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Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0

Cheats & Hints for Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 - Sony PSP - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Play Story Mode, you may use all Ultraman except Leo & Mebius. Play like normal story mode until Mother of Ultra & Father of Ultra said Zoffy will recover for three days. Then, a training will happen with other 5 Ultras. Finish the 1st fight, then play the 2nd fight, in the middle of the fight, press start & exit save game. Go back to home, go to settings, turn your clock into 3 days forward. Then continue the Story Mode. FInish the training then you will experience the differences of the Story In the middle of the battle with Temperor Seijin, press 'R'. Then, you will see Father of Ultra giving a clue to defeat Temperor Seijin. Okay,when fighting with Temperor Seijin, increase your power into yellow, allow Temperor Seijin to MAX his power. Allow him to use his power, when he use his power, IMMEDIATELY USE SHIELD & his beams will reflect. Play the story mode until the end.

In Story mode, select any Ultra besides Mebius. After Zoffy is injured, Ultra Mother will tell you that he needs three days to recover. A set of training battles against the five other Ultras will begin. Defeat one and start the second training battle. Immediately press Start when the second training battle begins. Save the game, then quit the game at the menu. Enter the PSP system menu. Advance the date three days forward. Start the game and continue Story mode. Defeat the four remaining Ultras in the training battles. Complete Story mode to unlock Ultra Father.

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