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Parallel Kingdom: Age of Gathering for Android has 2 cheat(s) and hint(s) at the moment.


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Parallel Kingdom: Age of Gathering

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Francais: Quand tu va finir ton tutoriel. Tu va rencontrer un moine. Clic lui dessus et choisit: "mettre le code parrainage". Puis tu écris "accokc". Et tu gagnera 1000 or et 300 food.

English: When you is going to finish your kept silent tutoriel. Is going to meet a monk. Click he above and chooses: " get the referal code ". Then you write " accokc ". And you will gain 1000 now and 300 food.

Just before the Tutorial ends a monk will appear who will ask if you have a code to enter. Enter the case sesitive code 'tkrwzp' (without the quotes) to get 10,000 extra gold, 300 starting flags, and 500 extra food after the Tutorial ends.


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