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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones on GBA

Here are some action replay codes...note: you can only use one at a time. they should be in your supply. Note: dummy weapons will mess up your game, do not use them (stone shard is a dummy item)

F8EC9110 E835CC21 1 - Iron Sword
CEA5D176 BF10B397 2 - Slim Sword
2A050639 D7CEF6FD 3 - Steel Sword
D1D6CB43 60D2747B 4 - Silver Sword
68037F39 99075846 5 - Iron Blade
A059DBDA CB287878 6 - Steel Blade
7E500B93 3F870C2E 7 - Silver Blade
1B7C96DA 6D34175A 8 - Poison Sword
5CE4FDFE 7B9DD200 9 - Rapier
B6940E14 FBE9E01E A - Dummy (sword)
18AC6F00 44A58CA3 B - Brave Sword
18A81B3D E926A5D2 C - Shamshir
DC02CD39 C4636544 D - Killing Edge
03C115A5 62B7818E E - Armorslayer
7098B195 531C4FB7 F - Wyrmslayer
E4F57210 BCE9FE87 10 - Light Brand
AA24C529 BC84A166 11 - Runesword
88DDE615 D512716A 12 - Lancereaver
276FCA44 5946A9DB 13 - Zanbato
076E83CF 1DDDE9AF 14 - Iron Lance
E765B8EC 7F3EBA9A 15 - Slim Lance
38A734ED 45E1D17D 16 - Steel Lance
0795CCE4 3386E112 17 - Silver Lance
D77745E4 B8C1AA84 18 - Toxin Lance
3A0B5E3D 6B35FD2C 19 - Brave Lance
27C22CCF E0830E38 1A - Killer Lance
555EE62B 9ABB9CC5 1B - Horseslayer
9D807C5B C49A6BF5 1C - Javelin
0277200D F757E4FB 1D - Spear
1255E696 6D1147EC 1E - Axereaver
EC55ED6C 3B60F90D 1F - Iron Axe
6922315A 0BAF6D4C 20 - Steel Axe
A1108F20 E0BEB23C 21 - Silver Axe
B9FABF45 DCE68CA2 22 - Poison Axe
523D04C2 C5038D31 23 - Brave Axe
416A42B3 BC7C3D14 24 - Killer Axe
5A418603 3015D2BD 25 - Halberd
DF1B8F54 9E846BDB 26 - Hammer
7000598A 6455E250 27 - Devil Axe
666F95B6 116F6CB8 28 - Hand Axe
9BE06610 DA5A135F 29 - Tomahawk
E8D50340 A3F34054 2A - Swordreaver
18B296B0 9A673C2A 2B - Swordslayer
4CA0E652 46CB0A01 2C - Hatchet
8D4238DD 1F0014A5 2D - Iron Bow
02CC09AD F88E93EC 2E - Steel Bow
410F180A 0EFC5F27 2F - Silver Bow
26200A98 94C7EE9A 30 - Poison Bow
91D3B8FE B1328711 31 - Killer Bow
F069DC8F D8973058 32 - Bravebow
3255730E 48743723 33 - Shortbow
1D2732F4 66B3803A 34 - Longbow
24F6841B D869B88F 35 - Ballista
11BB44A9 370DC5D8 36 - Iron Ballista
87182779 679CAF08 37 - Killer Ballista
4DDB11FE C95278C7 38 - Fire
2D4445A8 F4D3025B 39 - Thunder
6CA2A0A4 721F94D9 3A - Elfire
AC283C3F 2CBE04AC 3B - Bolting
085CF5F5 0705091C 3C - Fimbulvetr
1C7F5775 A91190F3 3D - Dummy (Anima Magic)
0F27E7CE 93AB46EA 3E - Excalibur
1F566EAA 018C29C0 3F - Lightning
27B1F133 C5D21AE2 40 - Shine
0691D6AC 63366A77 41 - Divine
A6DED8DE 03A7E30E 42 - Purge
849FE9EC 7262D5C4 43 - Aura
07B9A176 071DFCA9 44 - Dummy (Light Magic)
6ADC6713 6AF0F068 45 - Flux
34DAFB54 0FD1576B 46 - Luna
A34222BE A3B73A4D 47 - Nosferatu
A52711C8 EC2B878C 48 - Eclipse
DD8FE8E1 F0DB3974 49 - Fenrir
EB52AFBA BDF98560 4A - Gleipnir
003B18AA 4FEB9B2D 4B - Heal
A025A41B 1002DCFE 4C - Mend
4A10A7D1 D0C67827 4D - Recover
07D737CD 8B2A39A7 4E - Physic
B7277539 4512B58E 4F - Fortify
4F4BEE96 C0577799 50 - Restore
6B465BDA D8387141 51 - Silence
A94FC1A2 80BDC86B 52 - Sleep
87EC89EC 3252214E 53 - Berserk
D5790DC1 43395747 54 - Warp
358AD4CF E1EDB91D 55 - Rescue
6F8EA4E4 853DE5B1 56 - Torch (staff)
9271B216 C1CEDE5E 57 - Hammerne
D032C08F C104AFB7 58 - Unlock
C38F2D93 12E85D9E 59 - Barrier
CA50AC17 19451630 5A - Dragon Axe
7DF693AD F69486D5 5B - Angelic Robe
AAD4FAC9 F619163E 5C - Energy Ring
138D91A3 47FA7977 5D - Secret Book
FF60D7DE 3869BF9B 5E - Speedwing
22AEE0DA 42FA14C7 5F - Goddess Icon
6088C08F 9CAD3AD7 60 - Dragonshield
72905F5A 1C5D6B23 61 - Talisman
6D750A28 D403A2DA 62 - Swiftsole
E6E519BF F24BAA12 63 - Body Ring
91041C4E 20826C88 64 - Hero Crest
89AF4335 5E99F387 65 - Knight Crest
193EF56E 45F579D5 66 - Orion's Bolt
FB6C7B0B 3D8361D1 67 - Elysian Whip
D07E28D3 1AC1951B 68 - Guiding Ring
03B25CF0 D3CAFF5C 69 - Chest Key
A582157A 913E8D4B 6A - Doorkey
CDCED23E B98987B5 6B - Lockpick
E2F180C7 0634A9D4 6C - Vulnerary (3 uses)
8807A84D D8FBA712 6D - Elixir
C034A066 FF23BBC1 6E - Pure Water
20018597 84C956E6 6F - Antitoxin
EE3A9678 33E87CA2 70 - Torch
914D1BF9 C324D136 71 - Fili Shield
20B692F4 7978B557 72 - Member Card
284D5CBE A46438DD 73 - Silver Card
7279CA78 D9426332 74 - White Gem
1D7FDBB0 E218AAD0 75 - Blue Gem
B8320841 DEA32B39 76 - Red Gem
CFBFBBC1 C52FCD7A 78 - Reginleif
2D3FC86A 3E5735D8 79 - Chest Key (5 uses)
75057E45 3ED16C85 7A - Dummy (Mine)
F26BFDD7 2C36DEA9 7B - Dummy (Light Rune)
88FA1980 B84A6513 7C - Hoplon Guard
9AB7C5FC AE874C30 7D - Dummy (Song/Dance?)
D46DFC10 DA02978F 7E - Dummy (Song/Dance?)
B51E833D DF076683 7F - Dummy (Song/Dance?)
839FFD96 F89E7995 80 - Dummy (Song/Dance?)
56CE5CBD 8998F22E 81 - Shadow Killer
20490C4F CC438D87 82 - Bright Lance
B43FA6CA 8B09DEE6 83 - Fiendcleaver
BA7C7847 6F6A78F0 84 - Beacon Bow
5C176358 D3F434C5 85 - Sieglinde
57F66440 4AC9E779 86 - Battle Axe
5A333D5D 425B35A8 87 - Ivaldi
FB97579B 0AC0CF06 88 - Master Seal
2DCBB025 A0EA8BB6 89 - Metis's Tome
95860DF3 89D96A67 8A - Dummy
D0188B93 3958AA33 8B - Sharp Claw
4F8F4C02 4D7CC905 8C - Latona
52962104 F8DCA54D 8D - Dragonspear
C010C2C7 3698FC39 8E - Vidofnir
026D5475 8CDE3529 8F - Naglfar
6228ED56 5D1D889E 90 - Wretched Air
7A7E6A65 3FF072F9 91 - Audhulma
22D52B5C 8D68FB2B 92 - Siegmund
8201F0D0 2E4EBDEF 93 - Garm
B80E94AA D5B52C9A 94 - Nidhogg
01828D5B 44A1E501 95 - Heavy Spear
54E94F96 D961AD9F 96 - Short Spear
3F081154 3FEBE1AF 97 - Ocean Seal
78F1AF2B 1CCC135A 98 - Lunar Brace
A0B90F06 31DF2462 99 - Solar Brace
7D94B0B9 E9FA707E A1 - Wind Sword
65FBF00E 567A69E9 A2 - Vulnerary (60 uses)
69C8091E 045CA132 A7 - Stone Shard
822B9733 9A456C2A A8 - Demon Light
C41F6FE3 1F45300B A9 - Ravager
716FEAD2 3789F23B AA - Dragonstone
DA830643 ECC35BF8 AB - Demon Surge
7955B131 3A033586 AC - Shadow Shot
145E4373 CA825936 AD - Rotten Claw
DF81A12D B2BC9C01 AE - Fetid Claw
80521E6B E9E6CA16 AF - Poison Claw
3A2CC4E3 774D6425 B0 - Lethal Talon
4FF05886 EB2B1F41 B1 - Fiery Fang
3B7A180E F2C101C8 B2 - Hell Fang
F06ECD7D 72442852 B3 - Evil Eye
405D2B94 C7E1A8C4 B4 - Crimson Eye
F1908B6F 437CCA6C B5 - Stone
30DFFB85 B5A41666 B6 - Alacalibur
36564192 46A139CD B7 - Juna Fruit
314C5CC8 5E7D2279 BA - Black Gem
A5B82400 D0FAA07D BB - Gold Gem | Submitted by PointCataclsym

In chapter 15, have some body go up to caelleach(one space away) and end your turn. When caelleach attacks with tomahawk, RESET THE GAME IMMEADIATELY!. Then,when you start, the game will be glitched and when you resume,there isn't going to be a battlefield,it will be all black! | Submitted by Daniel

When you have started a new game, get to chapter 5(keep Natasha or Moulder alive for this chapter) . Once you are there, defeat everyone (after getting Natasha to talk to Joshua) except for the boss. Because the boss(Saar)does not move, you may do whatever you please. I suggest to go to the arena with Ross, Joshua, or other characters that need exp. Whilst you are at the arena, your players may get damaged, which is where Natasha and Moulder come in. Keep fighting over and over again in the arena, even when your characters are all lvl 20.

An easy way to get xp it to go to the tower of valni, obviously. But the trick is to pick three of your units that have the most defense, line them up on the fist set of stairs, without any weapons, have the one in the middle one space up ahead of the other two. Pick a unit that is really low level and set him up behind the middle person make sure that they can attack two spaces away and have a healer behind that guy, lure them ine with a strong character with no weapons and kill them to gain easy experience. This trick works best onthe first floor, just dont go to the next floor and repeat the trick.

just go to the tower place your units next to each other and keep ending turn. then if they all have supported finish the tower lvl and at the second lvl do it again. (also works at runes but tower is easier). | Submitted by nathieey

Train at the tower to level up as much as you can between chapters and they will be extremely strong later, not to mention that the chapters will be easy too. | Submitted by Jonathan

This code allows you to get powerful items from the enemy without stealing, including items like wretched air, used by draco zombies, or Demon Surge, used by Gorgons. First of all, you need to be at Neleras Peak, the volcanic area Lyon lures you into after you cross Narube River. Before you start your battle, make sure that you:

-Have your best defensive character
-Have Ephraim or Erika(whosever quest you chose)
-Take ALL weapons off of the defensive character.

After you have met these requirements, begin the battle. After you've started, move your defensive character to an action panel, any panel that causes damage, gives you a defense advantage, heals your HP, etc. When a monster, who MUST also be on an action panel as well, attacks your defensive character, who then after turns grey after his attack is finished, enter the automatic restart code (start+select+A+B at the same time) IMMEDIATELY. Go to resume battle on the main menu. If you did this correctly, the enemies won't attack you and you can then CONTROL THE ENEMY! As awesome as that is, you cannot have the enemy attack the enemy, but you can make the enemy attack whatever person on your team that you like. When you're controlling the enemy, have the desired monster with the desired item that you want go up to Ephraim or Erika. Select SUPPLY and then give that item that you want to your supply. This allows you to give that item to ANYONE YOU LIKE! You can even give wretched air to Tethys, your dancer who couldn't even attack originally. Repeat this as many times as needed to get any weapon from the enemy. Again, as awesome as this cheat is, there are some warnings I must give you:

-If you give a weapon to Tethys, make sure that she doesn't attck twice. It will freeze the game because it isn't programmed to let her attack twice.

-If you put someone in the link arena with the enemy item and they die, they will be erased permanently from the file that character was taken from.

-DO NOT do this cheat outside Neleras Peak. I do not know if it works anywhere else and because of that, such actions could freeeze your game, or much worse, screw it up so bad that even Chuck Norris cannot save it. However, if you can do it elsewhere, e-mail me at the adress above. | Submitted by JacobMesecar

Here are some more AR codes

These are for continous movement
First character:

715DB008 6A8F8048

First 2 characters:

749A9302 AC510064

First 3 characters:

E8DB1E82 E7985736

First 4 characters:

1BA76EF2 A5499F47

First 5 characters:

C7ACF651 7ECA7825

First 6 characters:

87BC1379 A314D514

First 7 characters:

BEC3131C A5B2585F

First 8 characters:

504AEE33 1CFFE62F

First 9 characters:

34AF6E83 171BEC45

First 10 characters:

571633BF 7C3DE57A

First 11 characters:

5C944041 9306383B

First 12 characters:

806617F4 735FCD3F

First 13 characters:

13962061 F4FC37F2

First 14 characters:

13962061 F4FC37F2

First 15 characters:


First 16 characters:

8A9AB8CD 170E8A6F

Infinite Gold
D5C40E2F 911B91C2

thats all i have for now...enjoy! | Submitted by PointCataclsym

Fulfill the following requirements to get the characters to join your party:

Garcia: Chapter 2 - Have Ross talk to him.
Ross: Chapter 2 - Have Eirika talk to him.
Colm: Chapter 3 - Have Neimi talk to him on Turn 2.
Lute: Chapter 4 - Visit lower-left house.
Joshua: Chapter 5 - Have Natasha talk to him.
Amelia: Chapter 9 - Have Eirika or Franz talk to her on Turn 5.
Gerrick: Chapter 10 - Have Innes talk to him.
Innes: Chapter 10 - Have Tana or Eirika talk to him.
Marisa: Chapter 10 - Have Gerik talk to her.
Tethys: Chapter 10 - Have Gerik talk to her.
L'Archel: Chapter 11 - Have Eirika talk to her.
Dozla: Chapter 11 - Have L'Arachel talk to him.
Ewan: Chapter 12 - Visit the small house on Turn 5.
Comrag: Chapter 13 - Have Eirika talk to him.
Rennac: Chapter 14 - Have Eirika or L'Arachel talk to him.

There is a 2nd way to get Cormag.

1. Go with Ephraim.
2. Talk to general Duessel with Ephraim.
3. Talk to Cormag with Duessel.

Beat the game once and play the Ex Map in Extra Mode. They will join in the next battle.

Alvan (Class:Bishop)
Finish the Tower, 7F

Fado (Class:General)
Finish the Ruins

Guren (Class:Dragon Master)
Finish the Ruins, round 5

Heiden (Class:Forest Knight)
Finish the Ruins, round 5

Ismea (Class:Sword Master)
Finish the Tower

Keselda (Class:Hero)
Finish the Tower, 3F

Leon (Class:Necromancer)
Finish the Ruins three times

Olsen (Class:Paladin)
Finish the Tower, 6F

Serena (Class:Mage Knight)
Finish the Tower three times

Walter (Class:Wyvern Knight)
Finish the Ruins, round 7

In Ephraim's mission where you are to capture Grado Keep, you can find a rogue with a secret pass. You can steal the secret shop pass with a thief or talk to the rogue with your Lord to buy the secret pass for 10,000 gold. In the area below the treasure cheats to the upper-left is a secret shop to which the secret pass will give you access.

Map Mode: Beat the Game.
Support Conversation Veiwer: Beat the Game.

Once you beating the game, choose extras at the main menu. You can now view all of the support conversations that you got throughout the game.


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