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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Oceanhorn - Android

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All challenges are specific to individual islands. Completing a challenge for an island while adventuring on another will not complete it.

After defeating an enemy or completing a challenge, you will be rewarded blue diamonds that are worth varying amounts of experience points. Once you have gained enough experience, you can level up by tapping the "Level Up!" sign on the mini-map. Leveling up will bring you to full health. Because of this, you can level up during a dungeon when you are low on health to save your resources.

There are many puzzles to complete while inside dungeons. At times you must move crates or other objects around that can become stuck, forcing you to find a way to reset the puzzle. Instead of leaving the dungeon, you can use the "Reset" button located near the puzzle. Some of the buttons are not that easily found.

If you pull out your shield at the same time that an enemy attacks you, the foe will bounce off and be stunned, giving you time to swing your sword.

Bombs hurt you as well as enemies so be sure you're having a good distance before you throw it.

Got stuck!? Talk to different people, look for messages in bottles along the beach it'll all help you figure out where to go, and add new locations to your map.

Any puzzle that includes movable crates or various other items that you can get stuck in the incorrect area will certainly have a reset button someplace close by. They are bluish grey with an hourglass on them.

The mini-map at top right corner will feature treasure chests icons. If you reach that location and there are no treasure chests to be found, search for a nearby puzzle that must first be completed.

Tip 1. Your hero has a restricted quantity of stamina, which is utilized for numerous actions. Swimming in rough (ocean) water and obstructing with the guard are 2 examples. When carrying out these actions, a little green bar will certainly appear on the hero and deplete as he continues doing them. Lacking stamina indicates he can not do that action up until it charges (when it come to swimming, it suggests he drowns and respawns close-by). Once he stops swimming, obstructing, and so on this gauge will certainly charge and vanish. You will certainly not have the ability to attain 100 % on every island the first time you see it. As the story advances, our hero opens extra items and capabilities that will certainly permit him to reach formerly inaccessible locations. Attempt coming back later on if a treasure or area appears totally unattainable.

Tip 2. Challenges are island-specific, so something like Bomb 10 walls will just count if you bomb 10 walls on the existing island, not in total amount. Do not miss over discussion without reviewing it. Numerous objectives and locations in Oceanhorn are exposed when talking with various other characters, and there is no present objective tip. Attempt chatting to characters on the existing island if you are uncertain exactly what to do next.

Tip 3. Any puzzle that includes movable crates or various other items that you can get stuck in the incorrect area will certainly have a reset button someplace close by. Reset buttons are bluish grey with an hourglass on them. Pushing it will certainly reset that room s challenge their initial areas. The buttons themselves are in some cases challenging to discover, however they will certainly constantly exist if possibly essential. Some treasure chests are concealed in plain sight. If the mini-map screens an icon for a treasure chest however absolutely nothing exists, you most likely should make it appear by finishing some job, like flipping a switch.

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