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Voodoo Vince

Cheats & Hints for Voodoo Vince - Xbox - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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First you got to get on fire and don't worry this won't hurt you - then go near the gascans- boom. They are still half alive so you pick up the gas and gas up the steamroller and run them over - this will open the portal to the next level.

The Gator circles the room, allowing you enough time to jump on the moving platforms on the sides of the room reach either side BUT make sure the Gator is on the same side as you waiting. Jump onto the Gator's back, which will bounce you up to the circular platform above the arena . Pull the lever and jump in the pit of spikes. Repeat the process two more times and the Gator will be defeated.

When you fight the evil twin Boss in the Hall Of Mirrors Maze, let him do three of his green power wave attacks. Jump over and towards him to avoid them. When he stands there charging his blue power wave, attack. Run up to him and punch him. Repeat this three times and defeat the smaller enemies to regain lost life in case he hits you with a power wave attack.

Once you get into the Museum, go around on the left and up the stairs (leave the hat alone for now). Once you are upstairs, switch all 3 levers, then continue left jumping down to the stairs. Now go back, grab the hat and head to the entrance. A bit of timing should help to show old Dino the light. Jump and glide into the now open center where the statue is to get into the next level.

The Quarter- The Docks: If you are out of power, get a large amount of extra beads by carefully head-butting (A, then X) the gator guarding the cymbals on the dock. He'll get stunned for a very short time and a bunch of beads will spew out. Collect beads and keep your distance. You should be able do this 4 times and defeat him without having to use your voodoo power.

Find the record in the shed, then use the record player. The doll will start dancing and will distract the dog. Instead of going straight down the path, jump over the bushes onto the patio, and walk through the door.

On "The square" level talk to the Jazz man (in front of the museum) he will ask you if you have a trumpet. Because you don't you'll have to buy one. First climb the clock tower and jump on the plat form and change the time to 8:00 PM , jump off. In the back alley is a bird mask thing in the top corner there's a costume party go in the door and Vince will come out with money go to the clock and change the time to 8:00 AM. Now, go to the pawn shop and change the clock to 11:00PM and go to the jazz club with your trumpet. Now go to the jazz man and talk to him and he will let you in.

It takes quite a bit of practice to master the course, hit the "afterburner" rings and line up the jumps PERFECTLY. Any mess ups at all can cost you the race. Jimmy cheats, so using these shortcuts will really help.

#1: Right after the race begins, at the firat left turn, Sweep wide around a log on your left and it will face you towards a pipe shortcut on the right. This will take you to the first jump.
#2: After going under the tree (the right side is the most direct route) the path will fork. Go to the right and hit the yellow “GATE” sign. This will open a gate that blocks a shortcut pipe. Do this during the 1st lap and use it every time.

There are three buttons in the floor of the Tumbler Room. They have roman numerals on them corresponding with the floor they rotate. Stepping on them rotates the floor. In certain combinations you can enter all the three levels.

When racing Crawad Jimmy in the Bayou, look for a clump of lily pads to the right of the racetrack to find a shortcut.

If you leave and re-enter an area (go through a portal then back into the stage you just left) all extra life hearts respawn on the level. If you go to say the mansion level you can get 2 extra lives per trip there (on second and third floor of the mansion). You can do this unlimited times (or until you get tired of doing it at least).

Pause game play, then press X, R, L, A(2), X, Y, White, B, L, R, Black, Up(2), Down, Left, Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: If it does not work at first, keep trying as it is difficult to activate.

This seemed a bit tough at first. It is best if you'd been able to catch a few Power Skulls (after getting all the pages) first and are fully charged. If you have to, leave and return. Take the light and RUN. The goblins will try to steal it. The zombies are attracted to the light. When you have a good distance between you and the goblins place the light in it's circle. Now run TOWARDS the goblins and when you have all of them in range, release some voodoo. I found it best to jump and release. It seemed to travel a bit farther. Collect the power beads. By this time, one of the zombies should have found your light and "returned home". Repeat until you have 3. This will open up the next level. - Sent by [robbieb145]

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