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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

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When you look in-game at the Fighter Board (in the Felyne kitchen at the right), you can see different options to select. Select the first option, "Development". When you select a Felyne you can choose different options. The options are as follows.

Fencing: The Felyne gains both attack power and defense power.
Martial Arts: The Felyne gains levels like in missions.
Meditation: The Felyne gains skill points.
Rest: The Felyne increases its loyalty.
Strength: The Felyne gains attack power.
Toughness: The Felyne gains defense power.

MovieHow to unlock

MovieHow to unlock

Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters, as well as doing certain things in the game.

MovieHow to unlock

These gallery movies are unlocked by completing the following tasks.

MovieHow to unlock

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