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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Banana Kong running on iPhone iPod

Banana Kong

Cheats & Hints for Banana Kong - iPhone iPod - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Although the gorilla can burst through barrels they will slow him down, he will also be slowed down if he runs through spider webs and bats.

Take advantage of objects and animals in the environment to make the game easier. This includes bouncing off flowers and swinging on vines and hitching rides on animals and making use of their abilities.

If you sign up for Tapjoy you can earn some free bananas.

The gorilla can bust through spider webs and barrels. While running through barrels, spider webs and bats will slow the gorilla down. Press and hold the screen to glide it is a great way to avoid piranha-infested waters. Once your power meter is full, swipe to the right to perform a power dash. This super move sends the gorilla through objects, including stone and airplane wreckage. Hitch rides on animals and make use of their abilities. Visit the shop to upgrade animals, the glide ability and to unlock special Rainbow bananas. Then purchase 1-ups, the option to bounce on water and other useful things. Use objects in the environment to your advantage. Bounce off flowers and swing on vines. Earn free bananas by completing different tasks, like signing up for Tapjoy, or emails from Target.

Whenever you encounter piranha-infested waters just press and hold the screen to glide over them.

A Power Dash can be peformed by swiping to the right whenever your power meter is full. When this move has been enabled the gorilla has the ability to go through objects, this includes stone and airplane wreckage.

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