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Stronghold Legends

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At the start of a scenario you are required to build a stockpile with no cost. After you build the required granary you can delete the stockpile for gold, then build another one for free. Repeat this for quick money. You can use this trick to get your buildings up early. Just use the trick, set up a market, and just buy raw materials needed to purchase buildings and units. Note: Materials in the stockpile disappear if you delete the building. Take advantage of pausing the game. Defenses and units will be waiting long before the enemy has a chance to blink.

The quick way to is firstly, you must have wood coming in quickly and your rationing must be put to double. You need your taxes at high or higher. Then put lots of weapon makers(e.g. blacksmith, poleturner...). With a lot of wood and gold you can get weapon fast without buying them and losing a lot of gold. - Sent by [Arhum]

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