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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Shadow of the Colossus running on PlayStation 3

Shadow of the Colossus

Cheats & Hints for Shadow of the Colossus - PlayStation 3 - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Get all items in Normal Time Attack mode. Hold down Square button at title screen.

After beating the main game, watch all the credits all the way through. After they are finished you have the option to save your game. Save it and you will unlock both Hard and Time Attack Mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock

These items can be acquired through the Hard Time Attack Mode. You receive one item for every two Colossi you defeat in Hard Time Attack Mode.

UnlockableHow to unlock

The white lizards crawling around in many areas of the game can be eaten to increase Stamina. Equip the bow and shoot the lizard, then press the Circle button to pick up and eat it.

Many of the trees within the game carry Fruit that can be used to restore and increase your Maximum Health slightly.
Equip the bow and shoot at the Fruit hanging in the tree, once it drops go over and press the Circle button to eat it.

After killinga Colossus, you can go back to their petrified bodies and by pressing Circle, your character will kneel down and pray. This opens Reminiscence Mode, a mode where you can find the Colossus again as though it were a flashback.

You must first complete the game once to unlock Time Attack mode. To begin a challenge, walk up to a statue in the temple and pray (circle).

UnlockableHow to unlock

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

Complete both Normal Time Attack and Hard Time Attack to receive all 16 items. Then, at the main menu, hold the "circle" button when selecting New Game, New Game (Hard Mode) or Load Game. Once the game starts, Agro will now be white.

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