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Marvel Avengers Alliance

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If your last attack for the first wave (the attack that kills the last enemy in the first wave), is mrs. Marvels first attack with kree speed, for the entire next round she will attack twice every turn. However, if you use kree strike again or recharge it negates this effect and she will go back to attacking like normal.

Use scroll down and select the arrow that is pointing in the left side press it and press the assist.

If you play avengers alliance, you will have to face chapters that many missions. You can play the same mission again and again and easily earn extra money and command points. Also whenever you earn a lot of gold, you may redeem it as command points or S.H.E.I.L.D points.

Getting hard on a few things well here is the thing to do get your opponents weakness blaster beats bruiser beats scarper beats infiltrator beats tactician beats balster.

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