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Kingdoms of Camelot

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Use the following guidelines for attacking wilds/barbs.

Level 1:
Barbarian Camp Encamped Troops.
Barbarians = 500 Supply Troops and 500 Militiamen.
Attack with 500 Supply Troops and 350 Archers.

Level 2:
Barbarians = 1k Supply Troops, 1k Militiamen, 500 Scouts, and 500 Pikemen.
Attack with 1020 Supply Troops and 1,200 Archers.

Level 3:
Barbarians = 2k Supply Troops, 2k Militia, 1k Scouts, 1k Pikemen, and 500 Swordsmen.
Attack with 1410 Supply Troops and 3,000 Archers.

Visit the following areas to scout and attack and gain large amounts of resources.

Lady Fears: X-483 Y-252

Maricah: X-247 Y-124

Theron: X-248 Y-471

Braunschweiger: X-575 Y-269

Richard the Sixth: X-470 Y-556

Lord Domegiver: X-520 Y-275

Natasha: X-588 Y-539

Nathaniel: X-580 Y-208

Blood Magic: X-451 Y-5

Y2K X-715 Y-684

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