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Secondary items, Attact and Moving for Oceanhorn - Android

Oceanhorn is an adventure puzzle action game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda. The majority of the gameplay includes moving the hero around the world, fighting enemies, Completing puzzles, and gathering treasures. Furthermore, To move the hero, just hold your thumb/finger down on the display, moving a little in the direction you wish to move.

To communicate or attack with an item, press the big, red action button. This button is contextual; by default, it will certainly attack. , if the hero is standing next to an interactive item like a pot or individual it will certainly communicate rather like choosing up the pot or chatting to the individual.. Some interactive locations are marked with a matching red button to show they are interactive.

To utilize the secondary item, press its smaller sized button near the action button. Exactly what you do after this relies on exactly what is geared up. : for the cover, tapping once will certainly obstruct rapidly, or holding the button will certainly make the hero block up until you let go. For bombs, tapping the secondary button will certainly highlight an active bomb, and tapping the action button will certainly toss or drop it. For arrows, you can shoot a fast shot by tapping or you can shoot and intend by holding then launching the secondary button. Furthermore, To alter your secondary item, tap the grey Item button and pick exactly what you d like to gear up. You can modify the button design through the menu to support left or right-handed playing, along with screen a virtual joystick.

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