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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Kingdom Conquest II running on Android

Kingdom Conquest II

Cheats & Hints for Kingdom Conquest II - Android - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

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Each Resource type has its own bar at the top of the City screen, and you need to pay attention to the two figures in each.

To level up a facility, you need to tap on it and select the Level Up option.

To move a building, hit the directional arrow icon, then select the building, and then put it wherever you want.

Completing quests rewards you with very useful currencies for expanding your empire.

To emerge as the ultimate ruler in each four month season of Kingdom Conquest 2, you'll need to capture more Debris Towers than anyone else.
These are scattered throughout each continent.

Daily Points are rewarded for your ongoing activity within the game. Keep in mind you'll get additional DP for logging in each day, capturing a Debris Tower, and completing quests.

As for Charge Points you'll either have to buy them from the in-app purchase store, or complete quests.

Improve this resource rate by building and upgrading new facilities and capturing more land.

If you want to hire more Commanders and buy more Monster Packs, you're going to need to spend some of your Crystals.

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