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Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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Press [F6] to get a new set of clothes. Note: You cannot get your first choice back.

Do the regular breeding technique and when it says going indoors. Next when it says breeding skill raised. Move either of them away then repeat until she has a kid. - Sent by [Q-Dogg]

You will need at least two kids for this trick. First, find a mushroom. Put one kid next to it then quickly put another next to it to obtain double food.

After building the school, click on the bongo next to it to have all children of the village to come to the school.

The first puzzle is to complete a hut, the second to master the herbs, and the third to get a master scientist. Take them to the building behind the research table and open a school.

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how do you get the golden child to move the boulder?
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