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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Racing Rivals running on iPhone iPod

Racing Rivals

General Gameplay Tips for Racing Rivals - iPhone iPod - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

Tip 1
When buying upgrades for your automobile, concentrate on those that are in the "Efficiency" classification. Virtually all the upgrades will certainly enhance the damage your engine takes. Purchase the Efficiency upgrades that do less damage than the others. Upgrades to the consumption system or the engine internals are suggested; the very first levels are low-cost and must be acquired as quickly as possible.

Tip 2
You will ultimately reach a point where you will certainly not have the ability to win any races without a NOS system. It is relatively pricey and needs a couple of upgrades in order to get the most out of it. Use the NOS in every race for an included bonus.

Tip 3
The lighter the vehicle, the quicker it takes a trip. Attempt to decrease its weight under the Framework classification. There are 3 upgrades you can buy right here. Get them prior to including other efficiency enhancers to obtain a much better boost.

Tip 4
Unlike other upgrades, the Grip classification enables you to instantly acquire the very best tires. The very best ones cost just over $500 and deserve it to obtain the very best from your automobile.

Tip 5
Keep the visual upgrades to a minimum while investing your cash on better upgrades.

Tip 6
Wait up until you have actually bought new upgrades for your automobile prior to going into the race field. The match making system pairs automobiles with comparable values, without taking upgrades into factor to consider.

Tip 7
Analyze a vehicle's value by searching in the leading left corner previously challenging it. Search for vehicles with lower values than yours, as this typically implies less equine power and a simpler race to win.

Tip 8
Do not start that race if the bet is too high and you are not positive that you will certainly win. Just take part in races you are sure of winning.

Tip 9
Find out to move properly. Rev your engine all the way into the green, however without entering into the red. It is much better to start previously striking green at your RPM instead of beginning in the red. Tap the "Go" button as quickly as the race lights redden. Shift as quickly as you get to green.

Tip 10
Take part in the single player races to make additional cash.

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