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Severance: Blade of Darkness for PC has 7 cheat(s) and hint(s) at the moment.

Cheating Dome presents: Severance: Blade of Darkness for PC

Severance: Blade of Darkness

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Use this method for special cheats, but make a backup of any files you edit first! Edit the '' file in the /scripts directory where you installed the game. Add the following to the end:

import cheats

Start a new game and press one of the keys below to get the listed effect:

Key Effect

1 Small Sword
2 Big Sword
3 Big Shield
4 Small Shielf
G Create lightsabre
K Start lightsabre
F10 Toggle god mode
F5 Move camera left
F6 Move camera right
P Change MOV
H Sleepy Hollow type gore
M Mutational Gore
X Matrix style gore
F9 Level skip
F8 Level Up




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