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Always keep an eye on your abilities and try to use them frequently as they can boost attack and defense or heal party members.

Purchase a Boost by selecting the Ecto-2 in the HQ if you are strugglng in battles but take into account it is more cost effective to buy a 7-day boost for 15 Power Core than seven 1-day boosts for 5 Power Cores each.

You will have a full energy bar every 36 minutes as 1 Energy Point increases at the rate of every 36 seconds.

A good strategy to help make higher difficulty battles easier is to buy a Ghostbuster for 50 Power Core so you have a full team of four.

Always select the Hard difficulty battles whenever your team is equipped to deal with them as these have the highest cash and slime payouts which will enable you to reach higher floors within the tower faster.

Use the time between waves of ghosts attacking to heal any wounded Ghostbusters and to reposition them for the next attack.

Use the in-game cash currency to purchase extra equipment to improve each of the Ghostbusters' weak stats. Scientists for example who are who are weak and have poor defense will benefit from having an Ecto vest.

Try to only discharge your beam when you are sure it will hit the target because if you use it for too long it will overheat.

Utilise the time before ghosts attack to your advantage by placing your Ghostbusters in strategic positions.

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