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Strike Force Bowling

Cheats & Hints for Strike Force Bowling - GameCube - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.
When your in Tournament mode, finish any round with a score of 180 or higher.

Close every frame in an open play game.

Enter !STRIKE! as your name.

Unlock all bonus alleys and characters.

Enter !BOWLER! as your name.

Get a score of 2 or more under par in golf mode.

Win any tournament.

Get a hole-in-one at hole #1 in golf mode.

Compete seventeen challenges in challenge mode.

Collect at least $100,000 in overall skins earnings.

Gets six skins in a skins match under the difficult or expert difficulty setting.

Enter !LEVELS! as your name. Note: This also unlocks the night versions of the alleys.

You must throw four consecutive strikes in either Open Play or Tounament mode.

Pick up a 7-10 split in practice mode.

Get a hole-in-one at hole #13 in golf mode.

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