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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Abyssrium on Android

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AchievementHow to unlock

Tap the fish with a fish which have a heart icon to get some additional money. If you see them with a cam icon above, take a picture. Some will reward you with a good amount of additional money. You can share the image in order to get the money. The first fish unlock is the one that you obtain from taking a photo of a Clownfish 3 times. Taking images of your fish and sharing those images on socials media is the key to discovering more of the covert treasures of the deep.

You can secure in this game: generally, View ads when it's readily available is the simplest way to get free gems or coins quickly. You will also get extra gems from linking your Facebook account with the game and sharing images that you handle socials media.

Gems you can get from weekly reward draws: if you take incredible pictures of your game and share them on Instagram, you can win up to 10,000 gems for free. Make certain that you take a look at the images sent by other players and see the previous winners in order to have motivation for your next images.

Concentrate on upgrading the Lonely Corallite and tap as much as possible on the screen in order to earn money rapidly. Start working on the Corals and other plants as well because they will earn more.

Each new fish will offer you a good bonus to your production and specific numbers are needed for unlocking extra material. You can also handle your fish: merely tap the red Manage button near the indication of the number of fish you save and have or restore them as you choose.

Save Game! Tap the settings button and from there tap the Save to Cloud button. This way you know for sure that your progress is constantly saved and there's no danger of you losing all your hard work.

If required to take a photo or share something tap the icon get off, then tap it again and repeat until your requirements are completed.

FishHow to unlock

Tip 1: Your main approach of making more vigor is to tap on the screen. You can tap using as lots of fingers as you desire, and the game will sign up each tap, so tap using 4 or 5 fingers to take full advantage of the amount of vigor you can earn. You can even tap with up to all 10 of your fingers at once if you are playing the game on an iPad or some other tablet.

Tip 2: Gems are the exceptional currency in the game. Tap it and you will unlock a video deal Whenever you see the treasure chest drifting around. Watch the video and you will earn 30 free gems. Whenever that you complete an achievement, you can also gather a gem reward for that too by increasing to the trophy button whenever an exclamation mark appears beside it.

Tip 3: Whether you are upgrading your coral or the stone itself, constantly strive a numerous of 25. You will have a bonus to gather for the stone or for the coral in concern Whenever you hit that several. That bonus is constantly a 2X vigor multiplier, so gathering these bonuses will offer you a huge boost in vigor incomes.

Tip 4: There are loads of concealed fish in the game to unlock. A few of them need you to do something that would appear definitely ludicrous if you weren't trying to find surprise fish. Go to the settings and hit the Twitter button 5 times. After the 5th time, when you return to the game, there will be a new concealed fish awaiting you to unlock.

Tip 5: Hit the store and you can constantly watch advertisement videos in order to earn free gems-- 10 at a time from the store. Hit the magic store to see exactly what you can invest all your gems on. You can invest them on numerous vigor increases-- the more pricey, the much better the boost. Once every 30 minutes by seeing an advertisement video from the magic store, you will also be able to earn free vigor. The amount of vigor that you earn depends upon how high your stone and coral upgrades are.


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