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Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Digimon Rumble Arena 2 on GameCube

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Defeat BlackAgumon in single player mode when he surprise attacks you. He can digivolve into BackGreymon and BlackWarGreymon.

Defeat BlackGabumon in single player mode when he attacks you. He can digivolve into BlackGarurumon and BlackMetalGarurumon.

Defeat BlackGuilmon in single player mode when he attacks you. He can digivolve into BlackGrowlmon and ChaosGallantmon.

When you reach your most powerful form (the third level of Digivolution or those who cannot Digivolve), you gain access to your bonus attack. Hold L and [Special Attack] to prepare it, then release. You should unleash a powerful attack.

Angewomon: Heel of Justice
Blackmetalgarurumon: Giga Destruction
Blackwargreymon: War Blaster
Burninggreymon: Burning Grey Blaster
Chaosgallantmon: Shield Attack
Diaboromon: Virus Download
Duskmon: Geist Blade
Duskmon: Geist Blade
Gallantmon: Shield Attack (Final Purification)
Garudamon: Garudapunch
Lilymon: Sun Crescent Kick
Magnaangemon: Excali-burst
Malomyotismon: Crimson mist
Megakabuterimon: Rhyno Charge
Metalgarurumon: Giga Missile
Neemon: Gassed Off
Omnimon: Transcendent Sword
Wargreymon: War Driver
Zudomon: Anvil Smash

Defeat any of the following Digimon in single player mode to unlock the stage: Duskmon, Diaboramon, Omnimon, MaloMyotismon, or Neemon.

Defeat Diaboramon in single player mode. He is the Boss fourth to the top and cannot digivolve.

Defeat Duskmon in single player mode. He is the Boss second to the top and cannot digivolve.

When your opponent is close, use Claw Uppercut then use Claw Attack. Then when your opponent is at a long distance, use Pepper Breath.

Use Pyro Darts when your opponent is not close. Use Pyro Tornado when your opponent goes towards you. Use Fire Dash to get away from your opponent and continue to repeat this tactic.

Use Staff Slam and when you send your opponent up, use Staff Up. Then, use Hand Of Fate and continue with this tactic.

Use Celestial Arrow when you fight at long distance. Use a 3-hit combo then use Lift Your Spirit and Celestial Arrow. If you are skilled, use Heel Of Justice or Divine Kick.

Use Claw Uppercut and then Claw Slash to get spheres quickly. Like Agumon, use Pepper Breath to attack when your opponents are too far.

Use Ice Dash to freeze your opponent and continue using Petit Fire or Skull Cracker (Down + A). If you opponent is below you, use Little Horn quickly.

When you opponent is near to you, use Wolf Cry then use Fire Breath. If you are fighting with Flamedramon or someone that can use an attack like Pyro Darts, use Ice Barrier to deflect the attack.

Use Great Antler to lower damage and collect spheres quickly. You can use this in stages like the Chaos Wasteland.

Use Plasma Blades when your opponent is near to you to get spheres quickly. Like the normal Growlmon, use Dino Slash if your opponent is up to you.

Use Virus Breath when your opponent is at far distance then use Pyro Grenade to get a two hit combo. Use Rock Crusher, calculating the distance to attack.

Use Giga Destruction when your opponent is at a long distance. Use Ice Wolf Claw if your opponent is near to you, then continue with Fire Wolf Claw.

If your opponent is at long distance, use Gaia Destroyer. Charge War Blaster one second and shoot immediately. If you are lucky, you can shoot two balls. If you are fighting in short distances, use Black Tornado like Wargreymon to get spheres quickly and use Super Tornado (Ultra).

Use Pyro Barrage when your opponent is in front. Use Fire Bellow when your opponent is down to you and when close use Burning Inferno. If you are fighting in a stage like Chaos Wasteland, use Ultra Tornado (Ultra) to get your opponent down.

Use Shield Attack charged to lower damage then use the Chaos Flame to get an eight hit combo. Spiral Hit when you opponent is near then use Chaos Charge to lower damage.

First, use Dark Uppercut (Up + X) to hit your opponent. When your opponent is falling, use Dark Claws. If your opponent does not get knocked out, use Virus Download to win easily.

Use Disappear(Down + X) to get your opponent quickly. Next, use Sword Uppercut then Laser Beam for a lot of damage and spheres.

Use Flame Shot to elevate your opponent, then use the Flame Shield atack, Next, use Fire Rocket and continue with this tactic.

Use Flame Toss as much you can when your opponent is not close to you, then use Monkey Ball or Noble Heart in case your opponent gets close to you.

Charge Shield Attack to fight in a stage like the Chaos Wasteland to defeat your opponent much faster. If not, only use Lightning Joust when your opponent is not close. Then, hit with Spiral Salver when you opponent gets close.

If you fight in a closed area, use Cat Eye Hypnotism to paralyze your opponent. Then, use Catastrophe to get a 20-hit combo. If you fight in another type of stage, only use Collar Kicker.

Use the Great Horn attack then use Horn Tackle. When you opponent is close to you, use Nova Blast.

Use Pyro Blaster when your opponent is close and use Dragon Kick to get to the Ultra stage easily. If your opponent is up, use Dino Slash then quickly use Dragon Kick.

Use Pyro Sphere when you fight on floor stages (Ice Palace, The Jungle, The Cannery) to hit your opponent. If you are fighting in another type of stage (for example, Chaos Wasteland or Twisted Toytown), use Neck Crusher. If you are an expert, try using Rock Breaker but be careful.

Use the Great Flare about two times then use the Great Kick. When you have Ultra, use it when you fight with a lot of enemies.

When you fight in Pier 47,use Grand Slash Of Justice (Left + X) to hit your opponent in the air. Use Excalibur Grace to hit your opponent up to you. When you opponent is falling, use Excalibur Burst.

Charge the Crimson Mist attack and shoot. Then, immediately use Screaming Darkness for a well hit combo. When you opponent is near to you, use Dark Crusher then Dark Rain. When you use Impurium (Ultra), try to hit at various times to win easily.

When you are in the Cannery, Charge Blast off the second floor. Do not clear and you will float. Use ABCDEFG if your opponent are too far away. When your opponent gets close, use Bean and blast off next. If you are beginner with this character. use a Happy Accident reputedly.

Use Queen Paw to hit you opponent when close. Alternately, use Rosette Stone to get spheres quickly.

Use Master Sword then Master Uppercut. If your opponent is close, use Transcendent Sword or Garuru Canon.

Use Slamming Atack to hit up your opponent then Thousand Wings to lower spheres quickly. Use Boom Bubble to get your opponent in the air.

When you are in a close area, use Vee Punch to get a 5-hit combo, then use a Vee Knock-Out then repeatedly use Vee Headbutt.

When your opponent is big, use Great Tornado (right) then use Great Tornado again (up). If you can, use it again. If you use this technique about two times, you can do longer a combo of about 18 hits. If your opponent is small, use Terra Force and if close, charge War Driver. If you are fighting in a stage such as Chaos Wasteland or Twisted Toytown, use Hyper Tornado to take out your opponent quickly.

First, knock your opponent down with a normal attack combo near the edge of the battleground. When he lays on the ground, grab him with Grab/Throw, then press the button again to throw him over the edge. This results with your opponent losing one life. Normally he will return close to the edge. Repeat this until you win. Also, your success rate is higher when you are in your last form. In Rookie form, your opponent almost always breaks loose. Make sure that your throw him far enough, so your opponent cannot jump back on stage.

Press Y, Right, Down, B, L, A, R, A, Y at the title screen.

Press X, Right, A, Y, Left, B, L + R at the title screen.

Go to the Boss on the bottom in single player mode. Defeat them to unlock the stage.

Defeat MaloMyotismon in single player mode. He is the boss on the top and cannot digivolve.

Defeat Neemon in single player mode. He is the boss fifth to the top and cannot digivolve.

Defeat Omnimon in single player mode. He is the boss third to the top and cannot digivolve.

Press Right, Up, Left, Down, A, L + R at the title screen.

When you at the highest level form of Digimon or the Digimon cannot Digivolve, you can perform a Special Attack, called an "Ultra":

Diaboromon: Digi-devolve another surrounding opponent to the lowest level.

MaloMyotismon: Randomize the other player's control (for example, X to A, A to something else, something to L, etc.)


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