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Resident Evil 6

Cheats & Hints for Resident Evil 6 - PC - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.
Complete Leon's, Chris's or Jake's campaign to access this feature. In Agent Hunt mode players can invade other players games on certain (though not all) stages. More than one player can invade at a time, and they can use voice chat to coordinate their hunt.

When you get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with the indicated character the corresponding bonus costume will become available.

Pirate - Leon:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Leon.

Puffy Jacket - Jake:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Jake.

R.P.D. - Helena:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode with Helena.

Racer - Piers:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Piers.

Samurai - Chris:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Chris.

School Girl - Sherry:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Sherry.

White Dress - Ada:
Get an 'A' rank in Mercenaries mode Ada.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title on your dog tag.

Dog tagHow to unlock

Satisfy the corresponding requirements to unlock additional modes and abilities, as outlined below.

Clear one campaign - 8 skill arrangements (up to 3 skills per arrangement) for on-the-fly usage in campaign mode
Clear two campaigns - Unlock Steel Beast map in Mercenaries mode.
Clear three campaigns - Mining the Depths map in Mercenaries mode.
Clear all 3 default campaigns - Ada’s story campaign
Clear Ada's Campaign - Ada unlocked for Mercenaries Mode
Clear all 4 story campaigns - Infinite...

As with many animations in games, Resident Evil 6 allows you to prematurely "cut" a reloading animation by quickly selecting a grenade type item (grenade, remote mine, first aid spray) and then switching back to your firearm.

As an alternative, you may also attempt to press the fire button (without aiming) to perform a gun-butt with the weapon, which also "completes" the magazine reload, but places your character in the gun butt animation. This, and other actions (taking cover, diving, etc.) may be faster or slower than weapon switching, but will depend on the situation you are in (esp. the very fluid situations in Mercenaries Mode).

This animation exploit allows you to cut down the animation cool-down periods for certain weapons (notably the grenade launcher), letting you fire the weapon a few moments earlier. This exploit does not apply to weapons with manually worked actions, such as the six-shot "Sniper Rifle", the regular shotgun, Piers' Anti-Material Rifle, etc.

AchievementHow to unlock

When you complete ALL four campaigns the Unlimited Ammo Skill for each weapon will become available.

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