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Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Bonus attack for Digimon Rumble Arena 2 - GameCube

When you reach your most powerful form (the third level of Digivolution or those who cannot Digivolve), you gain access to your bonus attack. Hold L and [Special Attack] to prepare it, then release. You should unleash a powerful attack.

Angewomon: Heel of Justice
Blackmetalgarurumon: Giga Destruction
Blackwargreymon: War Blaster
Burninggreymon: Burning Grey Blaster
Chaosgallantmon: Shield Attack
Diaboromon: Virus Download
Duskmon: Geist Blade
Duskmon: Geist Blade
Gallantmon: Shield Attack (Final Purification)
Garudamon: Garudapunch
Lilymon: Sun Crescent Kick
Magnaangemon: Excali-burst
Malomyotismon: Crimson mist
Megakabuterimon: Rhyno Charge
Metalgarurumon: Giga Missile
Neemon: Gassed Off
Omnimon: Transcendent Sword
Wargreymon: War Driver
Zudomon: Anvil Smash

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