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Dream Chronicles

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Search the following chapters to find the indicated number of Dream Pieces. There are a total of 115 Dream Pieces.

Chapter 2: The Upstairs Hallway: Dream Jewels: 2
Chapter 3: Lyra's room : Dream Jewels: 15 (Note: There are 9 inside Lyra's dollhouse)
Chapter 4: The Balcony: Dream Jewels: 10
Chapter 5: Lyra's Treehouse: Dream Jewels: 7
Chapter 6: The Backyard: Dream Jewels: 8
Chapter 7: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Library Room): Dream Jewels: 8
Chapter 8: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Secret Room): Dream Jewels: 3
Chapter 9: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Parlor Room): Dream Jewels: 9
Chapter 10: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Front Garden): Dream Jewels: 5
Chapter 11: Tangle and Aeval's House (The Greenhouse): Dream Jewels: 5
Chapter 12: The Park (The Statue of Wish): Dream Jewels: 5
Chapter 13: The Park (The Puppet Theatre): Dream Jewels: 5
Chapter 14: The Village/Gates Of Wish: Dream Jewels: 11
Chapter 15: The Woods: Dream Jewels: 5
Chapter 16: Outside Of Lilith's Mansion: Dream Jewels: 10
Chapter 17: Lilith's Mansion (The Foyer): Dream Jewels: 7

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