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GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective

Cheats & Hints for GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective - iPhone iPod - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Press the notebook button If the plot starts to get confusing so you can read up on the game's characters and remind yourself of how everyone fits into the wider narrative.

Successfully complete the game to unlock an in-game database featuring 33 characters and 14 locations. To view it, tap the top-left corner icon or press Start at the title screen.

Clear the full game once. Added in version 1.01.00 of the game.

If you get stuck and need a clue just let the murder play out again (there's no penalty for letting your victim die twice) and look for hints about which objects to interact with.

Keep an eye out for thought bubbles as these are Sissel's thoughts on the situation and they provide helpful clues.

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