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Moto GP 3

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When you are in the career mode of racing, you wold be given 25 points at the start of career have to ditribute thode points to different categories of your bike. ex.braking, cornering, accelereation etc. Distribute more points to the bike's braking and cornering capacity. This would help you to take turns easily after applying the brake which is ofter difficult.then distribute points to braking more than cornering. Ex. If you given 5 points at the end of a race, give 2 to braking, and 1 to remaining categories.this would help you to brake faster on turns as there are constant turns in a
race.this would help in standing on ranks like 5th,6th or even 1st on the track called 'Lossail'.this trick helps in other
tracks also. - Sent by [Simran]

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