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War Commander

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Landmines can damage ALL units in a small range but shaped charge gives a high damage. A good strategy is to send at least one unit in front and follow behind with the other units.

I stumbled upon 3 bases with millions in unprotected resources. I hit them with rocket buggies and maxed out my storage each attack. Upgrades were in seconds. They were in Sector 378 one base was 12,183. All you got to do is get there. I skipped sectors after they started attacking me. Wish had not left.

These are the most important buildings so a good strategy is to put them in the center so they are easier to defend. Without power plants, towers operate at 25%.

Send in tanks (Rhino, Paladin, Challenger and Mega tank) to take down a gun turret. If you have not unlocked any tanks you can use rocket launcher, flame thrower and suicide bomber. Razorback are useful if the gun turret has a shorter range then it.

Send in air units as mortar towers will not be able to shoot them.

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