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If you go to the top of any of the highest mountains and take out your camera and zoom in you will notice lots of bright lights when you look around the land. These are your objectives lighting up.

Take one of the 'eat me' berries whenever you travel to the grotto underneath the mansion and you will be able to view hidden video scenes.

Collect 6 letters of the lost to unlock the Japanese Tanto.

To get this trophy nice and easily, you should find a poker game and then save your progress before joining the table. Then, join the game and choose your difficulty. Go All In straight away - if you win, leave the table, save your game and then repeat until you have the $1500 required for the trophy.

If you lose at any stage, leave the table and reload your last save.

Search the following locations to find the corresponding rare animal.

Blood Komodo:
Cliffside Overlook outpost, Path of the Hunter.

One Horn Buffalo:
Camp Murder outpost, Path of the Hunter.

Black Panther:
Outpost southeast of the mansion, Path of the Hunter.

Golden Tiger:
Mosquito Yard outpost, Path of the Hunter.

White Belly Tapir:
Rust Yard outpost, Path of the Hunter.

Yellow Neck Cassowary:
AM-12 outpost, Path of the Hunter.

Maneater Shark:
Kell's Boat Repairs, Path of the hunter.

Undying Bear:
Cradle Gas outpost, Path of the Hunter.

The following weapons will become available for purchase when you complete the corresponding task. These weapons cannot be customized.

AMR (Sniper Rifle):
Find 20 relics.

Bull (Shotgun):
Find 10 relics.

Bushman (Assault Rifle):
Activate ALL radio towers.

Japanese Tanto (Replaces Melee Weapon):
Find 6 Letters of the Lost.

Ripper (Light Machine Gun):
Survive 6 Trials of the Rakyat.

Shadow (Pistol):
Take over 17 encampments.

Shredder (Sub-Machine Gun):
Collect 10 memory cards.

If you land on power lines while using the wingsuit you will be able to do super bounces.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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