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Feudalism 2

Cheats & Hints for Feudalism 2 - PC - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Equip a weapon that you can use on a horse, such as a bow. Then, buy a horse. You can now just switch to any weapon desired when you are on the horse.

Be able to dual wield with skills and have two weapons that do at least 130 damage (for example, the skull sword).

One of the best troops is the Ghost Shogun. His average attack is between 400 and 500. With his only skill this will increase to over 10,000 damage in one hit. He is in barrack of capital of the far east empire. He costs 100,000 gold. Defeating the army and capturing that town will not be easy. The enemy will have automatic heal from the shogun; kill him first. He will be the one with the highest damage and moves quickly.

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