Talk to her. She will ask you to make a challenge. Say yes. Then she will ask you lv.50 or lv.100. Say yes to either one of them. Then she will say that she has to save your game, say yes. After that, the game will ask you to save, say yes. After, the game will ask you to overwrite, say no and turn the game off quickly. turn the game on again, and you should be standing in front of the lady, if so go over to the PC and look in the empty box in which you deposited the pokemon and they will be cloned. I have 31 Rayquazas and 31 Kyogres on level 100.

Note: if you give one of the pokemon you are cloning an item, it will clone the item to. Tha is how I got all of my 2000 rare candies. | Submitted by Garrett

To clone a pokemon you must simply follow these steps:

1.Go to the battle tower which is in the battle frontier ( you can go to the battle frontier after you beat the game ).

2.Deposit the pokemon you want to clone in any empty box.

3.Exit your pc and save your game.

4.After you have saved the game talk to the link multi battle lady.

5.She will ask you what you want to do. pick challenge then pick either Lv.50 or Open Level.

6.Choose your two pokemon.

7.She will ask you to save your game, say yes, there will be a short pause.

8.Turn your game off and on or just press A, B, START and SELECT at the same time.

9.Check the empty box in your pc and your party, the pokemon you cloned will be in both!

To clone an item just make a pokemon hold the item you want to clone and duplicate ( duplicate means the same as clone ) the pokemon thats holding the item you want to clone. | Submitted by HappyHugh

This is how to beat the elite four with 2 pokemon.

After you get to the pokemon league building head back to the sky pillar and make your way to the top to find rayquaza.YOU will need MACH BIKE.Use a master ball if you want to or else catch it with ultra bells.Have a blaziken over lvl 52 with these moves. Slash,Fire Blast,Flamethrower,Sky Uppercut. Let rayquaza keep the moves it got.Bring some ethers and full restores and full heals.For sidney use sky uppercut on every pokemon excvept shrfity and caturne.For them use fire blast or flamethrower.For Phoebe use flamethrower throught out the whole battle.FOr Glacie use sky uppercut on the the pokemon that look like the animal seals.For the rest use flamethrower and fire blast.For Drake use Rayquaza and use Fly,Exttremespeed,and outrage.Use outrage on the really tough pokemon like kingdra,salmance,and flygon.FOr Steven use the same moves and you should beat the elite four in no time. | Submitted by Oblivion

First get a ditto from fire red then beat the elite 4 then go capture the sud do wuddo in the battle fronter send any Pokemon to diamond or pearl next breed it with a ditto walk 15000 steps you will get an egg walk 30000 step and there is your bonsly. | Submitted by abhishek

First get a ditto from fire red then beat the elite 4 then go capture the sud do wuddo in the battle fronter send any Pokemon to diamond or pearl next breed it with a ditto walk 15000 steps you will get an egg walk 30000 step and there is your bonsly. | Submitted by abhishek

To get a lot of fans do these five things:

1. Beat the pokemon league.
2. Become the Battle tower champian.
3.Become the cable club battle champian. (In other words go to the pokemon center and to the upper level where you can battle your friends. You have to beat forsure one friend in the single battle mode, double battle mode, and the multi battle mode)
4. You have to win a battle in your secret base.
5. Beat the master rank contest mode.

Now you should have many fans. Also I'm pretty sure you get one star on your trainer card to get a different color card. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Go to meteor falls deep inside you will find bagon at level 30 they evolve into a shellgon at lvl 50 it evolves to a salamence.


Go to desert and catch trapinch at lvl 30 they evolve to a vibrance you can either raise it to lvl 40 to get a flygon or just use a sunstone and you've got a flygon.

Note: sunstone doesn't work on trapinch | Submitted by dexterdavis

First go to Rustboro city. then go to the house above the cutters house. after you have done this go up the stairs and you should see a man standing next to a bed in the bed is a girl. tlk to the man and he will ask you for a pharse to make his daughter smile. guess it right and he will give you something.

P.S-i dont know what it is,so if you find out plz post it on this website. | Submitted by skp

(You must have completed the game before you can get one of the Lati's,when you finish the game go downstiars and they'll be a report on TV watch it your mum will ask you what colour the pokemon on TV was Choose Blue or Red then go out) When you first find one of the Lati's you don't have to catch it, when it runs away you can check your Poke'dex and look for its area when you find it don't go after it keep on flying to the same town your in until it is close to the town then go out to it quickly and keep checking your poke'dex for its movements. | Submitted by sobz

(You have to complete the game first then you can getone of the Lati's) When you first find one you don't have to catch it just look in your Poke'dex and its area should be there. Just keep flying to the same town your in and wait until its near the town your in then go to it quickly and keep on checking for it on the poke'dex. | Submitted by sobz

To get the other Lati (opposite to the one you chose) get the Eon ticket or mix records with someone who owns the Eon ticket. | Submitted by J.J.Joey

To get the root or claw fossil a second timego to route 114. (Left of Fallarbor Town)Then when you are all the way left there is a house. Go in it and you will be in a tunnel. Go all the way through it and you will find the root or claw fossil. (The one you didn't get before) | Submitted by xgreendayx

To get a clear-out sale you have to beat the pokemon league then you will eventurlly see on the T.V. that there will be a clear-out sale. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To catch the regis,first get a wailord and a relicanth. Now fly to pacifidlog town,then surf to the current. Keep trying until you find a place you can dive. Dive in that area and you will find an cave. Go to the surface and you notice that you will be in a cave. Now look at the writing on the wall. Then put your wailord to the first pokemon in the list and your relicanth to the last.use dig and a cave will the writing on the wall and you will hear an earthquake. Then find your way to the regis and catch them. Good luck on fiding and catching the regis! | Submitted by joel

If you have a Pokemon with Hustle 1st in your Party it will draw Wild Pokemon that has a Higher Level than the Pokemon that has Hustle.
Cute Charm's Second Effect
If you have a Pokemon with Cute Charm 1st in your Party it will more likely draw Wild Pokemon with the opposite gender of the Pokemon with Cute Charm. | Submitted by Jai

You get 3 max revives and you make a poochyena hold one of them and then you clone poochyena and your poochyenna should have infinate stats NOTE:to 1st activate this code you must use a poochyenna afterwards just pick any pokemon you whant to use this code yes this is a real code. | Submitted by justzipit

the first thing you need to do it beat the elite four catch groundon and kyogre then catch the rare red garydos keep catching the fish that evolves to garydos it will take at least 15 to get the red gyarydos after you catch them evolve them all then save then restart then restart again save then new game as soon as you arive at your new house save again the pick any starter pokemon and all the other pokemon you catch will have infinite pp all the pokemon you catch exept the starter this will be great for rayquaza the over heat and you will never get confused. | Submitted by emmitcisneros

During game play hold Start, Select, A, and B to rest the game instead of turning it on and off. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To do this you need an Everstone. To get one, search in Granite Cave for a lone rock on top of a plateau. Once you get an Everstone, let the a Ditto or a female Pokemon that you are breeding hold on to it. Once you receive and hatch the eggs, the offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting the Nature from the Pokemon holding the Everstone. | Submitted by Jai

If you put a Pokemon that has intimidate or Keen Eye 1st in your party the chances of wild Pokemon encounter is reduced by 10%.
Compound Eyes Second effect
If you have a Pokemon with Compound eyes 1st in your Party it will drw Wild Pokemon that has held Items more often.
Hustle's Second Effect
If you have a Pokemon with Hustle 1st in your Party it will draw Wild Pokemon that has a Higher Level than the Pokemon that has Hustle.
Cute Charm's Second Effect
If you have a Pokemon with Cute Charm 1st in your Party it will more likely draw Wild Pokemon with the opposite gender of the Pokemon with Cute Charm.
Static's secondary effect
If you have a pokemon with the Static ability in the front of your party, it increases the chance of finding a wild electric type pokemon. This is EXTREMELY useful for finding rare electric types, like Pikachu in the Safari Zone.
Battle Steven, the former champion.
After beating the Elite Four, a new part of Meteor Falls opens up. It is in the northwestern corner where you found Iron Tail. A new cave was made and you'll find Steven in it. His Pokemon are in the high 70's.
Magnet Pull's secondary effect
If you have a pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in front of your party, it increases the chances of finding wild steel-type Pokemon. This is very useful for finding rare steel types, such as Mawile.
Lightningrod's second ability
If you have a poke'mon with lightningrod as an ability, you will get calls from registered trainers more often.
Synchronize's second ability
If you have a poke'mon with synchronize as an ability, you will encounter more poke'mon with the same nature as the poke'mon with sychronize. Note that the poke'mon with this ability must be in the front of your party.
Suction cups/Sticky hold's second ability
If a poke'mon in your party has suction cups/sticky hold as an ability, then you will have an easier time fishing for wild poke'mon.
Raising weak pokemon easier
Just put the weak pokemon in the first slot. When a battle starts just switch out that pokemon right away. After the battle the pokemon will recieve half of the exp. points.
Cut's Out of Battle effect
Have a Pokemon use CUT to remove grass where wild Pokemon live. It will remove the chance of encountering wild Pokemon. The grass will regrow once you leave the area or enter a building. | Submitted by Jai

Get the following flutes after walking in the ashes a lot east of Fallabour City.

They help:

Blue Flute (250 steps):Awakens Pokemon asleep.
Yellow Flute (500 steps):Snaps Pokemon out of confusion.
Red Flute (500 steps): Snaps Pokemon out of attraction.

You won't need these but I'll tell you about them:

White Flute (1000 steps): Lures wild Pokemon
Black Flute (1000 steps): Wards off wild Pokemon. | Submitted by DEvil

The only possibility of getting Jirachi is through a nintendo special event. Then you can trade it to different games. Jirachi is a very rare pokemon. It is a legendary wish pokemon. Once you get Jirachi, the best moves for it would be Hyper Beam, Doom Desire, Psychic, and Calm Mind or Shadow Ball. | Submitted by zacharykt338

When you complete the full 202 Pokemon of Hoenn, Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav and say that he wants to give you a surprise. You can now choose one of the three Johto starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile).

Well, you really can't get Chikorita,Cyndaquil,or Totodile in Pokemon Emerald until you complete all 202 pokemon of Hoenn. That doesn't include the GSC pokemon or Kanto pokemon. It just means plain Hoenn pokemon. All the Hoenn pokemon. All 202, including Deoxys, and Jirachi. It will be difficult, but its worth it. When you do catch the 202 pokemon of Hoenn, make sure you go talk to Professor Birch, because he will give you one of the three Johto Starters: Chikorita, a sprouting grass pokemon, Cyndaquil, a fire-mouse pokemon, or Totodile, a crocodile water pokemon.

Chikorita evolves into Bayleef, which evolves into Meganium. The best moves for Meganium would be Solarbeam,Giga Drain,Razor Leaf,Toxic

Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava, and then into Typhlosion. The best moves for Typhlosion would be Flame Wheel,Fire Blast,Fire Punch,Dynamicpunch

Totodile evolves into Croconaw, and later into Feraligatr. The best moves for Feraligatr would be Hydro Pump,Slash,Blizzard,Mega Punch

If you want these strong, rare pokemon, be sure to collect the Hoenn pokemon! | Submitted by zacharykt338

After you catch groudon go back to the guy gave you castform he will tell you that it is raining hard in the sea hard then find out were it is use dive and you will find cave and there you will find kyoger in there. | Submitted by jairudius

The Recommended Moves for Kyogre is Sheer Cold, Hyfro Pump, Thunder, and Blizzard. | Submitted by xgreendayx

The recommended moves for Latios is Psychic, Luster Purge, Recover, and Thunder. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Latios and Latias can be obtained after defeating the Pokemon League. It depends on which color you pick when you tell your mom after the Elite 4 in your house. If you pick red, it will be Latias, a female Dragon/Psychic pokemon. If you pick blue, it will be a male Dragon/Psychic pokemon. To catch the Lati, you need a Master Ball, a pokemon at lvl 40, an Acro Bike, and some repels. Go to any grass patch near a building. Use a repel. Then, have your lvl 40 pokemon in front, and use the Acro Bike to hop around the grass. After you use up your repel, enter the building and exit, this makes the Lati you picked change its location. Now, keep hopping in the grass, and keep entering and exiting the building untill you find it. It will be at lvl 40. Use master ball to catch. Once you caught your Lati, you can get an Eon ticket to Southern Island so you can catch the Lati you didn't choose. You need to go to a Nintendo Event to get a ticket, or mix records with Ruby/Sapphire games with a ticket, so Emerald can get an Eon ticket. | Submitted by zacharykt338

Just before you defeat the elite 4 and you hear on TV about Latios and Latias, Mix records with Ruby/Sapphire 2 times and Trade 2 pokemon (doesn't matter what pokemon, just any.) After you've done that, defeat the elite 4 and instead of the TV saying just 2 blue & red objects have been spotted, it will also say something shiny was being carried along with it and that will be the Eon ticket oh and uh, one more thing, it might (this is if you are the luckiest person to play Pokemon emerald version) rarely be the Eon ticket, the Aroura ticket and the Inferno ticket so now I have nothing else to say except happy cheating!! | Submitted by Pokewizz

The legendary team is made up of all the legendarys in all gameboy games

mewtwo-ceruleon cave,fire red\leaf green
mew-on faraway island,emerald
deoxys-birth island,all games
entie\suicune\raikou-depending on starter,fire red\leaf green
jirachi-nintendo event, emerald
ho-oh\lugia-navel rock island,emerald
raquaza-sky pillar,pokemon emerald
groudon\kyogre-marine cave\terra cave,emerald
articuno-seafoam islands,fire red\leaf green
zapdos-power plant,fire red\leaf green
moltres-MT.ember,fire red\leaf green
latios\latias-choose color on tv\southern island,emerald\ruby

If you capture these pokemon and put the strongest ones in your party your team will be impossible to beat unless someone does the same. | Submitted by jeffrey

To do this glitch, you must first execute the Pomeg Berry Glitch, which is done by using a Pomeg Berry on a Pokemon with 1 or 2 HP so that its HP loops to 65,535 (displayed as ?35 in-game). Do so, however, with only one Pokemon and an Egg in the party, with the Egg in the top-leftmost slot of the party in the Pokemon menu. After executing the glitch, you will now be able to enter battles and use the Pokemon Egg as if it were a normal Pokemon. It will function as a normal Pokemon - you can view the stats it will have upon hatching, it can level-up by beating Pokemon, it can learn new moves, it can even evolve. This means that you can alter the Pokemon inside the Egg in otherwise-illegitimate ways. For example. Pikachu cannot normally know Thunder when hatching from an Egg at Level 5; through this glitch, Pikachu can. Similarly, you can hatch Eggs with fully-evolved Pokemon such as Typhlosion, Meganium, and so on, inside.

If you have a poke'mon with lightningrod as an ability, you will get calls from registered trainers more often. | Submitted by Jai

Regirock- Get a pokemon that knows fly and a pokemon that knows rock smash. Then fly to Lavaridge Town and go far right to the sandy area and go down to the boulder with the 6 rocks around it. Go inside and you will see 3 tablets with dots on them. Read the one on the right and go left,left,down,down then use Rock-Smash. Good luck! Registeel- Get a pokemon that knows fly and a pokemon that knows flash. Then fly to Foretree city and go to route 120 to the lady that gives you a Wiki berry if you say yes and go up the stairs to her left then go through the very tall grass and go inside the cave use flash in the middle of the room. Good luck! | Submitted by Billy goat 5

As you know, both Lugia and Ho-oh are obtainable in Fire Red and Leaf Green in the cave at Navel Rock. Well, Navel Rock is actually in Emerald Version as well. You still require a MYSTICTICKET to get there though. | Submitted by HRBEK

When you have a mach bike you can speed through grass and it will cut your times of a pokemon apearing in front of you in half. | Submitted by Andrew

To get the Magma Symbol (which is required to get to the Team Magma Base), you must go to Mt. Pyre after you defeat Team Aqua in the cove next to Lilycove City.

If you have a pokemon with the Magnet Pull ability in front of your party, it increases the chances of finding wild steel-type Pokemon. This is very useful for finding rare steel types, such as Mawile. | Submitted by Jai

First you need to beat the elite 4. After you do, go to the fossil maniac's house(near falabor town)and he will let you go through a tunnel(dont listen to what he says,the tunnel wont collapse,I should know)and catch a ditto.Then go to the daycare center and put in the ditto and the pokemon(magneton,electrod e ect.)and walk around a little bit. Go back and the daycareman saya he found an egg. Walaa!There is your baby pokemon! | Submitted by jefferson

To access the Marine Cave, you must defeat the Elite Four. Then you must go to the Weather Institute and talk to the man upstairs. He will give you the location, and the cave will be visible. | Submitted by HRBEK

Get 50 or 99 Ultra Balls the go into some grass near-by and battle a pokemon e.g Nincada, then throw an Ultra ball at it, when it bounces on the floor 1st time Press B then when it bouncs the secon time press down.

WARNING: The cheat must be exactly on time or it will not work. And on Powerful pokemon such as rayquaza, groudon, kyogre or the regis it will not work 1st time. | Submitted by TheDoctor

To get Metal coat u must got to new mauville by getting the key from wattson after getting the first 5 badges .When u get to new mauville you will see wild magnemite magneton voltorb and electrode catch the magnemite and magneton and on a few occasions you will get metal coat. | Submitted by Markcook

You can find Mew at World Edge's Island. It will play hide and seek with you. After you found Mew, he will attack you. He will be at Level 30 so be prepared.

Mirage Island is an invisble Island located on Route 130. Most of the time it will be invisible but on rare cases, the island will be visible. To find out if the island is there or not, go to Pacifidlog Town and talk to the old man in the bottom right house looking out the window. He will tell you wheter the island is there or not. The cause is unknown so a bit of luck is needed to find it. On the island you will find the rare Leichi Berry that powers up your Pokemon's attack in battle when it gets weak. In the grass, you will only find Wild Wynauts. | Submitted by Jai

From mauville go north towards the desert, when you reach the desert go in (you need go-go goggles) and follow the path (the smooth sand) you should reach a tall building that fades, go in and follow the stairs upwards until you find cracked floor (you need a mach bike to get across). Once you are across you will find one more floor get through there and you will be in the top floor, there should be two fossils, like the cave under the house you can only choose one so choose the fossil you dont have. | Submitted by Dingdong

To get more than one starter pokemon than at the begining of the game when you are picking your starter pokemon to rescue professer birch save your game before you pick. Then when you pick and if it is not a girl pokemon then shut off your game then try again until your starter pokemon is a girl. Then with your or someone elses firered/leafgreen and trade a ditto to your game. Then put your girl starter pokemon and ypur ditto in daycare and they will have an egg and it will be your starter pokemon. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To get more time in the Safarie Zone get the Acro Bike. Then get into a grassy area, press and hold the B button and you should start hopping. This is how you catch rare pokemon without waisting steps. | Submitted by KyleLeavitt

Armaldo lv100 moves:ancientpower,superpower,hyperbeam and explosion
Cradily lv98 moves:sheer cold,ingrain,solarbeam and ancientpower
Kabutops lv97 moves:ancientpower,yawn,fissure and hyperbeam
Omastar lv98 moves:hydro pump,surf,sing and superpower
Aerodactyl lv99 moves:fly,ancientpower,superpower and thunder
Metagross lv100 moves:meteor mash,hyperbeam,irontail and metalclaw | Submitted by arceus789

Lv.100 mewtwo thunderbolt psycick shadow ball fire blast
Lv.100 charizard fly flamethrower hyper beam blast burn
Lv.100 raquaza aerial ace thunderbolt hyperrbeam fly
Lv.100 blazikin thunderpunch blazekick flamethrower skyuppercut
Lv.100 swamphert surf earthquake icebeam hydropump
Llv.100 sizor mettal claw hyperbeam aerialace slash | Submitted by alex

My ultimate dragon team is
Rayquaza lv98 moves:ice beam,extremespeed,overheat and solarbeam
Salamence lv95 moves: fire blast,dragon claw,thunder and outrage
Gyarydos lv100 moves:dragonrage,hydro pump,hyperbeam and sheer cold
Flygon lv99 moves:fissure,earthquake,dragon claw and dragonbreath
Dragonite lv97 moves:dragonbreath,dragondance,thunderpunch and dragonpunch (yes its a move)
Altaria lv96 moves:crunch,dragonclaw,fly and extremespeed. | Submitted by arceus789

Blaziken lv 100 over heat blaze kick earthqauke fire blast
Groudon lv 100 rock smash mud shot stomp roar
Deoxsess lv 100 phsykick confusion fissure mega punch
Mewtwo lv 100 phsykick metranome fire punch screech
Charizard lv 100 heat wave fly scratch flamethrower
Rrayqauza lv 100 extreme speed flash strengthshadow ball | Submitted by pokemonmaster765

Go to battle frontier and go by the hall of fame part go back min the secret spoct tyo the left of it and talk to the trainer. Then go up and there will be a cave that no one as ever gone in to that is a mystery cave. | Submitted by JORDANTAG

The cave which cant get to in battle frontier is actually a part of the artistan cave. | Submitted by Ranjev

To unlock mystery gift, go to a pokemon mart and press A on the piece of paper on the counter. Then insert the words LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL. Press select to easily find the words. After this the store lady will talk to you and tell you that mystery gift is now unlocked.

To unlock mystery gift, go to a pokemon mart and press A on the piece of paper on the counter. Then insert the words LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL. Press select to easily find the words. After this the store lady will talk to you and tell you that mystery gift is now unlocked. | Submitted by Jai

Immediately after you defeat the Elite Four, you will go to Professor Birch. He will give the National Dex to you.

Hey how do i get a dragon scale? Also here is my cheat

#1 find your desired boss
#2 go through the usual maze
#3 save before you fight the boss!
#4 if you lose or you kill him just turn it off
#5 keep on doing until you catch! | Submitted by mike2hrocks

Start your game all over. You know you're in a truck, right? Get out and go to your house. You mom will ask you to set the clock. Once you do, go downstairs and watch tv with your mom. You will miss your dad on tv. Next, walk outside and talk to people a billion times. You have to stay in Littleroot Town. One person will say: Myuuuu! You will battle Mew. Though, you have no Pokemon because you stayed in Littleroot. Mew will kill you. It should be in your PokeDex once you obtained it from Prof. Birch. Go to Mew and go to Area. You will see where Mew is. Go there and you might just find what you are looking for. | Submitted by Shaira

1 Finding the pike queen is easy just follow a patern like always go through the middle door or go where that person says

2 Battleing the pike queen is hard she has a seviper that knows giga drain, crunch, i think psycic, and i think poison tail or sting. even though poison is weak to psycic dont think about using a psycic type to batttle it because it knows crunch. its best to use a type that isnt psycic with a psycic attack im not sure what the other two pokemon are because i get creamed by the seviper because i dont have the right pokemon.

3 Bring pokemon that are either lvl 50 or a little below or lvl 60 or higher its also best to have all 3 of them at about the same level.

4 I hate to write long cheats like this but i had to to get all the info in. | Submitted by pŘkema§ter

in the battle pike lucy is waiting to be challenged and these are her pokemon in open challenge

1st Seviper

2nd Shuckle (withdraws if not beaten quickly)

3rd Milotic | Submitted by jonny

Go to Rusturf tunnel and eventually you should find a pink and green whismur. | Submitted by HappyHugh

Once you throw your ball and it closes, when it hits the ground the first time you press A. The second time it hits the ground you press B. NOTE: This dose not always work 10% of the time. | Submitted by Toney

You get your pokedex upgraded when you defeat the Elite 4 and Wallace. Professor Birch will call you to the lab, and he'll upgrade your normal Hoenn pokedex into a National pokedex! Now you can explore more parts and capture new and different pokemon. I believe the pokemon that you are able to catch after the Pokemon League with your National pokedex would
be Sudowoodo, a rare tree pokemon you encounter in the Battle Frontier. Use the Wailmer Pail on him to make him attack you. You can catch him quite easily since he's only about lvl. 40. You can also go to the Safari Zone and capture new Johto pokemon. This is possible because it gets upgraded after you beat the Elite 4. Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile are possible
Johto starter pokemon if you complete your Hoenn pokedex. There are about 200 Hoenn pokemon for you to look for. You can also catch another rare pokemon in the Battle Frontier. It is called Smeargle, and you catch it in the Artisan Cave, where you can surf to after capturing or defeating Sudowoodo. Smeargle is an exceptional pokemon to have. | Submitted by zacharykt338

Catch all 202 pokemon in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer.

This is a helpfull virus in the game. This virus can improve all of your stat points when you grow levels. If your pokemon has pokerus and it's in your party it will spread to your other pokemon. But these effects are temporary unless you put the infected pokemon in your PC. In order to get it, you need A LOT of luck. You need to find a wild pokemon with pokerus. You will know it has pokerus because it will be it's status condition. After you catch it, to make sure it really has pokerus go to any pokemon center and the nurse will say that it is infected with pokerus. | Submitted by Jai

Before you get registeel get regice to level 100 as well as regirock to level 100. Then go find registeel he will be level 60 and will know superpower, Zap cannon, metal claw and hyper beam it will also be holding metal coat it worked when I used it hope it works for you as well. | Submitted by PokemonMaster

Talk to Scott in his house in the Battle Frontier, he'll give you certain decorations/berries depending on your accomplishments in the Battle Frontier.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Silver Shield (Decoration) Win 50 Battles
Gold Shield (Decoration) Win 100 Battles
Lansat Berry Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols
Starf Berry Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols | Submitted by Jai

The Pyramid Chief in Battle Frontier has the following Pokemon-

1. Regirock
2. Regice
3. Registeel

Be careful of the Regirock, it can use Explosion on its first chance so I would advise you to have a Pokemon that knows Dig, Dive, Fly, etc. The point is thatwhen the Regirock uses Explosion it misses your Pokemon.

I'm not sure about the fact that he has a Registeel but as I battled his Regirock and Regice ( I lost to the Regice by the way ) I'm assuming his third Pokemon is a Registeel.

I would suggest you take Fighting Pokemon for him. | Submitted by DMV

The legendaries Raikou, Entei, and Suicune can be obtained in the pokemon Firered or Leafgreen games. You have to trade pokemon to get them in Emerald. | Submitted by zacharykt338

There are 7 rare berry codes I know they are Great battle that gets you the spelon berry, challenge contest gets u the pamtre berry, super hustle gets you the belue berry, overwhelming latias gets you the watmel berr, cool latios gets you the durin berry, breloom crush gets you the lum berry and chansey egg gets you the rabuta berry. | Submitted by PokemonMaster

Pichu may learn an extremely powerful attack after meeting certain criteria. The attack is called "Volt Tackle". It has a Base Attack Power of 120, accuracy of 100, and 15 PP. The only negative side is that the user takes 1/3 of the given damage.In order to get Volt Tackle on your Pichu, you first need one Female Pikachu holding the Light Ball item. You may then use one of the following to breed with Pikachu: Ditto, Male Raichu, or Male Pikachu. No other Pokemon will work.After finishing the breeding process, hatch the Egg, and inside will be your lovely little Pichu with the Volt Tackle attack! This may be transferred to Pikachu or Raichu if you wish.

this rare pokemon is heracross. to catch heracross you don't need to beet the elite four you just go to where you find rhyhorn.if you use the techneich of unlimited must have a violet(purple)pokeblock,and put it in the feeder. | Submitted by jesse

The recommended moves for Rayquaza is Hyper Beam, Outrage, Thunder, and Flamethrower. | Submitted by xgreendayx

The real way of getting groudon and Kyogre (because some people are lying about it) is to go to the weather institute and talk to the guy who gave you the castform and he will either say there is a drought on route whatever ( drought for groudon) or if their is heavy rainfall on route where ever ( heavy rainfall for Kyogre). | Submitted by Andrew14$

With these code you can rebattle + catch Pokemon you can only get one time. This code will not work if other codes are one besides the (M) code. When the code is on, go to the place where you see/get the pokemon, then save, then you can turn the game off, use a different code "like a shiny code:)", then catch the Pokemon. Have fun.

Re-battle Latios/Latias & Mew (DMA)

Re-battle Lugia & Ho-oh (DMA)
719C9601 0AFEE31A

Re-battle Deoxys (DMA)
404F4203 DEDBC3F7

Re-Battle Groudon & Kyogre (DMA)
67DAF8E7 3F6C38D6

Re-Battle Rayquaza (DMA)
67BD0A40 0DD73EBA

Yes, you will be able to catch the legendaries over & over again with these codes. | Submitted by Kio-oh-ki

I found if you have rayquaza level 70, Blaziken level 54, Aggron level 60 (can be used for battle frountier afterwards), Sharpedo level 36, duskull level 36, and also sealo level 33. And also have about 20 revives just in case and about the same number of full restores. | Submitted by adam

The best pokemon for the pokemon league I think are: Blaziken - Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Fire Blast, and Earthquake. Crawdaunt - Blizzard, Guillotine, Hyper Beam, Surf. Kyogre - Sheer Cold, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, and Thunder. Groudon - Fissure, Eruption, Fire Blast, and Thunder. Metagross - Hyper Beam, Psychic, Rock Tomb, and Meteor Mash. Cacturne - Needle Arm, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, and Spikes. | Submitted by xgreendayx

To get regiice goto his cave. it is a short surf south of petalburg. Goto the middle brail writing and do one lap around the room. The brail writing says "stay close to the wall. and run around one lap.".

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are two games with the same gameplay as Emerald, but have some differences. The most obvious difference is in the Team Aqua/Magma story. The subtle differences lie primarily in the trainers you will battle, item location, and the Pokémon available. | Submitted by AndrewBernish

Sableye is very strong. If you train him it can be powerful. HE HAS NO WEAKNESS!(i have one i caught it at lvl. 11. Now he is level 100.) catch him at victory road,sky pilliar and granite cave.

My team:

sableye 100
rayquaza 100
charziard 100
swampert 100
kyogre 100
pelliper 100 | Submitted by mash2002

The Safari Zone is the same as the one in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The only difference is that after you defeat the Elite Four, two more areas appear full of Johto Pokemon that you could not get in any other games (besides Pokemon Colosseum).

The recommended moves for Sceptile is False Swipe, Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, and Slam. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Scorched slab:
In fortree city go to where you would battle gabby and ty you will see water which is blocked by kecleon battle kecleon and you will see a big rock there is a door go through and you will see a platform with a item.

Sealed chamber:
This is tricky to find it is in the middle of the ocean current on route134 it is a small diving area if you find it go down and follow the path you will see braille it says go up dive again and you are in the sealed chamber take a pokemon that knows the move dig got to the back of the sealed chamber and it says dig here.dig and there is a surprise behind there my aron doesn't know dig anymore so i don't know what the surprise is so try and find the chamber and find out for yourself. | Submitted by dexterdavis

If you Mix Recordings with a friend and he has a secret base then you can go to it and battle him/her. If you mix recordings with someone and they have the same secret base as your other friend then you will have the second person's secret base unless you go to the computer in their secret bese and regester it. Then The person will always be there. Now if you want to have that secret base yours then have another friend with the secret base that you want open then have them move into the secret bese you want and mix recordings then have your friend move into another secret base and mix recordings one last time and the secret base should be open if you didn't have the person registered. | Submitted by xgreendayx

Go to Mauville city and go down to the cycling road enterence and when you enter go all the way right and there are trees and behined there is a secret psychic trainer. | Submitted by xgreendayx


1. There are six ranks of Trainer Card starting with Pewter and ending with Gold. To upgrade your card you nedd 'task stars' which are stars earned for tasks.
Defeat Elite Four
Defeat Every Trainer
Complete Hoenn Dex
Complete Battle Frontier
Fill The Art Museum With Pictures

With each upgrade you gain fans at the Trainer Fan Club.
And with gold rank you can go into space on rocket flight 101. and catch Jirachi(but not Deoxys).

2.There are five islands in Emerald. Each has a requirement.
A.Birth Island-Aurora Ticket(PKMN Special Event)
B.Navel Rock-Mystic Ticket(PKMN Special Event)
C.Southern Island-Eon Ticket(Mix records with Sapphire or Ruby that has the Eon Ticket)
D.Faraway/World's Edge Island-Old PKMN Map/Old Sea Chart(PKMN Special Event)
E.Mirage Island-Everyday Mirage Island is assigned a number(much like lottery). If the number matches the 'internal programming number' of any of the PKMN in your party, a man in Pacifidilog will tell you that mirage Island has appeared.

PKMN caught on Islands-
B.Lugia and Ho-Ho
C.Opposite Lati@s
E.Wynaut(but you also get the super-rare Leichi Berry)

3.There are also 7 legendaries not on any island or in space. They can only be caught after the E4.
Rayquaza-Sky Pillar[lv70]
Kyogre-Marine Cave[lv70]
Groudon-Terra Cave[lv70]
Regirock-Desert Cave[lv40]
Regice-Island Cave[lv40]
Registeel-Forest Cave[lv40]
Lati@s-Throughout Hoenn[lv40]

Caves and Dungeons-
Sky Pillar-Mach Bike
Marine Terra Cave-Talk to Man at Weather Institute
Desert/Island/Forest Cave-With a Wailord at the front of a full party and a Relicanth at the back SURF into the currents. With skillful manouvering you will reach a DIVE spot. The DIVE spot gives you access to the antechamber of the Sealed Chamber. Read the braille at the top of the room then use DIG. In the main chamber you must read every piece of braille in order. Then you will feel a rumbling. The three caves have opened. They are in the Desert, Sea Route 104 and Route 120. To open the main chamber of Desert Cave you must read the braille then go down,left,down,left and use ROCK SMASH. To open the main chamber of Island Cave you must read the braille then run a full lap of the room. To open the main chamber of Forest Cave you must read the braille then stand in the centre of the room then use FLASH.

3.The Frontier Brains have varied PKMN but from what I've seen the best PKMN to use against them are undoubtedly-



Rental PKMN




Any Pokemon with a Nature which makes them enjoy battle.

For more info. visit | Submitted by deanfbb

To get Shedinja, you must first catch a Nincada, and have an empty space in your party. People say you need a Pokeball for it, but you do NOT. Shedinja copies the ball the Nincada was caught in.
Anyways, with one empty space in your party, level up Nincada to level 20. It will evolve into Ninjask. When you check your party, you will see Shedinja sitting in the final slot, along with the Ninjask and 4 other Pokemon.
That is how to catch Shedinja. | Submitted by Jai

Get a nincada below level 20. Note: make sure you have the same type of ball you caught it in have an empty space in your belt for shedinja. Raise your nincada to level 20, he has to evolve as soon as he is done evolving look in your party he should be in there( if you did this properly). He is almost indestructible with wonder guard. He has 1 hp but indestructible but he can be fainted by flying moves (pokemon) so have fun with your new shedinja! | Submitted by unown

Every time you encounter a pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the pokemon being a different color, this is called a shiny pokemon. | Submitted by Jai

Every time you encounter a pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the pokemon being a different color, this is called a shiny pokemon.

Some Johto Pokémon are available on the saphari zone. However, they are not available until you have become champion, and received the New Pokedex (go to Prof. Birchs Lab to receive it) . Until you become the champion there will be two guys who wont let you go where the the Johto region pokemons are. The Force will be with you. | Submitted by jefferson

There are certain pokemon that can only be caught when you trigger certain events, like castform.

Unlockable How to Unlock

Beldum See Steven's house after you beat the Elite four.
Kyogre Beat the Elite Four, and go to the sea lair.
Groudon Beat the Elite Four, and go to the land lair.
Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip Help Proffesor Birch escape the wild pokemon
Ho-oh/Lugia Get the Mystic Ticket, and go to Navel Island
Deoxys Get the Aurara Ticket, and go to Birth Island
Mew Get the Old Sea Chart, and go to Faraway Island
Latios or Latias After beating the elite four, watch the T.V. downstairs in your house.
Latios or Latias Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon ticket, and go to Southern Island.
Castform Take out the rival team at the weather institute.
Rayquaza Get Magma and Aqua to get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave, and go to Sky Pillar.
Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Tododile When you complete the 200 Pokemon of Hoenn. Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav. | Submitted by Jai

Every time you encounter a Spinda, the dots on it's head are on different spots. | Submitted by KenFougere

The Starter Pokemon -Treecko,Torchic,Mudkip Choose your starter wisely, you only get to pick one. Treecko is a pokemon thats quite easy to train, and it does well against water pokemon. Torchic starts off difficult to train, but then it gets better and easier. I suggest you pick Torchic, because with enough experience it will certainly evolve into a Combusken, and then into a Blaziken, which is a strong Fire/Fighting pokemon. Mudkip is a great pokemon to start off with, he is water and I think he's ground too. He can take on the 1st, maybe 2nd, 4th,
and 8th gyms and win easily.

The Moves for the Starter Pokemon:

When Treecko finally evolves into Sceptile, the best moves he should have should be Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Solarbeam, and Bullet Seed.

Torchic evolves first into Combusken, and later into Blaziken. This pokemon is two types, Fire/Fighting. The best moves for him should be Overheat, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, and DynamicPunch.

The pokemon Mudkip will evolve quickly into a Swampert at lvl. 36. Swampert is a strong pokemon, and should have these moves: Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Mud Shot, and Surf or Muddy Water. | Submitted by zacharykt338

Keep your starter in its basic form untill it reaches LV.97 then after that let it evolve this is alot quicker than normal evolution. | Submitted by

If you have a pokemon with the Static ability in the front of your party, it increases the chance of finding a wild electric type pokemon. This is EXTREMELY useful for finding rare electric types, like Pikachu in the Safari Zone.
Battle Steven, the former champion.
After beating the Elite Four, a new part of Meteor Falls opens up. It is in the northwestern corner where you found Iron Tail. A new cave was made and you'll find Steven in it. His Pokemon are in the high 70's. | Submitted by Jai

When you leave Mauville City to go to Verdanturf Town don't you always hate the maze you go thourgh? Well heres a cheat to go just straight. When exiting Mauville when you see the fence,go up until you hit it then go down 1 space then run (walking works ,too) left when are done running(or walking) the 61 steps you should be in the town of Verdanturf and should
have noticed the straight line you made by running/walking. Fastest way to Verdanturf from Mauville(or reverse to Verdanturf to Mauville) ever ! | Submitted by Michael

If a poke'mon in your party has suction cups/sticky hold as an ability, then you will have an easier time fishing for wild poke'mon.
Raising weak pokemon easier
Just put the weak pokemon in the first slot. When a battle starts just switch out that pokemon right away. After the battle the pokemon will recieve half of the exp. points. | Submitted by Jai

Ok! So you think that you can only clone 1 pokemon at a time.WRONG! Here's how to "super clone":

1. Clone the desired pokemon 4 times.
2. Do as you would normally clone pokemon.
3. Now, if you followed these step correctly you will have 4 of the same pokemon and 2 diferent pokemon.
5. When she asks to overwrite your game say no and restart game voila! 4 pokemon in the box. | Submitted by alialhoshki

If you want the eon, aurora, or mystic tickets, or maybe the old sea map? Go to the Oldale Town Pokemart and fill out the questionnaire beside the attendant with the words Link Together With All, and hit yes. Then go to the Pokemon Center 2F attaendant, and talk.She will activate "Mystery Gifting". Then trade a pokemon with your freind. you'll both get something. | Submitted by ARcheatmaster

What you will need is a male salamance level 61 and a female skeptile any level make sure it knows crunch put the two in the daycare then wait for a while then there will be an egg it will be a treeko with crunh and even dragon breath. | Submitted by jaredrabut

The recommended moves for Swampert is Earthquake, Muddy Water, Blizzard, and Hyper Beam. (Also Hydro Pump is good but you would need to level 42 for Mudkip to learn it) | Submitted by xgreendayx

The Pokemon ability Swarm has 2 effects. It raises Bug-type attacks by 150% when the user is weak, and, new to Emerald, it makes pokemon cry in the background more often. For example, in caves outside of battle, you will hear a Pokemon screech more often. | Submitted by Jai

First you must go to the single player man and when you walk through the door, hold L until you walk up to the battle place. if your outside, you have taken their pokemon but have lost the ones that were in your party. | Submitted by Doug

If you have a poke'mon with synchronize as an ability, you will encounter more poke'mon with the same nature as the poke'mon with sychronize. Note that the poke'mon with this ability must be in the front of your party. | Submitted by Jai

To access the Terra Cave, you must defeat the Elite Four. Then you must go to the Weather Institute and talk to the man upstairs. He will give you the location, and the cave will be visible. This cave holds Groudon. The Marine Cave holds Kyogre. | Submitted by HRBEK

Go to the berry master near fortree city and he gives u rare berries then go back the next day and the next be cause i f u get a reall good berry go fly to fortree city and if u go directly west you'll see guy behind a fake tree battle him and you'll see some berries pick them and then plant some rare berries like nomel or tamoto and you will keep gettin rare berries to give a pokemon or use in a pokeblock(only use the rare berries that say pokeblock ingredient) if it says a hold item don't use it in a pokeblock. | Submitted by cheeseking

The absolute best moves for a Sceptile are ariel ace, Leaf blade, dragon claw and thunderpunch. | Submitted by Jamjam999

Arcanine lv100 :extrmespeed body slam flame thrower iron tail

Salamence lv100 :dragon claw fly flamethrower steel wing

Gyarados lv100 :hyperbeam dragondance hydropump surf

Tyranitar lv100 :flamethower rock slide eatrhqake thunder

Aggron lv100:doubleedge thunder irontail fireblast

Crobat lv100:poison fang sludgebomb confuse ray wingattack

I owned my brother, 2 cousins, and my dad with them even though they have 6 lv100 rayquayzas each. | Submitted by alialhoshki

Unlockable How to Unlock
National Pokedex Diploma Capture all 386 pokemon in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer. | Submitted by Jai

In Rustboro City there is a man who is trying to tell his daughter a phrase which will make him laugh. If you succeed you get a special custom wallpaper for your Pokemon Box in the PC. There is a special website that is very unique. To get the code you need to fill in this form which specifies your Trainer Number from the game. You then choose the wallpaper design from hundreds of designs. | Submitted by Stellboi

After you beat the elite four catch 60 pokemon and talk to proffesor oak he will give you the national pokedex then go to one island and talk to celio (bill's friend)he will say he needs your help to get the ruby then go to mt.ember and talk to team rocket they will battle you then when you beat them they will give you a pasword to go in thier new hidout(you need two passwords)and they will back away from a cave you never saw before then go in the cave and get the ruby get out of the cave and give the ruby to celio he will give a ticket to go to island 4,5,6,7 then go to island 4 go into icefall cave beat team rocket then get out of the cave go to island 6 go to dotted hole (get a pokemon out of your p.c that knows cut) if there's a guy blocking your way in dotted hole you did somthing wrong if not use cut on the door the door will open go inside fall in the hole then go in the hole in front of you then fall in the hole then fall in the hole left of you then fall in the hole right of you then fall in the hole behind you then you will see the saphire when you press a on the saphire a guy will apear and steal the ruby he will give you the second password for team rockets new hidout go to island 5 and beat team rockets hidout you will see the guy that stole the saphire from you battle him he will give you the saphire back then go back to 1 island and give the saphire to celio he will say now you can trade from pokemon Ruby and Saphire. | Submitted by jefferson

In Lilycove City in the Pokemon Center there will be one of three ladies there randomly. One of them asks you questions in random order. (There are 16 questions) The second is the contest lady. She will ask you for a pokeblock. To see her on T.V. because she won the master rank contest you have to give her a certain pokeblock depending which pokemon she has. If she has a Zigzagoon you need to give her a spicy pokeblock flavor and her pokemons nickname will be Handsome. If she has a Skitty then its nickname will be Vinny and you will need to give her a dry bokeblock flavor. If she has a Poochyena then its nickname will be Moreme and she will need a sweet pokeblock flavor. If she has a Kecleon its nickname will be Ironhard and you need to give her a bitter pokeblock flavor. If she has Pikachu its nickname will be Muscle and you will need to give her a sour pokeblock flavor. Then the third lady will say she wants something but she doesn't know what it is so she says what it is like and you need to bring her what it is and she will give you a prise. If she asks for something slippery and you give her what she is looking for she will give you a protein. If she says something roundish then she will give you a calcium. If she asks for something wham-ish she will give you a Iron. If she asks for something shiny she will give you a zinc. If she asks for somethingsticky she will give you a Carbos. And if she asks for something pointy then she will give you a HP Up. | Submitted by xgreendayx

TM01 Focus Punch
TM02 Dragon Claw
TM03 Water Pulse
TM04 Calm Mind
TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM07 Hail
TM08 Bulk up
TM09 Bullet Seed
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM12 Taunt
TM13 Ice Beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM16 Light Screen
TM17 Protect
TM18 Rain Dance
TM19 Giga Drain
TM20 Safeguard
TM21 Frustration
TM22 Solarbeam
TM23 Iron Tail
TM24 Thunderbolt
TM25 Thunder
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM31 Brick Brake
TM32 Double Team
TM33 Reflect
TM34 Shock Wave
TM35 Flamethrower
TM36 Sludge Bomb
TM37 Sandstorm
TM38 Fire Blast
TM39 Rock Tomb
TM40 Aerial Ace
TM41 Tormant
TM42 Facade
TM43 Secret Power
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM46 Thief
TM47 Steel Wing
TM48 Skill Swap
TM49 Snatch
TM50 Overheat | Submitted by xgreendayx

The top three level 100s to have are a Flygon with dig, flamethrower, hyper beam and dragonbreath a Tyranitar with crunch, rock slide, earthquake and dragon claw and a rayquaza with ice beam, outrage, dragon claw and hyper beam. I have these pokemon and I can go thorough the elite four with only one of these pokemon. hope it works for you as well. | Submitted by pokemonmaster

First put your weak Pokemon in front and when you find a wild Pokemon switch it with a strong one. Your Pokemon will get hafe of the exp. points. | Submitted by minun

As you accomplish more along your journey, your Trainer Card will change colors and rise in rank, depending on completing certain tasks. After completing one task, it will rise in one rank, but there are some tasks that cannot be completed until beating the Elite Four. You must do these tasks:
-Become Pokemon league Champion
-Complete the Hoenn Pokedex
-Collect all the gold symbols in the Battle Frontier
-Win one ribbon in all five of the Master Rank Pokemon Contests. | Submitted by Jai

To unlock Trainer Hill, you must beat the Elite Four.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Trainer Hill Beat the elite four | Submitted by Jai

Sceptile - Leaf blade,Cut,Solar Beam,Sunny Day. Swampert - Muddy Water,Water Fall,Ice Beam, EarthQuake. Linoone - Slash,Surf,Secret Power, Thunderbolt. Salamence - Strength,Crunch,Dragon Breath,Flamethrower. Dragonite - Fly,Dive,Facade, Hyper Beam. Typhlosion - Flame Wheel,Rocksmash, Aerial Ace,Overheat. To get Typhlosion trade Quilava from colossium to Emerald. Toget Sceptile or Swampert pick one or the other and trade the other one from ruby or sapphire. TO get dragonite trade Dratini from FirRed or LeafGreen. to get Salamence trade Bagon from Ruby or Sapphire | Submitted by peter

To get a pokemon with 3 1 hit ko moves, you need patience and luck. This is the instructions. 1st breed female mudkip(alll pokemon stated include any evolutions) with male rhyhorn that knows horndrill (he learns it level 38) make sure baby has horndrill and is male. Breed this with a spheal. make sure that the spheal learns horndrill from mudkip2 and learns fissure from the egg(this is random). Get it to level 49 without evolving to learn sheer cold. And there you go, a spheal with horn drill, fissure and sheer cold. | Submitted by wizeguy

Ok now this cheat is tricky but IT IS POSSIBLE I DONE IT. ok what u do is go find kyogre or groundon by talking to the guy who gave u castform. or find rayquaza. or any other high lvl or anceint hard to catch pokemon. then what u do is throw a ultra ball at them with or without full hp. and as soon as the pokeball closes press and hold a,b,l, and r at the same time. | Submitted by jake

My unbeatable battle frontier team has a swampert level 50 with muddy water, mud shot, surf and blizzard a metagross level 50 with takedown, hyper beam, pursuit and psycich and an aggron level 50 with firblast, water pulse, iron tail and blizzard I have one all frontier symbols for level 50s. | Submitted by PokemonMaster

1. Put the pokemon you want unlimited exp for in the daycare.

2. Now get an acro bike and go to a mud slide and face it.

3. Now put something heavy on the up button and you will keepp trying to get up the mud slide but you can't. Every time you try to get up it it counts a 1 step and for every step you do the more exp your pokemon gets. | Submitted by HappyHugh

Go to the sky pillar. and get to the top floor. When you see rayquaza go to the start menu and press a b b a b select b a b up R down and a then you will have unlimited master balls. | Submitted by joenelsonroks

Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone. Go to a grass patch. Stay in the patch and don't walk. Just press the arrow buttons softly like a 90 degree angle and you might catch a rare pokemon without wasting your 500 steps! | Submitted by Jai

Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone. Go to a grass patch. Stay in the patch and don't walk. Just press the arrow buttons softly like a 90 degree angle and you might catch a rare pokemon without wasting your 500 steps.

To unlock the rare glass ornament is to beat all 5 master rank contests and have them displayed on the second floor of lilycove museum and then talk to the curator. | Submitted by jonny

Go to mossdeep city yougo to the fisherman where the see is surf up there go into that cave it is shoel cave catcha spheal lv30 get it to a lv32 then it evoves into sealeo get sealeo to a lv44 and it evoves into walrein. | Submitted by jefferson

To find heart scales go to lillycove and on the beach there will be a heart scale and you will find a poke ball. | Submitted by ben

These are some tips to win contests easily

#1 give your pokemon nicknames

#2 blend with your freinds

#3 after you beat the pokemon league the blend master will appear in the contest hall in lilycove occasionally and he makes the great gold pokeblock | Submitted by jonny

Wobbuffet is a psychic pokemon with tremendous potential. It may not be the coolest pokemon you could have, but it is rare and strong. You can catch him in the Safari Zone. Wobbuffet's strongest and only moves are Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, and Destiny Bond. Wobbuffet's Counter and Mirror Coat attacks are used to retaliate damage with twice the power. This
is a wonderful force for Wobbuffet, and at this he can retaliate with Counter when he is attacked physically, and counter also with Mirror Coat, when he is attacked with special hits. These are the two attacks he can learn. Safeguard protects Wobbuffet from Stat Conditions, and Destiny Bond causes the pokemon who is affected to faint if Wobbuffet faints. Those are the only moves Wobbuffet can have, and he can be strong if he is trained well and correctly. The other good thing about Wobbuffet is that he has only one weakness, which is Dark. So, be sure to have a Wobbuffet in your pokemon party, because he can help out a lot. He is great at the Battle Frontier. | Submitted by zacharykt338

When you're battling a wild pokemon, select a pokeball from your bag and use it. When it's about to be thrown press and hold A and B,as it opens press and hold A and Select(Release B). It will work 90% of the time. | Submitted by PokemonRapperX

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