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Sims FreePlay, The

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Well when you get the mansion you get this really nice car.I figured out if you go driving go to the map and find the car click on it and music notes pops up every 4seconds and either gives you 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 dollars and 1 lp rarely but now and then. So by the end of the ride you get a lot of money.

To earn more money easily, plant the most expensive plant and when the sims are planting, press the home button and go to settings, and then go to general. Scroll down and you will see "date and time" and then go inside. As you go inside, you will see "change automatically" and if its on, turn it off and you will see a new tab under the country tab. Change the year to 1970. Exit settings. Press the home button twice, and you will see a number of apps you have opened recently. Hold any app for 2-3 seconds and a red button will appear. Tap the red button on Sims Freeplay, and then it will be gone (your game will not be deleted) and go the the game again. After it loads, exit is again and go to settings, and go to general and then to date and time. Turn on the set automatically tab and go back to the game again and, your beans will be ready to harvest.

Shake device to make a sim that is at their own house barf. Then have them clean it up to earn 6 XP in as many seconds. If the sim cleaning up the puddle is at someone else's house, they will only earn 5 XP.

Note: You need to have a Facebook account to perform this cheat, and data loss is possible. Follow the directions carefully to reduce your risk. To perform the cheat, start playing the Sims application and pause the action during play. Now select the Cloud option, then upload your save data to Facebook. Next, select Reset Game on the pause screen (you'll be restoring your save in a moment). When the starting screen appears, click *DOWNLOAD SAVE DATA* and click to resume that game. In 5 or 6 seconds, the party boat will appear. Click to visit the boat and you should have several presents waiting for you. Collect them for life points or money (or both). You can repeat the process as often as you like.

When you've moved a sim to another house, do not demolish the house the sim used to live in. Instead sell the rooms by going to the build mode and pressing the 'Rooms' button, press the room you want to sell and, well, just sell it. Sell every room. You'll still get 'rent' by doing that.

Go to your first Sim's house and call over all of the sims. You must have garden patches for all of them, if not, most of them. You can move other garden patches from other houses to that house. Make them grow a crop such as onions (10 hours and $800). Exit out of the Sims Freeplay and go to settings, general, date & time and change "set automatically" to OFF. Click "Set Date & Time" and change the year to 1970. Double click the home button and close Sims Freeplay (tap the X). Open Sims Freeplay. After it has loaded exit it again and close it. Go back to setting and change "Set Automatically" to ON this time. Go back to your sims. They should be done growing their crops and might be sick.

Heard that you need to be level ten to get sims married and have children?
Well it ain't true! You can be any level you like. Here's the cheat for it anyway:

1. Make two sims be romantic to each other until their relationship bar says partner, make them do woohoo twice
2. Buy the ring that cost 10LP and make sure the two sims relationship bar to each other is now engaged
3. Fill up that relationship bar to married by making them woohoo
4. Buy the pink crib that cost 16LP and place it in the married couples home
5. Tap the icon above the crib
6. Pay 3LP to buy the baby
7. Wait 24Hours to get the baby
8. Choose the baby's name, gender, eyes and outfit
9. Make one parent be rude to the other
10. Make the couple divorce
11. Enjoy a single parented household
12. You can make the parent be friends with the baby by using the cuddle thing
13. Voila, it only works if the couple stay divorced but they also live in the same house.

If you have a house or a building that you want to finish quickly without using life style points, make sure you have paid for the building or house already, press the home button on the iPad or iPhone so you are at the main screen. Then press the home button twice, you will see the sims freeplay app in the history, put your finger on it until it shows a minus sign on the corner and then press the minus to delete it from the history. Then go to settings and then do to general, then go to date and time and switch the set automatically bar to off and then change the year to 2038. Then go back to the sims game and your building or house will be finished, you will also earn some money and experience points from houses and buildings that were previously built. When you are have finished the building or house you can switch the year back to the correct date. Enjoy!

Okay, before you do this cheat, make sure that you go to general, than date and time, and make sure your "set automatically" is on. Next go to sims free play and make all your sims plant the most expensive seeds that you have (depends on level) so make sure all your sims are planting. Next go to general again and click date and time. Double press the middle button and you should see the sims app. Press the "-" button on the sims freeplay app and it will close (only temporairly). Okay after you have done that, turn off "set automatically. Than the "set date and time" thing will appear and press that. Change todays date to sometime in the future (ex. October 21 2035) than go back to your app and by than, all your plants will be already grown! In less than 5 minutes! So yea tey it out, it really works. Gives you lots of extra $$$.

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Go to a garden patch and get all your sims to plant your most expensive plant. Next double click the home button and hold the sims freeplay button and delete the history by pressing the dash. Next go to date and time and set the date to two years back go onto sims wait for it to to load. When it has go to date and time and set the date to 1year ahead of the actual year then go onto sims and the plant will be done.

Gather all your sims in the same house Get gardening patches for all the sims Let the sims plant the same thing Go to settings and change the date to JULY 1 1985 Double click then delete sims from the multitasking bar Go to sims from homepage The plants wont be grown Go back to settings then change it to the normal date Go to sims and congrats.

1.Gather all your sims in one house
2.Make them plant BEANS
3.Press home button
4.Go to Settings
5.Go to DATE & TIME
6.Turn OFF the Set Automatically Sign
8.Set the date to JULY 1 , 1985
9.Go back to Sims Freeplay
10.Press the home button again
11.Go to Settings
12.Go to Date and time
13.Turn on Set Automatically
14.Go back to Sims Freeplay!

1: Have your sims planting (beans work best)
2: Exit the app and press the home button twice until recent apps come up. Hold the sims until a little red circle comes up and press that.
3: Go to settings and change the year to as far forward as it can go. (Right now it 2038)
4: Go back to your sims. They should be done planting.

1. Change to an elf/ santa
2. Change DNA to opposite gender
3. Change back to wanted gender
4. Change head and other DNA to the way you want

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